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WIDI Master: What can it do for you?



WIDI Master: The wireless MIDI over Bluetooth adapter.

With WIDI Master you can connect all your MIDI devices without wires. No matter if they are master or slave. For instance, you can connect two standalone MIDI hardware devices by using two WIDI Masters. Furthermore, you can pair your Bluetooth MIDI controller with any standalone MIDI hardware device with one WIDI Master. Also, you can play your standalone MIDI hardware with any iOS device or Mac by using one WIDI Master. In this last case WIDI Master will switch automatically to slave mode using our smart algorithm.

In addition, for Windows and Android users, you can use our previous WIDI BUD to fully enjoy these benefits or wait for the next member of the WIDI family to arrive: WIDI Uhost!

What is so special about this MIDI over Bluetooth solution?

We offer a complete solution that will save you time and expand your opportunities with MIDI. For instance, you can pair your MIDI devices automatically. Also, we have built a secure connection implementing the Bluetooth MIDI standards as approved by the MIDI association

Bluetooth MIDI has originally been developed by Apple, WIDI will operate with Apple seamlessly. On Windows PC Bluetooth MIDI requires your music software to implement Microsoft’s new UWP API which includes BLUETOOTH MIDI class compliant driver. You need to be able to set that functionality in the software you use.

Roger Linn – CEO Roger Linn Design

I (Roger) have tested the WIDI Master from CME-PRO and found it to be well-designed, fast, easy to use and low-cost at only $59. You simply connect its two little wireless plugs into LinnStrument’s MIDI IN and OUT jacks, and it transmits and receives low-latency MIDI over Bluetooth to and from your computer or other Bluetooth device.

Interestingly, CME have figured out how to get the latency down to as low as 3 mS, which is quite an accomplishment. In my test playing 3-note chords and melody with 3D MPE expression, I didn’t perceive any added latency or delays normally associated with Bluetooth.

Linnstrument Website

How will Bluetooth MIDI and WIDI Master work for Windows and Android?

Is WIDI Master and Bluetooth MIDI reliable?

We have tested and selected the most advanced Bluetooth module with optimized antenna design to get reliable connectivity. Therewith WIDI Master delivers ultra low latency. You can learn more about latency and jitter in this blog. Our dedicated BLE MIDI protocol is directly embedded in its firmware. Now you can bypass your computer's operating system (OS). And benefit from fast and reliable MIDI connectivity.

That is why in the eventual design the WIDI Master turned out to be a bit larger compared to the initial drawings. This had to be done to ensure that WIDI Master can take over the full control and function without any computer or other operating system that is is capable now of replacing.

WIDI Master is in essence a point-to-point solution. It is like a ‘virtual MIDI cable' allowing you to connect one device with one other. That said, technically it is possible to connect one master (or central point) and connect multiple slaves. But, we will need to test it more to ensure we deliver a suitable solution before we can make an official statement on this.

Also, we are working on a controller app, that will make it a lot easier to pair and control more complex WIDI Master setups. This will make life much easier when looking at these kind of setups. We will keep you posted on the progress on this matter.

Tom White – Former President of MMA

CME WIDI Master is the first Bluetooth MIDI adapter that can perform as both a “peripheral” or “central” device, allowing fast, low-latency, and stable point-to-point wireless connections between any two devices.

MIDI Manufacturers Association

The WIDI Master is a Bluetooth MIDI adapter. It implements BLE5 (Bluetooth 5) which improves the performance compared to our previous products that implement BLE4. In short, you are now able to enjoy an improved connection, lower latency, better reach and more stable jitter.

We offer a fully standalone wireless solution. Therefore, there is no need for an external power source or battery. WIDI Master uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. That is why it is completely powered by your MIDI hardware. Now, you just power up your device and enjoy the freedom of WIDI Master.

What can WIDI do for you?

  • Point to point MIDI connectivity: Simply replace your MIDI cables. Rearrange your studio and enjoy the freedom of WIDI
  • Bluetooth 5: Go Faster, Go Further: Trusted technology for live and on stage. Secure connection with twice the speed and four times the range
  • Ultra low latency: Go pro with ground-breaking latency reduction as low as 4ms. Automatic transmission optimization with smart algorithmic technology
  • Automatic pairing: Setup instantly. Connect easily. Intuitive plug ‘n play with automatic master/slave switch and default pairing memory
  • MIDI Clock and SysEx: Sync your drum machines, step sequencers and arpeggiators. Transmit all MIDI messages over Bluetooth

Check out real use cases as provided by our community in this blog!

Cyril Lance – CTO Moog Music

I was lucky enough to be able to start working with a pair of prototype WIDI adapters from CME.  They worked flawlessly and transparently – which is the goal of any good technology solution.  I was very happy with them.  It made connecting instruments to each other quick and easy without cabling or any setup even for instruments from different eras.  For example, I immediately had our flagship synthesizer, the Moog ONE, controlling and being controlled by our older MIDI instruments and vintage MIDI controllers.

Additionally, WIDI makes it easy and transparent to connect any of our MIDI gear directly to a Bluetooth enabled device – most importantly for me, the iOS environment (iPads and iPhones) allowing me to quickly test features and connectivity without any setup and configuration hassles.  For product development, this was a huge asset!”

Beta tester WIDI Master (June, 2020) – There is NO commercial involvement or partnership between MOOG and CME

How many WIDI Masters do I need?

  • MIDI to MIDI: You can pair two standalone MIDI hardware devices bu using a direct connection between two (2) WIDI Masters.
  • Bluetooth (BLE) to MIDI: You can connect your bluetooth MIDI controller with any standalone MIDI hardware device by using one (1) WIDI Master that connects with your Bluetooth MIDI controller or or other similar device.
  • MacOS/iOS BLE to MIDI: You can play your standalone MIDI hardware (automatic switch to WIDI Master slave mode) and pair it with your iOS device or Mac (For Windows and Android we suggest to use with our WIDI BUD or our future WIDI uHOST by paring it with one (1) WIDI Master.

Check out real use cases as provided by our community in this blog!


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  1. This can make things so much easier since we always have too many cables at the studio.

    Also master and slave can be switched easily.

    Looking forward to getting one!

      1. I cannot wait. I currently live loop in a d’n’b band and syncing using I connectivity midi 4+ an iPad launchpad app and audiobus is kinda finicky. Hopefully this will solidify the connection with less complications.
        Also, my pedalboard currently uses 9 midi cables so I’m hoping this will clean up my wiring to

  2. I’m using Bluetooth Midi for almost a year now. Your device has an advantage over the competitors including the attractive price and I’m looking forward to try it out. Hope you reach the 3000 goal soon and everything works out fine.

  3. As a live performer I’m very interested in Widi. I use a midi keytar and two midi guitars. Not only would this system allow me to finally be free of trailing cables (and the associated trip hazards which I desperately need when working with dynamic performers and dancers! it would allow me to control signal processors from the master computer that runs the click track and A/V freeing me from my pedal board and enabling me to solely concentrate on performance.

    Additionally this system would give me more freedom in studio setting to place keyboards, modules and synthesisers in positions more favourable to my workflow. Without extra batteries and power supplies.

    I’m genuinely excited to obtain one and put it through some rigorous tests!

  4. Hi,
    I’m using a another Midi over Bluetooth Dongle, which has the disadvantage, that I need a special app for connecting…
    But the main advantage is, that it fits on a Line6 HX Stomp, which have the both Midi jackets very close together. The adapter is only a few mm larger than the Midi connectors itself. To replace the current solution, the WiDi master must be as small as the other device, so that it fits into my stomp and should not need an extra app on every day usage.

      1. I think Omar meant that the Volca range only has a Midi In port.
        I would assume that you need to connect it to a Midi Out port so the device gets powered, so only plugging it in to a Midi In won’t work?

  5. I see so many applications: connecting my line 6 helix to an iPad to allow extra control. Connect my Casio Midi Guitar to a Roland FA06 to bring great new sound to the stage, multipoint Connection FA06, midi guitar and DAW at the same time. Even running the fa06 thru the helix and control it with patches etc. etc. You should consider to offer 5 packs of WIDI Master ?

    1. Thanks for your comment. We will provide same discount for multiple units purchasing (which is $30 off from $59). This project was requested by our users, we plan only make the certain quantity which is same as pre-order. 🙂

  6. Fantastic initiative Thomas, thanks for going for this, having this tech at such a reasonable cost will be groundbreaking for many of us. I’ve been a keyboard player in a semi professional capacity since the mid 1970’s and bought, sold and borrowed almost all stages of keyboard/midi development over the years. The value of always having a day job over the years has really made sense in hindsight and kept the wolf from the door at times so to now be able to fully indulge with undiminished passion and energy for the muse is magic. On board and ready for the next update….

  7. Hi CME, I’ve got your XKey Are 37 and love it. But playing piano is not possible without a sustain pedal. I really don’t get it, why the older version without bluetooth has this possibility but a newer version doesn’t. Anyway: Please make a wireless sustain pedal. That would be so awesome and I would only carry my XKey, this pedal and my iPad with me and I can make music everywhere. I travel a lot in the train so this would be like a 10 year christmas and birthday present together for me. 😉

    Thanks guys, keep up the great work

    1. Hi Glenn, many thanks fro your comment. You are officialy the first person that comments on our new website we launched last night! Also thank you for the kind words. We always appreciate feedback from our community. Especially when it is based on the actual experience. I can tell you that we are considering to make a Bluetooth pedal for Xkey series with a partner (that is a big secret). Also our WIDI PED3 can convert any pedal to wireless. You can read more about the WIDI PED 3 here: https://www.cme-pro.com/beyond-bluetooth-midi-controllers-the-widi-family/

    1. When registered you will receive a coupon code for $30 discount. We will open up for pre order on the 6th of April. Then you will only pay $29 instyead of $59 per unit. We expect to deliver end of May.

    1. We are currently testing our prototypes. With Xkey Air (2015) and BLE4 we could get 10 metres. We expect with WIDI Master and BLE5 to double that to 20 metres. That said, we do not have official results for you. It will also depend on the surrounding you use it.

  8. I’m hoping to use a few of these for both pairing v-drums to a digital mixer driving virtual plug in sounds and also keys to pair up to Logic Pro X to record.

    1. Sounds good! Especially when we will deliver the mobile app, it will be easy to pair multiple units and set those memories for future usage. We will keep you posted on those developments.

  9. Looking forward to owning a few of these, currently trying to use out dated Roland keyboards with iPad programs has been a nightmare.

  10. Super excited about this for many reasons!

    I’m curious if it will be possible to have a single Master setup send to multiple clients, for example a controller keyboard to a rack of synths. Would they be able to have their own receivers and all simultaneously get the same signal? Or is it 1 to 1 ?

    1. In essence WIDI Master was designed to be one-on-one or point-to-point. Like a virtual MIDI cable. That said, technically we can do one master and multiple receivers. We are currently testing the stability. But yes we can do it. And we will inform you on future tests to ensure it works properly. Also, we will take this idea into future developments and considering to design a product specifically aimed at this kind of usage. Like the WIDI HUB 4 as shown here: https://www.cme-pro.com/beyond-bluetooth-midi-controllers-the-widi-family/

  11. Here are the applications i’m interested in and also some things i want to test.

    Using the WIDI Master for:-
    – The obvious linking of synth to synth capability, especially using sequencers such as the Square Pyramid and Synthstrom Deluge.
    – Working with MIDI guitar and ability to link to synths from the YouRock guitar
    – MIDI Controller to Synth i.e. Arturia Keystep, NI Komplete Kontrol.

    Im interested to test:-
    – Latency for MIDI when in a simple or multi device set up.
    – The use of the WIDI Master with MIDI Dongles i.e. Arturia, Zoia, OP-Z
    – Simplicity of set up, draw backs and benefits.

    I test a lot of MIDI configurations especially when i’m researching what to include in the Synthdawg producer guides as examples.

    Looking forward to this.

    1. Thanks Neil. This looks really interesting for all of us. Looking forward to study the outcomes together and where needed improve our firmware and interaction design. Many thanks for sharing this! Let’s keep in touch!

  12. I would like to send a wireless midi signal FROM a on-stage hardware midi interface TO a Grand MA lighting desk at the back of the theater. I need only ONE direction of midi: MIDI OUT from the stage to MIDI IN on the lighting desk. How many Widi Masters do I need for UNI-DIRECTION midi?

    1. This is cool! Nice way to use it. You will need two WIDI Masters, one is for on-stage hardware MIDI interface (big connector), one is for Grand MA lighting desk (both bigger and small connector). Although you only needs MIDI IN for lighting desk, you still need connect MIDI OUT for getting power on the WIDI Master. Hope this helps!

  13. Hi. Will it work on all MIDI outs? I read that some few devices (like Roland PC180) don’t offer 3,3V power on their MIDI output jack and therefore the yamaha mdbt01 simply doesn’t work then. I’m hoping the WIDI Master will? B-)

    1. Thanks for asking this question. It is much appreciated. WIDI Master will need a MIDI OUTPUT for power. Any standard MIDI 5-PIN DIN Output will provide the needed 3.3v or standard 5v. Also we will release a future accessory that allows you to use WIDI Master with for instance a USB power bank when your ports do not deliver the needed power. This will solve the issue of non-powered MIDI ports in the near future. We will keep you posted on that. Thanks

  14. Hello, I’ve ordered one of these and would like to order a second (following the email Thomas sent out today). However, I can’t find my order number. What should I do to avoid paying two lots of shipping? Thanks in advance.

    1. The best thing you can do, is reply to that email I’ve sent you yesterday. We can work together to locate your order and ensure you get the right coupon code through that private channel. Just simply reply to that email, and we will take it from there!

    1. Thanks for asking this question. As we have communicated by email, blog post, facebook group message and messages on all our social channels last week we are currently optimising the firmware and preparing the manufacturing process for mass-production. As it is really complex to give you an exact date at this point, we do expect we can deliver by the end of June, if everything runs smoothly.

      If you opt-in on our newsletter when registering or when purchasing you should have received a full update on this matter two days ago. If you did not register for our mailing, we strongly advise to join our Facebook group to not miss any updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CMEXkeyusers/

      The full update is also available here: https://www.cme-pro.com/midi-cable-widi-master/ in the FAQs and here: https://www.facebook.com/CMEFans/posts/2879296952155934 and here: https://mailchi.mp/cme-pro/cme-delivery-status-your-order-short

      Hope this helps!

    1. Roli is well developed when it comes to Bluetooth MIDI. That is why all their products will communicate with WIDI Master easily. They can pair with a WIDI Master attached to the 5-PIN DIN of your MIDI sampler. The MPE MIDI messages as Roli uses are no problem for WIDI Master as it handles all MIDI messages. So the answer is yes, as long as your MIDI sampler provides power (3.3v or 5v) on the MIDI OUT or THRU to power up the WIDI Master.

  15. Hi will this product work for my rjm mastermind PBC 6x, it only has one midi port which is midi in and out, I connect this to my line 6 HX stomp.

    1. Thanks for asking this question. The basic rule is that if your MIDI hardware offers 3.3v or 5v on that MIDI OUT, it will work with WIDI Master. I’ve looked at that PBC6x and my expectation is that it will work. I cannot 100% guarantee that. The only ones who can are the people from Mastermind. Maybe you can ask their support if that MIDI port delivers power as a standard MIDI port on 5v or the more rare 3.3v?

  16. Hi. I’ve used a few wireless solutions before. A friend of mine built the first one called The Missing Link which used WiFi. I hooked up my iPhone to it and it worked perfectly. I’ve also used iPhone to computer solutions using Bluetooth. This has not been as reliable in the least until Touch Osc perfected their bridge wireless solution. My question for you is this:”Can I use my iPhone wirelessly to connect to 1 of your devices or do I need to plug in one into the midi out to supply power to the midi in?” Would be nice to see a video to better explain what you need. Thanks!

    1. Hi Doug, many thanks for your comment. It is truly appreciated. We’ve also been working with WIFI solutions since 2005 when we released the X8 (https://www.cme-pro.com/wireless-midi-the-legacy-of-cme/). Also I love that Touch OSC, it is a great tool. You can use your iPhone to pair it with one WIDI Master that is attached to any MIDI hardware device. As Apple is the original developer of Bluetooth MIDI, all their devices work seamlessly with our WIDI solutions. You simply pair it like you pair any other Bluetooth device and set that pair in the app you are using. With this you can control any MIDI hardware device that is connected to the WIDI Master. It also works the other way. You can use your MIDI hardware to control any app that is connected with Bluetooth MIDI.

      About the video. We do offer all our raw test videos here. Surely we will create more sophisticated video and will 100% take your use case into account. We will be working on this in the near future when we start mass production of WIDI Master. Hope this helps!


  17. Hello … I’d like to set up wireless connectivity between my Yamaha MOFX8 keyboard and my Avid Mbox for midi recording in ProTools. My keyboard is now approximately 15 feet across the room … do I need two Widi Masters once I disconnect the Midi In & Out cables?

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is much appreciated. The answer is yes! You need one for the Yamaha and one for the MBox. Next they can pair and you can transmit MIDI over Bluetooth. 15 feet will not be an issue looking at our current range tests: https://youtu.be/2PKRdVuzeAs

  18. What comes in the box when ordered? I want to connect my keyboard to a MOTU Micro Lite. If I order one of your devices, do I need one or two to make things work?

    I got confused by something I read that mentioned connecting two hardware devices requiring two WIDI Masters.

    1. It depends on your use case. If you want to pair your hardware with a Bluetooth equipped device like an iPhone, Macbook or our Bluetooth MIDI keyboard Xkey Air, you will need one WIDI Master.

      If you want to connect two MIDI devices that both have not integrated Bluetooth MIDI you’d need two WIDI Masters to add Bluetooth MIDI to both devices.

      Next, WIDI Master is duplex. It is designed as bidirectional communication with all 16 channels plus full MIDI message (notes, CC, aftertouch, PitchBend, MPE, Sysex etc.).

      You can play keyboard A to trigger keyboard B sound, or reversed simultaneously.

      You can learn more in this blog:

      And this one: https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-master-what-can-it-do-for-you/

      It is also explained on our main WIDI Master page in the section “What can you do with MIDI over Bluetooth?”

      Hope this helps!

  19. Hi, this looks incredible. However, is it possible to pair a number of devices together? I have a guitar pedalboard with a number of midi controlled pedals and it would be really great to simply control my 3 Strymon pedals from my Midi controller. Is this possible? Or can you only control a pair of devices (send and receive)?

    1. In essence WIDI Master is now a point-to-point solution with bidirectional functionality. We call that the central role. Two WIDI Masters can be both master and slave at the same time.

      Next we will focus on one-to-multiple solution. This will become available through a firmware update of WIDI Master. It allows WIDI Master to function as a small hub. This will need a user-friendly app to control. As soon as we have that we will inform you. You can read more about that here: https://www.cme-pro.com/midi-cable-widi-master/

      One of our future products will be HUB4. This is especially for more complex setups and extended hub functionality. You can learn more about future WIDI family members here: https://www.cme-pro.com/beyond-bluetooth-midi-controllers-the-widi-family/

      Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for reaching out to us. The answer is not yet. We are about to ship our first batch of WIDI Masters. If you own a BeatBuddy and pre ordered WIDI Master we are curious to find out with you what your experience was. Just let us know and work together on sharing the Bluetooth MIDI message. We do have some fine industry partners from Moog, Nektar, Genki, MMA and so on that tested WIDI Master’s prototypes. Just go to this blog and read their quotes: https://www.cme-pro.com/shipping-date-official-announcement-widi-master/

    1. Good question. Thanks for making me aware that this is not yet visible on our product page. I just added the following for WIDI Master:

      Main: 21mm (W) x 21mm (H) x 49mm (D)
      Sub: 18mm (W) x 18mm (H) x 24mm (D)

  20. Guitar Rigs:
    I have a GigRig G2 pedalboard build..
    5 standard MIDI compatible pedals,..
    5 midi hub MIDI compatible pedals,
    (Source Audio & Neuro MIDI Hub)..
    That’s 12 devices on my pedalboard..,
    What would be my best solution,.?
    – T

    1. Thanks for reaching out to us. It is an interesting use case you have here. Let’s investigate together. From my point of view I would recommend to get 2x WIDI Master first. This way you can test the WIDI technology and for which devices it is suitable. Also you can check if the performance suits your needs. Next, when you are satisfied you can expand. I would strongly recommend to look into our future products HUB4 and PED3. https://www.cme-pro.com/beyond-bluetooth-midi-controllers-the-widi-family/

      Also, we might need to think about your use case and come up with a smart pedal solution. As all pedals are close, you don’t need a strong antenna as used in the WIDI Master and WIDI Jack. It can also be smaller in form that way. Making it a go-to solution for pedal use cases. Please allow me to discuss this in our team.

      Thanks again for reaching out to us!

  21. Hello. I have got my order today. 10 widi masters for our live setup. And imidietly having a question. If i need to connect 2 different synth to 2 different midi controllers and keep this connection, how each of the widi masters know which midi signal belongs to which midi controller…
    I mean controler 1 should only send midi to synth 1 and controler 2 only to synth 2. How i can pair and keep widi master to “remember” this link?

    1. Currently, after i turn all devices off and then turn them on again widi masters do not connect properly. They simply connect with each other in a random way, so if i have more then 2 of widi masters in setup they just useless! Because it’s impossible to specify which widi device should be paired with wich another widi device. And imagine that in my setup i have 5 midi clock sources and 5 midi clock receivers, that’s why i bought 10 widi masters, but it happens that i can use only 2? to connect only 1 synth with 1 controller?

      1. As we are still in an early phase of development the use of WIDI is not perfect yet. We are improving it phase by phase. What you currently must do manually can later be done within the controlling app we are developing. For now the central connects to the first peripheral it finds, that’s why when you want to connect multiple pairs of WIDI Masters, it must connect one pair first, then the second, then the third.

        To explain a bit further, when you turn on one WM it is a master for a fews sec, it scans for a peripheral which is advertising. After a few sec, if there was a peripheral nearby, it connects to it and the connection is established and both keep their connection without trying to connect to another device. If there was no peripheral around during those seconds, the central becomes peripheral and starts advertising.

        So here is the sequence if you want to create 3 virtual midi cables.
        Power WM1 + power WM2 = wait until they pair
        After pair 1 has been established
        Power WM3 + power WM4 = wait until they pair
        After pair 2 has been established
        Power WM5 + power WM6
        After pair 3 has been established

        And so on for the remaining pairs if any

        When we will have the mobile app, we will be able to save into each device its preferred pair, I mean the one it should connect to if there are multiple devices nearby, this will allow to avoid pairing sequentially

        1. Hello. Yes it’s pretty clear the workaround you explained, but in real life, in a real situation, if you are in the studio or on a gig it’s just impossible to do all these hacks in order to make simple midi transfer work as it should. Anyway, I do hope the app will be released soon, as this is top priority for artists who use complicated setups that involve more than 2 widi masters, who I can assume will be main target customers for such devices. Thank you for the effort, and looking forward the app to resolve the issue.

          1. It is a temporary solution for the time being. It is part of the process when crowd creation. We develop simultaneously with the feedback we get from users. That is how, eventually, we are able to tailor-develop a better solution. https://www.cme-pro.com/crowd-creation-the-power-of-the-community/

            The management app is our on our priority list and will become an essential part of the WIDI family. We are just getting started. Thank you for supporting us from such an early stage.

  22. Hello! I just received my Widi master and it works nice! One question: I must always do the pairing again when I want to use it with my iMac. The procedure is a bit annoying. I must open Midi-Studio in AudioMidiSetup and press the Bluetooth button and search for new devices. The Widi is already there but it connects not immediately. I have to press the “announce” button for a short time and then it connects automatically. I wish it could be easier!? Is there a possibilty that my Mac remembers the Widi device when it is online?

  23. I’m thinking of using WM for this particular setup. Can it work?
    I want to use Logic Pro X on my Macbook to connect to a MIDI to CV device (device can send 8 CV and 8 Gates via 8 MIDI channels) to control 8 vintage synths (using CV/Gate from the MIDI to CV device).
    I assume this would only require 1 WM, since the Mac, running Logic Pro X, should be able to pair with the WM connected on the MIDI-CV device already?

    1. If you want to pair WIDI Master with your Mac you will need 1x WIDI Master – as your Mac has Bluetooth 4 or 5 implemented. Be sure that your MIDI-CV device delivers the 3.3v or 5v power on the MIDI OUT to power up WIDI Master.

  24. Finally hooked up the Widi Master to my Roland AX1. It paired with my Windows 10 laptop. When is a driver going to be available for it? My software programs do not see it.
    (I also hooked up a 2nd Widi to a Midi module, so that worked well.)

    1. On Windows PC Bluetooth MIDI requires your music software to implement Microsoft’s new UWP API which includes BLUETOOTH MIDI class compliant driver. You need to be able to set that functionality in the software you use. You can either get yourself a virtual BLE MIDI driver: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/midiberry/9n39720h2m05?activetab=pivot:overviewtab or get yourself WIDI Uhost (www.cme-pro.com/widi-uhost) to bypass those limitations of Windows’ Bluetooth MIDI.

    1. Yes! 🙂 WIDI Master connects with any Bluetooth MIDI device. Including iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows and Bluetooth MIDI controllers such as the Xkey Air!

  25. How would I physically use this with a WX7 Yamaha wind controller? By that I mean I would need a short cable and some sort of holder to put it on a belt loop since I don’t see how it could physically attach to the controller. Also, weekday is the range?

    1. Thanks for reaching out to us. If I remember correctly the the WX7 originally came with a battery powered converter between their rare jack connector (that uses a 6-pin to power the WX7 as well) with a regular MIDI DIN connector. It was originally designed to work with the VL70m, that has the MIDI OUT that is compatible with WIDI Master. But, as this is a legacy product I do not own, it is hard to say..

      Do you own that converter as well? Or a VL70m? And does that have a standard MIDI 5-PIN DIN connector? As the standard port on the WX7 does not only deliver MIDI but also the power for your device. As this are not standard MIDI ports, you’d need to build a DIY workaround for this or maybe look at https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-jack

      The range is 20 meters (65ft) minimum. It depends on the environment and obstacles if you can do more.

      hope this helps.

  26. I just got the WIDI master. When I connect it to my midi devices, nothing happens. The LED doesn’t flash. I’d appreciate some help. Thanks.

  27. Hi
    I’ve just bought a WIDI Master (and upgraded the Firmware).
    It now works perfectly with my Roland A-88, and even my old Roland RD-700, linked to my iPad Pro.
    No more hassles with cables, iOS MIDI interfaces and expensive iOS connection kits!
    Thank you! Very impressed!!! 🙂

  28. Can I use it to connect my synthesizer Casio Cz-101 with my iPhone in order to use the Simply Piano app? Is it compatible with this app? Thanks in advance for your help

    1. WIDI devices will pair with iOS’ integrated Bluetooth MIDI. That is not a problem. As you may understand, we do not know exactly how all MIDI devices and all music apps function.

      For WIDI Master you need to know if your MIDI instrument follows the standard MIDI specs and delivers 3.3v or 5v on the MIDI OUT. If that is not the case, or you are not sure, your best option is WIDI Jack + 5-PIN DIN cable option. WIDI Jack has an external power supply option via its USB-C port. In the case your device does not follow the MIDI standards, you can add power via a power bank or USB power adapter.

      You can learn more about WIDI via this blog: https://www.cme-pro.com/why-you-should-buy-widi-jack/

      For the music app, it is recommended to follow the instructions and guidelines to set this up. I expect it will not be any problem. You can find detailed descriptions on this page: https://www.cme-pro.com/support/

      Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, you can also reach out via the form on our support page. We are happy to help you on a personal level.


  29. I have the Roland Ax Edge and Yamaha MODX7+. I am using 2 Widi Masters to play sounds from the Yamaha thru the Ax Edge. I am unable to control the volume on the Ax Edge for live performance. Help please! Im not tech savvy at all

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