WIDI Master: What can it do for you?

WIDI Master Bluetooth MIDI

WIDI Master: The wireless MIDI over Bluetooth adapter.

With WIDI Master you can connect all your MIDI devices without wires. No matter if they are master or slave. For instance, you can connect two standalone MIDI hardware devices. Furthermore, you can pair your Bluetooth MIDI controller with any standalone MIDI hardware device. Also, you can pair your standalone MIDI hardware (switch to slave mode) with any iOS device or Mac. In addition, for Windows and Android users, you can use our WIDI BUD to fully enjoy these benefits.

What is so special about this MIDI over Bluetooth solution?

We offer a complete solution that will save you time and expand your opportunities with MIDI. For instance, you can pair your MIDI devices automatically. Also, we have built a secure connection with our reliable automatic panic mode. Now, when you loose your Bluetooth connection all MIDI notes will automatically be turned off. Next, our automatic pairing feature will restore your connection without the phenomon of hanging notes, instantly.

Furthermore, we have designed a customised antenna to improve the connectivity. This will reduce any external interference of the Bluetooth signal tremendously. Also, WIDI Master delivers ultra low latency. Our dedicated BLE MIDI protocol is directly embedded in its firmware. Now you can bypass your computer's operating system (OS). And benefit from fast and reliable MIDI connectivity.

I am excited that you are planning to make a tiny Bluetooth MIDI device that will be able to connect a controller to a synth. Quote as provided by a new registrant

We offer a fully standalone wireless solution. Therefore, there is no need for an external power source or battery. WIDI Master uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. That is why it is completely powered by your MIDI hardware. Now, you just power up your device and enjoy the freedom of WIDI Master.

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