October 4

We Love The Bluetooth MIDI Community


Wireless MIDI

Bluetooth MIDI is simply trending

Ever since we launched WIDI Master in 2020, the wireless MIDI community is growing rapidly. You've been sharing many use cases in the last month and we are simply overwhelmed. Actually, since the beginning, you've been in the epicenter of the crowd creation of WIDI Master

Together with people like you, we turn concepts and ideas into real products. Solutions that are adjusted to your requests, wants and needs. That is how we worked together on bringing WIDI Master to the market. This came to a point that today you can already buy WIDI Master locally

And if you can't get it at your local store. We need to work together once more to make it available. You can either go to our online store and go for our worldwide shipping opportunities. Or you simply go to your local store to tell your musician's friends to reach out to us. Everything is possible!

Cyril Lance – CTO Moog Music

I was lucky enough to be able to start working with a pair of prototype WIDI adapters from CME. They worked flawlessly and transparently. For example, I immediately had our flagship synthesizer, the Moog ONE, controlling and being controlled by our older MIDI instruments and vintage MIDI controllers.

Moog Music

Crowd Creation

From WIDI Master we've learned that when 3,000 people like yourself register and show interest in our concept, we can move to mass production. That is why, if you are interested in one of our other Bluetooth MIDI solutions, you should register now. You will also receive a 50% discount when we move to the pre-order phase. It is that simple.

Roger Linn – CEO RogerLinn Design

I (Roger) have tested WIDI Master and found it to be well-designed, fast, easy to use and low-cost. Interestingly, CME have figured out how to get the latency down to as low as 3 ms, which is quite an accomplishment. In my test playing 3-note chords and melody with 3D MPE expression, I didn’t perceive any added latency or delays normally associated with Bluetooth.


The crowd creation workflow is as follows! We launch a concept, you show interest and share this with your friends. Together we reach a minimum of community members that are willing to purchase the solution. That allows us to move the idea into actual production. In return, we give you an introduction discount and together we manufacture only what is actually needed. Together we create a hyperfocus and limit waste.

Because you are part of this process, you also have the unique opportunity to cooperate on the final solution. With your feedback, ideas and concerns, we create a better solution together. That is how it goes. It worked for WIDI Master. And now we do it again with WIDI Jack and WIDI Uhost. If this interests you, simply click those products and enter your email.

Especially for you we've made an overview of use cases that passed by in the last month. Feel more than welcome to allow the Bluetooth MIDI community to inspire you!

Tom White – Former President of MMA

CME WIDI Master is the first Bluetooth MIDI adapter that can perform as both a “peripheral” or “central” device, allowing fast, low-latency, and stable point-to-point wireless connections between any two devices.

MIDI Manufacturers Association

Clark Burdette - 112 feet WIDI Master Test 

Defcon Clark did a great serie of videos where he shows you how he uses his WIDI Master. If you are interested, you should certainly subscribe to Clark's YouTube channel!

Pete Brown - Analog Solutions Nyborg24 + WIDI Master

This one has been made available to you from Pete Brown’s Twitter account. Mr. Brown is not your regular MIDI enthusiast. He is actually the guy that is called "the Windows MIDI person". Of course, he is just like all of us, a Bluetooth MIDI fanatic. That is why he hooked up his Analog Solutions Nyborg 24 with WIDI Master.

Bluetooth MIDI
Bruce Rahe - Casio MG-510 + Camel Audio Alchemy + WIDI Master

You can find this video in our vibrant Facebook Group! It shows Bruce playing the Alchemy plugin by Camel Audio with his Casio MG510 MIDI guitar.

Bruce says: "Lots of other things to test, but this makes me sooo happy!! Widi working with Casio MG-510!"

Kurt Ader - Korg Kronos + WIDI Master

This image was taken from the Facebook page of Kurt Ader. Kurt is a renowned sound designer and keyboardist. If you are into the Korg Kronos, you should certainly check out his libraries by KApro!

Kurt says: "My WIDI Masters have arrived and are working fine! No latency is noticeable! Awesome! Thanks to CME! You did a great job"

Korg Kronos and WIDI Master
Wireless MIDI Korg Kronos
Hoa Dinh - Roland V-Accordion + Roland FR-1XB + FR-7XB + WIDI Master

You can find some fascinating use cases on the accordionists forum. That is how we got in touch with Hoa Dinh. Hoa shared some interesting MIDI accordion images with you, taking DIY MIDI to the next level.

Hoa says: "To be able to put the WIDI Master inside the accordion is just great. It's always there for me, and I don't have to worry about banging it against anything. Again, thanks for a good product. I hope there are more to come.

Later adding: "There is no reason why the little brother of the FR-7B (Red), the FR-1XB (Black) can't have the same treatment."

Roland V-Accordion and WIDI Master
Roland FR7B and WIDI Master
Roland FR1XB and WIDI Master
Roland V-Accordeon
Peter Andersson - DIY MIDI THRU device + WIDI Master

In our dedicated Facebook Group, you can find some fascinating use cases. This is also the place where we optimise our products and firmware for all MIDI devices available. Sometimes you will find some really fascinating applications of WIDI. Like this one created by Peter Andersson. It shows a DIY MIDI Thru devices connected with WIDI Master.  

Peter says: "Widi Master works fine with my diy MIDI Thru device."

WIDI Master
Katsunori Ujiie - Top keyboardist from Japan + WIDI Master

Katsunori Ujiie san is one of the best keyboardists from Japan. Besides this Katsunori Ujiie is a creative director, composer, arranger, and music educator. He also created sounds for many Yamaha synthesizers, as well as sounds for Arturia’s software synthesizers、MatrixBrute and Korg Kronos and Krome. In this video you can find both WIDI Master as well as our Japanese BLE MIDI friends from the pioneers of Quicco.

Katsunori says: "Bluetooth is super convenient for MIDI. Now you can connect directly and latency-free. Both Quicco's M1 and this CME-PRO's "WIDI Master" are really wonderful."

Måns Kämpe - Yamaha WX 5 + WIDI Master

WIDI Master is especially useful for the community of Electronic Wind Instruments. As you might know there are many big brands involved in this game. You can find great products like the AKAI EWI, Roland Aerophone and of course the Yamaha WX-5. Mäns made a real effort to merge WIDI Master to suit his personal needs. And we love that.

Mäns says: "As I posted some time ago I was a bit bothered by the Widi plug sticking out under my WX5, so I wanted to streamline it somehow. I ended up buying an angled Midi cable, cutting it in half and soldering a Midi cable socket to it, so now the Widi plug sits comfortably on the side or top of the WX5. The angled plug is short enough to not apply any hazardous momentum to the socket if I whack it on my leg or anything, and the whole arrangement cost me about $2 plus a coffee break of soldering work. Since I had another half Midi cable I actually made two, so I also have a spare.

Mission accomplished!"

Electronic Wind Instrument Wireless MIDI
MIDI over Bluetooth with WX-5
Baba Orhum - Windows 10 v2004 + Behringer FCB1010 + Cubase Pro + WIDI Master

As you might know, working with Bluetooth MIDI and an operating system, can be a challenge. Especially when looking at Windows. As Apple has more dedicated Bluetooth MIDI solutions, Windows is growing its opportunities for their users. That said, especially with our WIDI Uhost, a new world will open for any computer based MIDI enthusiast.

Baba says: "I installed Windows 10 v2004 and instantly WIDI Master worked fine between my Berhinger FCB1010 and Cubase pro."

Alec Bourne - Ribn app + WIDI Master

Alec Bourne has been with us from day 1 we launched WIDI Master. His dedication in our Facebook Group and knowledge of Line 6 and other guitar-based MIDI gear, made him one of our first moderators. Besides this, we invited him to start beta testing our first models. All this resulted in a wide variety of videos on both his YouTube channel as well as in the Facebook Group named Line 6 MIDI Mad Scientists Club!

As you might be aware, when working with iOS, there are many really interesting apps you can use to integrate in your setup. Alec investigates many of them on his YouTube channel. If you are interested, make sure to subscribe to his channel.

Alec says: "Check out this awesome Ribn iOS app with the WIDI Masters"

Mi Mo - Xkey Air + WIDI BUD

Many of you think maybe that WIDI Master is completely new technology. This is only partly true. That is why it is so nice to present you this particular video. It shows another dedicated Bluetooth MIDI enthusiast from our Facebook Group. It is Mi Mo performing with wireless MIDI.

This was already possible years ago with our Xkey Air (2015) and WIDI BUD (2016).

Mi Mo says: "While everybody is waiting for the WIDI Master arrivals, here is a quick sample of my first experience with CME products. I was convinced minutes after "unboxing". It's about the XKey Air with the WIDI BUD on Windows 10. I'm a bit shy to share this 'cause there are visibly more goosebumps than latency involved. That's because I was totally overwhelmed how a keyboard with such tiny key action could deliver these articulations. This is not a song but just some goofing around in the middle of the night with the new devices."

Will you buy an extra WIDI Master?

The best proof of a solution is represented to you by the real users. We realised this from the start. That is why we started with the crowd creation project of WIDI Master to begin with. After the initial launch, we reconnected with our early adopters and asked them if they would buy another WIDI Master after being able to test and work with our Bluetooth MIDI solution?

The result is that we received many images of customers worldwide. They simply show us how you can use wireless MIDI and that these examples are from people who are interested to buy another WIDI Master. That is for us the most important part.

We gather those great images, videos and use cases on our Instagram channel. Feel welcome to follow and scroll through them. Of course you can find an extract of those underneath. Let's share some of them with you.

Sebastian - Morningstar MC6 + WIDI Master

As many others, the full potential of WIDI Master and use cases were not clear before having one in hand. Which is of the result of not dealing intensively enough with it before ordering. Anyways, attached you find two pictures of my rig I use the WIDI Master with. 

Right now it is connected to my iPad so I can control the rig and manage presets on the MC8. With two additional WIDI Masters.

I'd to love to connect my Arturia KeyStep 37 to get some synths out of the Zoia and then I could take the MC8 off the board and control everything wirelessly while having the pedals at arms reach when sculpting sounds at home.

As soon as Uhost comes out hopefully, this can go onto the board and one WIDI Master would go to my Kawai MP7 stage piano to connect to Main Stage and Ableton on my Macbook via Bluetooth. So many possibilities!

It's awesome! Go follow Devil's Inkpot

Morningstar MC6 and WIDI Master
Hendrik - Korg Prologue + Midisynth + iPad + WIDI Master

Here is my holiday at sea setup! Korg Prologue, iPad, Midisynth app and CME WIDI master.

Korg Prologue and WIDI Master
Frank - Korg M3 + Alesis Vortex + WIDI Master

WIDI Master now is gig proof! Here come some pics from me using it live with my Korg M3 and Alesis Vortex - connected by WIDI Master. It works flawlessly!

Alesis Vortex and WIDI Master
Korg M3 and WIDI Master
Peter - Casio MIDI guitar + WIDI Master

Howdy from Austin Texas ! The Casio guitar is very happy!

Casio MIDI guitar and WIDI Master
Andre - DIY LED Guitar + WIDI Master

I use WIDI master to send midi messages wireless to my electric guitar to start LED fx in sync to the music.
Here is a video of my band Nerds on Fire, showing the LED guitar with WIDI Master and Bluetooth MIDI.
Nerds on Fire


We've received so much more images, videos and links. It is overwhelming. Therewith we are really thankful to all contributors. Because there is so much more to show, you can either follow CME on Facebook or Instagram.

Or wait until we launch the next blog! Can't wait? Check out our previous BLE MIDI community blogs here and here!

Wireless MIDI LED guitar


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  1. The WIDI MASTER does NOT work with the Yamaha DTX Multi 12 drumpad.
    I plugged the Widi Master into my old Novation Impulse and that worked.

    Nothing with the Yamaha DTX Multi 12.

    I have tried every thing.

    That is the only reason I bought it.

    So back to Amazon it goes unless someone knows how.

    1. Hi there. Sorry to hear this. Basically WIDI Master is powered via the MIDI outport of your hardware. If you plug it in and there is no LED indicator lighting up, your hardware does not provide such power. As your WIDI device works perfectly fine with your other hardware, we know it is not a defect.

      For unpowered MIDI devices we offer WIDI Jack. It works the same as WIDI Master, but it has an external power option via USB-C.

      Please allow me to share some links with you that will be useful.

      1) Selecting the right WIDI device: https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-which-device-will-you-connect/
      2) CME Support and Online Start Guides: https://www.cme-pro.com/support/
      3) The community compatibility list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L6D2lUkcX0NEHpzp0vw5aAtAIsHANeUOCCH_fXtwyKI/edit?usp=sharing
      4) The Facebook Group for all your questions: http://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans

      Hope this helps!

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