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FB Group: The Power of the Community



The FB Group

CME's WIDI technology has been developed in conjunction with the community. An essential part of the interaction between CME and the community is the FB group. Better said, the Facebook Group!

The group has been set up to directly communicate about the development process and to pitch new ideas and concepts. Besides this, the FB group has become the central place where WIDI enthusiasts share ideas, feedback and concerns about the new wireless MIDI technology.

In essence crowd creation is product development with the community in a central role. Therewith it is a step further than crowdfunding. It allows you to become part of the innovation process.

The purpose is to deliver tailor-developed innovations adjusted to your and your fellow music makers' wants and needs. WIDI Master has been the first crowd creation project from CME. Please allow us to share with you the experience of the Community of MIDI Enthusiasts as shared in our FB Group!

Tom White – Former President of MMA

Bluetooth MIDI is the industry standard from the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) for wireless MIDI connections, and the CME WIDI Master is the first Bluetooth MIDI adapter that can perform as both a “peripheral” or “central” device, allowing fast, low-latency, and stable point-to-point wireless connections between any two devices. This opens new possibilities for all musicians and gives them more freedom in the studio and on the stage.”

MIDI Manufacturers Association (June, 2020)

Alec Siani - WIDI & Xkey Air 37 & Nintendo Gameboy

I hooked my gameboy up to an arduino and ran the midi master to my xKey air37. Works amazing. The latency is basically unnoticeable. The latency is significantly less than when I have the xkey connected to my iPad. I love the WIDI master.

WIDI Master

Also watch this live synth jam using the Xkey Air to control the Nintendo Gameboy!

Joe Bressler - DIY WIDI Hub

I bought some short 2.5mm extension cables in case they were too short, but if you angle everything just right, they reach perfectly. I’ll probably place the interface upside down to ease pressure off the cables


Larry Roberts - First Gig with BK-7M & MIDI Accordeon

Ok, first gig. I did a first time hook up, 5 minutes before the gig. First powered and connected my other BLE device, Yamaha ud-bt01 which I am using to connect a Irig Blueboard to control bk-7m keyboard arranger functions and another Irig Blueboard to Connect songbook plus app to select a performance number on Bk-7m

CME WIDI Master Live

Cyril Lance – CTO Moog Music

I was lucky enough to be able to start working with a pair of prototype WIDI adapters from CME.  They worked flawlessly and transparently – which is the goal of any good technology solution.  I was very happy with them.  It made connecting instruments to each other quick and easy without cabling or any setup even for instruments from different eras.  For example, I immediately had our flagship synthesizer, the Moog ONE, controlling and being controlled by our older MIDI instruments and vintage MIDI controllers.

Additionally, WIDI makes it easy and transparent to connect any of our MIDI gear directly to a Bluetooth enabled device – most importantly for me, the iOS environment (iPads and iPhones) allowing me to quickly test features and connectivity without any setup and configuration hassles.  For product development, this was a huge asset!”

Beta tester WIDI Master (June, 2020) – There is NO commercial involvement or partnership between MOOG and CME

Leonardo Valenzuela - Testing the range of WIDI Master

Testing the scope of the WIDI Master! I discovered that I could have gone out and the connection did not drop, but you have to respect the curfew. WIDI Master approved!

Alexandre De Sena Viegas‎ - WIDI & MIDI Guitar

And here it is, my first experience with WIDI Master and MIDI guitar. The battery is charging. My first impressions are great. I actually just need the sender part to communicate with the iPad over the Bluetooth function. It automatically recognises the WIDI Master. I tried it with Synthmaster Player and it sounds great.


Chris Hinshaw‎ - WIDI & Arturia Keylab + Studiologic Numa Compact 2x

Luckily, I was able to order that second set after CME posted an advisory that you need a pair to connect 2 devices! Seems obvious now, but at the time, it wasn't clear.

CME Arturia Studiologic

Alec Bourne‎ - WIDI & iPad & MIDI Controllers

The Morningstar MC6 used here drives a SIM1 guitar profiler and is taking power to supply it right off the pedal. A WIDI Master in the 5pins pairs with an iPad which is attached via usb to a helix floor.

CME WIDI Experts

So very unusual but this allows midi both ways and also audio both ways between the helix and the iPad. Backing tracks, drum machines, play list management and remote control of 99 guitars all in a tiny box. Curious how this all works? Watch this video!

Lubomir Velev‎ - WIDI & YouRock Guitar

As of August 26th, 2020 I can confirm that WIDI Master IS WORKING with YouRock Guitar due to taking off some space from the ledge of the MIDI guitar with a hot soldering device to connect it stably!

WIDI Master

Olafur Bogason – CEO Genki Instruments

We are so excited with WIDI Master coming out, because it is a perfect fit for the Wave. WIDI Master is really simple. It works straight out of the box. It is kind of magic.

As taken from CME #REAP S01E05 (June, 2020)

Robbie Puricelli - Old School Yamaha

One of my WIDI Masters being used to connect an old classic to the rest of my studio. Next up, the Fairlights!


After this Rob Purcielli took the WIDI Master into a live stream on YouTube with the Pro Synth Network. A Music technology discussion with Ben Simpson, Cryss Synthient and Rob Puricelli and special guest Marshal Arnold!

EDIT: In November 2021 - CME was invited to the Pro Synth Network Live Stream to talk about WIDI and more...

Scott Klarmann - WIDI & Yamaha WX5 & Roland JV-1010

Works well with my Yamaha WX5 into Roland JV-1010. No dropouts or noticeable latency at 20ft away.


Eric Tubon - WIDI & Access Virus Ti Snow & Xkey Air

Here is my quick test of WIDI master, a wireless MIDI solution by CME. Too excited that I made an out of the package testing and showing how quick I paired my Access Virus Ti Snow with my Xkey Air using the WIDI master. Just imagine the possibilities of having a wireless system on your home or live gig setup.

Peter Andersson - WIDI & Acces Virus KB

Time to check all my hardwares if it works or not, Will update the google doc with my findings. Seems to work in my Virus KB at least.

Time to check all my hardwares if it works or not, Will update the google doc with my findings. Seems to work in my Virus KB at least.

Andreas Glimstrand - WIDI & EWI 4000s & iPad Moog Model D

Now up for testing with my EWI 4000s and iPad Moog Model D. After that I will test DSI Evolver!


Arty McFly - WIDI & Arturia Keystep & Behringer Neutron

I tried out the WIDI, and boy did it work amazingly. I went into a rabbit hole of analog noise and came out unscathed but slightly more abstract and spacey. Thank you for a fine product. I will be purchasing more at some point!!

WIDI Master

Niels Larsen – CEO of Nektar Technology Inc.

WIDI is an amazing system that allows wireless MIDI transfer between two MIDI devices. Transmitting data via Bluetooth LE it connects seamlessly to iOS and other mobile MIDI capable devices. Testing Nektar products including sending real-time sequence data from Aura didn’t phase the system and timing was solid. MIDI with no wires? It’s finally here

Nektar Technology Inc. (July, 2020)

Chris Pearre - WIDI & Roland AX-7 & Korg Kronos & Prologue

They paired up beautifully with my Roland AX-7, Kronos & Prologue. Thank you CME!


Enrico Dell'Aquila - WIDI & Behringer xr-18 mixer & x-touch controller

Ok, first couple of midi cables gone! Between my Behringer xr-18 mixer and x-touch controller...
Worked at first try.

WIDI Master

Roscoe Newsome - WIDI & Windows 10 & HX Stomp & Morningstar MC6

First thing, both the HX Stomp and Morningstar MC6 power WIDI Master. I have the MC6 controlling the HX Stomp and Ableton Live 10 for triggering my bands live set. Using ‘MIDI thru’ on the Stomp sends channel 2 to Live via WIDI. So far, all works perfectly!

I’ve connected via MidiBerry and LoopMidi on Windows 10 and because I’m only triggering starts of songs, latency doesn’t bother me. Not having a 5m midi cable is joy. Good work CME.


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Don't forget to take a look at this open source compatibility list for WIDI Master. Just go here! 

And yes there are more use cases available. Just go here for the first WIDI Master Experience and here for some industry experts quotes.


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