MIDI Cables

Low-profile, 5-pin DIN

Fit seamlessly into tight spaces

midi cable

CME intros 5-pin DIN MIDI cables!

Community-inspired based on WIDI Jack accessory cables

Choose excellence and join the community-approved MIDI experience with these premium MIDI cables.
Backed by over 30 years of experience and MIDI Association board membership.

patch cable

Perfect Fit, Every Time!

Ultra-thin, high-performance plug design

 Your solution when space is limited.

Low-profile plugs

Ultra-thin plug design fits into compact spaces

Mirrored 45-degree angle
45-degree angle outlet for narrow spaces

Robust protrusions

Easily plug in and out with handy protrusions

Standard 5-pin DIN

Male to male standard 5-pin DIN midi cables

Simply plug & play

Your perfect companion for pedalboards, MIDI interfaces and patching

Nickel-plated connectors and oxygen-free copper core endure frequent plugging and unplugging. Integrated shielding prevents interference, ensuring error-free MIDI data transfer of all your MIDI messages

Available now in advantageous 4-packs

Choose between 1ft (30cm) or 2ft (60cm) cable length

CME - The MIDI Experts

100% community-driven technology based on 30 years of experience

CME is a contributing board member of the International MIDI Association. 

With more than 30 years professional experience, our devices are used and praised by top musicians and engineers around the world.

CME's technology is 100% validated by the worldwide MIDI community.

With thousands of MIDI enthusiasts around the world, the active community exchanges knowledge via the vibrant Facebook Group.

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