July 25

CME’s loyalty video campaign: Earn 1 free CME device!


CME loyalty campaign

Earn 1 free CME device of your choice!

Great to have you here. There is an easy way to earn a free CME device. Just make a 9:16 video of up to 59 seconds. Post it on your social channels, share the link and receive your reward.

It's no secret that the CME community is central to CME's product development. That's why you now have access to the loyalty video campaign.

As an owner of one of the latest WIDI devices or MIDI interfaces, you are invited to participate. It's simple, just read the rules and share your content!

  1. Create a simple video showing your CME product in your setup.
  2. The video should have a format of 9:16 (Instagram Reel, YouTube Short, TikTok).
  3. Make sure your video is short and no longer than 59 seconds.
  4. Share your video on your social channel and tag CME.
  5. Share the link to your social channel or download link using the form below.
  6. After validating your submission, you can choose your free CME product.
  • CME products shown must be available in the CME store.
  • Your free product of choice must be available in the CME store.
  • This campaign will last until December 31, 2023.


Start creating today!

Just follow the guidelines above and start creating your content. When you're done, share your submission on your social networks and fill out the form below!


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  1. This is a short video showing my WIDI JACKS, WIDID MASTER and WIDI U HOST connected to various devices to be able to connect midi wirelessly

    1. Great to hear this. Just received your video and shared it via IG reels. Please do reply to my email to receive your CME product of choice on short notice.

  2. not sure how to show a thru box and splitter in action so i basically made an ad for them lol. let me know if you were looking for something different

  3. Other professionals had told me it's not possible to have wireless MIDI. However, my CME WIDI Thru6 BT has proven them all wrong and works beautifully with my tablet over Bluetooth for all of my MIDI capable pedals.

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