March 25

A Sneak Peek into CME’s iWA Technology Development


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iWA by CME

Advancing the Future of Wireless Audio

Crowd Creation: Project iWA

As enthusiasts and creators deeply invested in the world of music, you understand the paramount importance of seamless, high-fidelity audio transmission in enhancing your musical journey.

Exciting news awaits you as we adventure together into the heart of CME's iWA (Instant Wireless Audio) technology - the future of wireless audio for musicians.

Get ready to dive into groundbreaking innovation as the progress made in redefining the wireless audio landscape, is about to be revealed.

Where We Were: Uncompressed HD Audio Stereo Transmission

This journey began with a vision, a simple yet ambitious goal: to deliver uncompromised, low-latency HD audio transmission for musicians seeking unparalleled freedom and quality in the studio.

With this vision in mind, iWA was developed: a flexible wireless solution that offers uncompressed audio in stereo and is highly immune to RF interference, delivering the near-zero latency performance that advanced music makers and creators need.

Current Development Progress: Pioneering Solutions

After rigorous testing and experimentation with multiple components and solutions, it is exciting to - finally - announce significant progress in this development journey.

The latest prototype showcases robust hardware and firmware, seamlessly integrating to deliver impeccable performance. Notably, the focus on latency optimization has yielded promising results, ensuring that the wireless protocol meets and exceeds our stringent quality benchmarks.

In other words, with the latest prototype, the hardware and firmware are working perfectly fine. Also, the latency performance and audio quality of the wireless protocol are delivering the desired results.

It is now possible to transmit uncompressed HD audio in stereo with a latency as low as 1ms as measured between 2 iWA TX/RX prototypes.

This video shows the CME iWA web application that allows you to test different audio configurations, analyze statistics related to radio transmission and view the behavior of audio buffers. Very useful for troubleshooting artifact problems due to overflow and underflow of audio buffers.

The Result: Wireless Audio for Musicians

Unveiling a New Standard

The culmination of all efforts, together with the feedback from the community and industry friends, has yielded a breakthrough: a distance of approximately 11 meters without obstacles, while maintaining the audio quality and latency performance, is now achieved.

This is a crucial first step in delivering on the iWA promise for musicians around the world; musicians who need near-zero latency and an uncompromised audio experience - a crucial aspect for home studios and rehearsals where stability, reliability and convenience count.

This video shows the CME iWA prototypes transmitting from a playback device and receiving at a wireless speaker. The speaker is carried along with the video recording device to show the current distance performance of the iWA system. The estimated distance is 11 meters without obstacles.

What's Next: Optimizing for Excellence

While this milestone is celebrated with you, we are not there yet and although we are jumping for joy in the air, we must keep both feet on the ground. Together, we must continue to push the limits by optimizing signal transmission and ensuring that the originally designed transmission distance is not only met, but exceeded.

The focus is on refining the antenna design to minimize body interference - a critical step in achieving consistent performance in all those different musical environments around the world.

It is worth noting that in the pursuit of excellence, the principle of redundancy in testing is being applied. The goal is to exceed design specifications so that iWA products perform well in real-world scenarios where unexpected challenges may arise. 

For example, while WIDI (Bluetooth MIDI) tests have shown a distance of 40 meters, the technical specifications conservatively specify 20 meters to ensure reliability under various conditions.

This video shows the WIDI Bluetooth MIDI adapters as developed through an earlier crowd creation project. This distance test was conducted after the official launch by an independent YouTube channel of Defcon Clark without any CME involvement.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

As passionate musicians and creators, your feedback and support are invaluable to us. You are invited to join this exciting journey to continue pushing the boundaries of wireless audio technology.

Together, we are shaping a future where musicians can unleash their creativity without limitations, without hassle and without wires.

Stay tuned for more updates as the next phase of development has arrived, driven by the relentless commitment to excellence and innovation. Feel welcome to invite your friends and share the message publicly.

Together we connect!

Goal 1 reached on 4th of July 2022
Goal 2 reached on 25th of December 2022
Goal 3 reached on 1st of May 2023
Phase 4 announced on 1st of May 2023


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  1. I would love to be able to integrate iWA into some of my DIY projects! Are there plans to make the iWA core available in the future?

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