December 15

CME Awards 2023


Community of MIDI Enthusiasts

In the twilight of 2019, a groundbreaking moment unfolded on Facebook that would transform the realm of MIDI technology forever. The inaugural poll on WIDI technology marked the genesis of advanced low-latency wireless MIDI adapters, heralding a new era in musical connectivity.

This pivotal event not only introduced a revolutionary concept but also laid the foundation for an innovative approach known as CME's crowd creation.

At its core, crowd creation empowers individuals to play a central role in shaping the destiny of emerging products. By publicly sharing a nascent idea, enthusiasts become active participants in the inception, development, and design of future technologies.

The fluid nature of crowd creation ensures that nothing is set in stone, allowing contributors to actively optimize products and tailor technology to their specific needs. WIDI Master, born from this collaborative spirit, has evolved into a comprehensive WIDI family, shaped by the invaluable input of a vibrant community.

In essence, the WIDI journey is a testament to the collective power of MIDI enthusiasts. Without your engagement and passion, WIDI would be a mere concept, lacking the vibrant success it boasts today.

The global embrace of WIDI technology has seen over 75,000 devices find homes across the world, and the journey continues with the advent of project iWA, ushering in exciting new technological frontiers. Join us as we explore the ever-expanding horizons of WIDI and celebrate the thriving community that makes it all possible.

CME Awards 2023

As a result of all the above, it is time to honor and praise the community for making all this possible. It may not seem like much to you, but to us it means a lot.

Today is the moment to officially recognize your contribution and support to the success of WIDI. Therefore, a special selection of five (5) community members will receive an award today.

What we really want to say is: "Thank you. Thank you for your support and dedication. Thank you for spreading the WIDI story. We appreciate everything you've done for us. Without you, all of this would not be possible".

As a thank you, you will receive eternal fame, a specially designed image that you can proudly share, and official access as a beta tester of project iWA.

In other words, when the time comes to test a first prototype, it would be our honor to send you an early version, and build together the world of low-latency wireless audio in lossless stereo format.

Thank you!

Scott Uhl

Scott is one of those individuals who explores any technology. Especially if it has to do with wireless technology.

No matter the brand, no matter the price, Scott has valuable content to share. See for yourself on his ever growing YouTube channel.

Your expanding channel has not only demonstrated remarkable growth but has also secured the top spot by generating the highest number of affiliate sales in 2023.

While you clinched this award last year, your continuous efforts have earned you the honor once more. Here's to another year of excellence!

Thank you Scott!

Armin Woods

Although Armin secured this award last year, his ongoing commitment within our Facebook group has been nothing short of extraordinary.

You consistently dedicate your time online to assist others and generously share his wealth of experience, particularly in the intricate realms of operating system integration and the establishment of WIDI groups.

The contributions of individuals like Armin form the lifeblood of CME and the broader community. Your unwavering involvement is truly remarkable and makes this award all the more deserved.

Thank you Armin!

Pier Murru

Over the last 12 months, Pier has emerged as the driving force behind our vibrant Facebook community. His honesty, intelligence, and extensive experience have played a pivotal role in the community.

Pier's expertise extends far beyond the realm of Bluetooth MIDI, positioning him as a valuable resource dedicated to assisting others in achieving their goals. 

CME is deeply grateful for Pier's ongoing contributions, and needless to say, his unwavering support and dedication do not go unnoticed. 

Thank you Pier!

Tommy Leerschen

Tommy has been spotlighting an extensive range of Bluetooth MIDI solutions within his live setup, going beyond the confines of WIDI devices and intelligently incorporating various other brands and products.

His wealth of knowledge in executing live performances with WIDI, coupled with his eagerness to share insights when others seek assistance, serves as a driving force within the online community.

Without a doubt, we express our gratitude for enriching the community with your valuable insights. Your commitment to helping others by generously sharing your experiences is truly commendable.

Thank you Tommy!

Larry Roberts

Larry has maintained a consistent pace in delivering videos showcasing the integration of WIDI into his setup. As WIDI evolved, so did Larry, and his journey has been openly documented through an extensive collection of compelling video content.

The public sharing of his story has served as inspiration to others, contributing significantly to the narrative of Bluetooth MIDI. This reward is for your invaluable contribution in sharing and inspiring others through your journey with WIDI.

Thank you Larry!

Do you want to win next year?

Besides innovations, we are all about traditions. That's why the CME Awards 2024 will take place again at the end of next year. And the best part is that you can participate.

If you're wondering how you stand a chance of winning an honorable mention next year, here are a few categories that will be closely watched.

Feel welcome to share your contribution through all available channels. We are always happy to learn about your usage scenario, and proudly share them through our network.

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