November 11

CME WIDI Awards 2022


Community of MIDI Enthusiasts

In late 2019, the first poll on WIDI technology was posted on Facebook. This was the first public appearance of the idea of advanced low-latency wireless MIDI adapters.

It was also the start of a process called crowd creation. In crowd creation, you are central to the development of new products. 

By publicly posting a concept, a rough idea, you can participate from the beginning in the actual development and design of the future product.

And because nothing is fixed, you help optimize the product and adapt the technology to what you really need. Based on your input, WIDI Master has now grown into a complete WIDI family.

In other words, without you, the entire community of MIDI enthusiasts, WIDI would not exist. And it would certainly not be as successful as it is today.

Now more than 50,000 WIDI devices have been sold worldwide. And with project iWA, new technologies are also coming....

WIDI Awards 2022

As a result of all the above, it is time to honor and praise the community for making all this possible. It may not seem like much to you, but to us it means a lot.

Today is the moment to officially recognize your contribution and support to the success of WIDI. Therefore, a special selection of seven (7) community members will receive an award today.

What we really want to say is: "Thank you. Thank you for your support and dedication. Thank you for spreading the WIDI story. We appreciate everything you've done for us. Without you, all of this would not be possible".

As a thank you, you will receive eternal fame, a specially designed image that you can proudly share, and official access as a beta tester of project iWA.

In other words, when the time comes to test a first prototype, it would be our honor to send you an early version, and build together the world of low-latency wireless audio in lossless stereo format.

Thank you!

Adrian Craig

Adrian has been a member of our Facebook group for more than a year. He has been actively promoting WIDI in forums and groups, especially in Eastern Europe.

Adrian specializes in high-tech, synths, controllers and EWI. As an all-round musician, you will find brands such as Akai, Novation and Korg in his studio.

He also took the lead in connecting Kaemi Controllers with CME during Superbooth 2021.

Thank you Adrian!

Alec Bourne

It seems like Alec was praising WIDI before it ever existed. He is active in several Facebook Groups and runs one dedicated to Line6 (and more) through his Line6 MIDI Mad Scientists Club.

In fact, Alec was the first to use the verb WIDI'd and contributed immensely to the adaptation of WIDI Master to the guitar-friendly WIDI Jack.

In addition, Alec played an active role in connecting CME with PirateMIDI and apps like the Strymon Iridium Controller by Peter Barabash.

Thank you Alec!

Andrew Bonica

It is always amazing how thoughtful and considerate community members are. Andrew is one such person, introducing WIDI to many people from the industry in the recent years.

With his background as a live sound engineer, he was on the front lines providing detailed information when using Bluetooth MIDI on stage.

As a former product manager at Yamaha and Line6, he knows his stuff and his people. It is an honor to benefit from that amazing network.

Thank you Andrew!

Armin Woods

Armin has been one of the most active contributors to the Facebook group over the past 12 months. And not to ask questions, but to provide answers.

After a short learning curve, Armin has become a group expert in no time. And what's more, he's always there to inform others.

As a keyboardist, he knows how to get the best performance out of WIDI devices. In the studio and on stage, he connects a wide variety of instruments via advanced WIDI groups.

Thank you Armin!

Rob Puricelli

One day we found a YouTube channel broadcasting an hour-long live on WIDI. It even became a gimmick when viewers started counting the number of WIDI mentions per show.

Rob and his Pro Synth Network have a deep knowledge of the industry. Not surprisingly, Rob does the SOS Podcasts and is UK's Fairlight CMI expert.

At one point, Rob connected CME with Modal Electronics. Then together with Shook we made a great promotional video. Without Rob, that path would never have been taken.

Thank you Rob!

Roger Gentile

Roger is also known as Mr. Kind, which, in addition to being an excellent musician, is literally what he is. Always willing to help and share his knowledge.

With his sharp ear, Roger is always looking for quality apps and mobile solutions that make a musician's life more interesting. Especially on stage.

It was Roger who brought Audio Modeling closer to CME. They are known for their SWAM instruments and Camelot Pro app. And as a result, we are now exploring the wireless breath controller together.

Thank you Roger!

Scott Uhl

Scott is one of those individuals who explores any technology. Especially if it has to do with guitars. And especially if it's wireless.

No matter the brand, no matter the price, Scott has valuable content to share. See for yourself on his ever growing YouTube channel.

Additionally, Scott was the one who created the video used to introduce WIDI to early resellers. Following, he recently created this super-short 1-minute WIDI video, which is now being used in global campaigns.

Thank you Scott!

Do you want to win next year?

Besides innovations, we are all about traditions. That's why the WIDI Awards 2023 will take place again next year on 11/11. And the best part is that you can participate.

If you're wondering how you stand a chance of winning an honorable mention next year, here are a few categories that will be closely watched.

Feel welcome to share your contribution through all available channels. We are always happy to learn about your usage scenario, and proudly share them through our network.


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