June 11

Survey: Wireless MIDI Breath Controller


Wind controller

What is a breath controller?

In its simplest terms, a breath controller is a MIDI controller used to control synths, keyboards, and other sound sources with your breath.

It consists of a mouthpiece (like a whistle) that is connected to your sound module. By blowing into the breath controller, you convert the air pressure created by your breath into control data for your sound module.

Unlike wind controllers, breath controllers do not trigger notes. Basically they are meant to add articulation and expression to notes played on a sound module.

For example, if you're playing a violin sound from your sound module, you can use your breath controller to add expression, allowing you to play and sound more naturally.

Video: Audio Modeling SWAM Violin, Hornberg Research HB-1 breath controller and a Kurzweil PC3x

A little bit of history

The breath controller was already available for the legendary Yamaha DX-7. Because Yamaha used an analog output voltage, their BC series was only intended for Yamaha synthesizers with a special input jack.

Video: Yamaha DX7 with Yamaha BC1 Breath Controller

After the Yamaha BC-3

Due to the limited compatibility of the Yamaha BC-3, the MIDI Solutions Breath Controller was brought to the market. Basically, it's a breath-to-MIDI converter, greatly expanding the range of usage scenarios for the Yamaha BC-3.

Since Yamaha stopped producing their BC-3, a number of small manufacturers have jumped into the development of breath controllers.

The most notable from TEControl combine the Yamaha BC-3 with the MIDI converters from MIDI Solutions.

They also added bite sensors, calibration software and USB MIDI, expanding the number of use cases and playing dimensions.

That said, the development of breath controllers seems to have come to a standstill for the past decade. This has led to relatively high prices and a lack of adaptation to current technology. 

But that is about to change….

The future wireless MIDI breath controller

It seems the right time to explore the future breath controller. Combining the current capabilities of wireless MIDI and expressive digital instruments, can possibly deliver a creative impulse to a new form of breath controller.

That is why Audio Modeling and CME have joined forces.

Audio Modeling has a vibrant community through its sound engines, expressive virtual instruments and live performance software such as SWAM and Camelot Pro.

The same goes for CME, with its connection to the world of wireless MIDI through WIDI Bluetooth MIDI and a legacy of keyboard knowledge through their Xkey series.

That sounds perfect, right?

Join the big breath controller survey

The first step to innovation is to do thorough research. That's why you are invited to share your opinion and experience.

It only takes you 5 minutes.

With the results you contribute to the specification of a future breath controller.

By doing so, you have a chance to win nearly $500 in prizes with Audio Modeling Swam Trumpets, Camelot Pro, and a WIDI device of your choice.

Become part of the process.


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  1. I am very interested because I was playing the Yamaha CS01 with BC 01 breath controler. It was fantastic. Since I bought a CNME keyboard because it has a plug for Breath controler but it doesn’t work well with DAWN particularly Fruty Loops. I am waiting for a better solution impatiently. All the best keep me informed sankalpo@hotmail.com

  2. I am waiting for the brainwave-to-MIDI converter but in the meantime an updated, stable breath controller with good articulation options would be much appreciated.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi!
    I’m very interested in WIDI breath controller.
    I bought many of CME products and I bought all of Audio Modeling amazing instruments.
    Looking forward!!!

  4. I am an EWI player, but definitely want to add a wireless midi breath controller to take advantage of my keyboard layout knowledge to create both polyphonic parts and more expressive and faster performances.

  5. The more WIDI Tools in the drawer, the better. A WIDI breath controller fills another gap and will enhance World Wide WIDIence. So I am IN !

  6. I’d buy a midi melodica in a heartbeat. At least 37 keys, please; mini’s are okay, but still needs switchable velocity and at least channel aftertouch. Well placed octave buttons, modulation and pitch sticks, wheels, or pressure sensitive buttons. Perhaps an assignable bite sensor on the mouth piece.

    WIDI is fantastic! I have two sets of the Buds. I also have a MIDI Solutions breath controller brick and a Yamaha BC2, but all of this gear is rather finicky and cumbersome in a live rig. I’ve obtained a Re.Corder and love controlling SWAM instruments on iPad, but my recorder chops are still elementary.

    A MIDI melodica would surely fill a massive gap in the market. Very excited to see what CME develops with this project.

  7. Hello,
    i am looking for a breath and motion controller, to be used with Roland Fr-4x.
    It should function like the Roland FC-300.
    This means it must send MIDI Sysex commands and even more it has to send for the pedal function (breath) not only the value but also a checksum depending on the value.
    The Airmotion can only send MIDI CCs.
    I hope you can do more.

    Best regards

  8. I would really love to see this realized! I play a Linnstrument in combination with a breath controller (TEControl). I am already using the CME WIDI adapter on my linnstrument which works great. Very looking forward to the iwa solution as well. If this breath controller became a reality, I could run my entire setup off of my phone with almost zero cables, which would be amazing for jam sessions, train rides, etc.
    Any news on how the development is going?
    Cheers and all the best from a loyal customer!

    1. Thanks for reaching out. Currently the development is not a priority as we are focussing our resources on iWA first. Once there is an update, you will be notified.

  9. Look forward to that. In the meantime are your WIDI products compatible with the TEControl BC2? (Assume WIDI uhost would be the one to use?)

    1. I would think so, as the BC2 is USB MIDI class compliant. As long as you use a USB OTG cable and I assume also an external power supply, I think it will work fine.

    1. I searched back in the chat history of our support and found this answer on March 2, 2024

      Please check below things:

      Please download and install the latest version v3.9 of UxMIDI Tools software. You can find it from our support page: https://www.cme-pro.com/support/#tve-jump-18391dd5705

      When you use UxMIDI Tools software to change the settings, please only connect one product (either U6 or U2) at the same time. If you connect two devices, sometimes the software will be confused.

      After you change the settings for U6 or U2, the setting will be saved in the unit automatically. Then you can close the UxMIDI Tools software. Please be aware that you cannot open the UxMIDI Tools software and VZV CZ Patch Editor software and using same interface (either U6 or U2) at the same time. Windows still does not support multi-client, one interface can only be used in one software.

      Please let me know what was the problem for your WIDI Thru6 BT?

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