WIDI: Which Device Will You Connect?

What is your use case?

There are thousands of products that use MIDI on the market. Both new and second-hand. It is a challenge for all of us to answer all questions about every MIDI device on today’s market. This blog will explain which WIDI product you can use for your specific case!

Our first WIDI family member is WIDI Master. It is your 5-PIN MIDI DIN Bluetooth MIDI adapter. WIDI Master will need power from the MIDI device you connect it with. The standard MIDI OUT or THRU port delivers 3.3v or 5v through the 5-pin DIN MIDI socket. It is a standard as as suggested by the international MIDI Manufacturers Association.

Due to the fact that there are many other forms of MIDI connections on the market, we started the development of two new products: WIDI Jack and WIDI Uhost!

WIDI Jack Connectivity!

Basically WIDI Jack offers all connectivity solutions that WIDI Master did not.

  • Mini Jack MIDI (2.5mm-3.5mm / Type-A-B)
  • Only MIDI IN
  • Mini-DIN MIDI
  • Unpowered 5-PIN DIN MIDI
  • Powered 5-PIN DIN MIDI (Like WIDI Master)

WIDI Jack is designed to ensure the functionality of WIDI Master plus additional use cases. The main difference is that it allows an external power source and the ability to change the connection cable. This way you can use WIDI Jack with almost any MIDI device. This led to the fact that WIDI Jack will eventually carry another form factor. It will be more like an interface. A little box. Compared to WIDI Master being an adapter.

WIDI Uhost Connectivity!

Basically WIDI Uhost offers all wireless MIDI connectivity solutions for class compliant USB MIDI devices.

  • Solution 1: Connect MIDI devices with only USB slave
    Plug WIDI Uhost in your class compliant USB MIDI device and transmit MIDI over Bluetooth between your MIDI hardware and BLE MIDI devices.
  • Solution 2: Connect MIDI devices with USB host
    Plug WIDI Uhost in the USB host of your MIDI instrument and add advanced Bluetooth MIDI to your MIDI hardware.
  • Solution 3 Connect computer and smart device without Bluetooth MIDI
    Plug WIDI Uhost in the USB port of your computer and ensure ultra low latency Bluetooth MIDI without having to upgrade your PC, tablet or smartphone and even bypass the Bluetooth MIDI limitations of iOS/MacOs.

WIDI Uhost is designed to be MIDI USB host for your class compliant USB MIDI device wirelessly. Besides this it is a MIDI USB slave for any PC, tablet or smartphone. As Bluetooth MIDI is many times integrated in your operating system, working with solely WIDI products allows you to bypass the limitations of such integrations. Therewith you can benefit from automatic pairing and inaudible latency performance over Bluetooth. That is we call WIDI Uhost the "Turbo BLE Dongle" that boosts BLE MIDI performance of any operating system.

WIDI Uhost
USB MIDI wireless
USB MIDI over Bluetooth

Reliable Wireless MIDI technology!

WIDI distinguishes itself from any other Bluetooth MIDI technology available through its unique SCA technology. SCA is a collection of highly effective algorithms that optimise the performance of WIDI in any given situation.

We have tested and selected the most advanced Bluetooth module with optimized antenna design to deliver reliable connectivity. Therewith WIDI delivers ultra low latency and stable connectivity over Bluetooth. 

Also, our dedicated BLE MIDI protocol is directly embedded in the firmware of your WIDI product. This way you can bypass your computer's operating system (OS). And benefit from fast and reliable wireless MIDI connectivity.

WIDI is in essence a point-to-point solution. It is like a ‘virtual MIDI cable' allowing you to connect one device with one other. That said, technically it is possible to connect one WIDI product with multiple others. This is what we call the smart hub functionality.

Also, we are working on a controller app, that will make it a lot easier to pair and control more complex WIDI Master setups. This will make life much easier when looking at these kind of setups. The management app will also allow this special one-to-multiple feature. We already released an early video of this in our FB group. If you are interested, just go here!

WIDI offers Bluetooth MIDI adapters and interfaces. As mentioned we are looking forward to an entire family of WIDI members. Besides the current WIDI Master and Jack, we are working almost simultaneously on WIDI Uhost. After this, we will move forward, together with you, to expand with WIDI HUB4 and PED3.

If you are interested in the future of WIDI, feel welcome to read this blog!

  • Michelle says:

    Wow, that would be a dream come true if Widi UHost also contains a battery to provide USB power to the device! Will it work with USB powered devices?

    • tgerbrands says:

      It does not work with a battery. It works with a double USB-port to add an external power supply. You can then use a simple 5v USB power bank to ensure all is powered.

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