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CME MIDI Tools: MIDI Thru5 WC and WIDI Thru6 BT


MIDI Solutions MIDI Thru

The world's first MIDI Thru box with advanced wireless MIDI capabilities.

After the successful launch of WIDI technology, CME introduces a new branch of the WIDI family.

Finally, you can combine wired and wireless with 100% community-driven MIDI tools for studio, stage and mobile music making environments.

Meet the first two (2) members of the new hybrid MIDI family: 

  • MIDI Thru5 WC with optional Bluetooth MIDI - US$ 39 
  • WIDI Thru6 BT with integrated Bluetooth MIDI - US$ 69

In essence, MIDI Thru5 WC delivers 1-in-5-out over DIN-5 wired ports and adds an optional expansion slot for WIDI Core.

At the same time, WIDI Thru6 BT goes one step further with its built-in WIDI capability.

Now you can access 2-in-6-out with a unique combination of wired and wireless, seamlessly breaking the barriers between your smart devices and MIDI hardware.


General specification MIDI Thru5 WC & WIDI Thru6 BT

  • 1-in / 5-out wired via DIN-5
  • Support all messages in the MIDI standard, including notes, controllers, clocks, sysex, MIDI timecode, MPE.
  • Wired transmission latency and jitter close to zero
  • Powered by standard 5V USB
  • MIDI devices with standard MIDI sockets are fully compatible
MIDI Split




Build-in WIDI

Optional WIDI

1-in / 5-out wired via DIN-5

1-in / 5-out wired via DIN-5

1-in / 1-out via WIDI

Optional as expansion via WIDI Core

1-to-4 / 4-to-1 WIDI Group over 16 MIDI channels

Optional as expansion via WIDI Core

2-in merge to 6-out through

1-in to 5-out through

Close to zero jitter and latency wired

Close to zero jitter and latency wired

Ultra low 3ms latency via onboard Bluetooth MIDI

Expansion slot for WIDI Core

Dimensions: 82.5*64*33.5mm

Dimensions: 82.5*64*33.5mm

Why do you need these hybrid MIDI Tools by CME?

Currently, there are two types of MIDI Thru products on the market. One was designed 5-10 years ago and the other was designed by non-professional manufacturers.

Technology has changed rapidly in recent years and today's chips are undoubtedly faster, more accurate, more energy efficient, smaller and cheaper. For reference, take a look at what your mobile device can do today and compare it to ten years ago.

Your MIDI setup can also benefit from this latest technology.

Most MIDI tools available work well for the most basic functions, but when the MIDI information you're transmitting is a little more complicated, these products can cause unwanted and hard-to-detect data errors.

The CME development team has more than 30 years of experience in developing MIDI products. Our devices are used and praised by top musicians and engineers around the world.

As a board member of the International MIDI Association, our team is on top of of the latest developments in MIDI. Including MPE, MIDI 2.0 and BLE MIDI.

Using the latest high-speed chipsets, available only since 2022, you now have access to the best performing MIDI technology available today. 

In addition, the new suite of MIDI tools supports the most advanced Bluetooth MIDI technology via the in-house developed WIDI Core. Either built-in or optional and both for an insanely low price.

Enjoy worry-free use for the next 10 years with innovations that meet all your professional needs delivering optimal performance at the lowest possible price.

Wired setup with MIDI Thru5 WC

MIDI Thru5 WC: The latest wired MIDI technology delivers extreme accuracy!

  • The only 1-in 5-out MIDI Thru and splitter box with expandable Bluetooth MIDI option
  • All MIDI messages appearing at the input are sent 100% to all five thru outputs
  • High-speed optocoupler for MIDI input to clean up the MIDI data and ensure accurate MIDI transfer
  • Support all MIDI channels and messages, let all your MIDI devices sync together
  • Power supply with general USB charger, battery power bank or USB hub
  • Latest fast processor, close to zero latency and no jitter, no bleeding midi, no signal dropout
  • Daisy chain multiple boxes to expand for larger systems
  • Compact, stable and reliable with hexagonal stiffener housing.

Just connect your MIDI controller or any device that transmits MIDI messages to the MIDI IN port, then connect the receiving MIDI devices to the MIDI Thru ports and you're all set!

Wired + Wireless setup with WIDI Thru6 BT

WIDI Thru6 BT: Expand with premium Bluetooth MIDI technology!

Now you can get advanced wireless MIDI functionality with ultra-low 3ms latency by adding WIDI Core to your MIDI Thru5 WC. With over 50,000 units sold worldwide, WIDI provides a reliable and secure wireless MIDI connection for the studio and on stage.

There is, of course, a more simple solution. You can take advantage of all the wired benefits of the MIDI Thru5 WC, add the latest WIDI technology and be instantly satisfied with the WIDI Thru6 BT.

Connect EWI, motion controllers and smart MIDI devices of any brand. Pair your WIDI adapters and integrate Bluetooth MIDI directly into your ultra-fast wired MIDI setup.

Enjoy premium Bluetooth MIDI capabilities for connecting iOS, macOS, Windows, Android and other Bluetooth MIDI devices.

Wired + Wireless WIDI Thru6BT



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  1. I’m still trying to comprehend these set ups and how to best serve me. My question is, “once hooked up are they all working simultaneously or is there a switch capability to leave hooked up and break the connection momentarily when I don’t want all or a particular device sounding off?”. I have an old wired midi merger device I’ve used in the past before WIDI technology was on the market. It allowed me to sync and connect up to 7-8 devices simultaneously or separately by enabling a toggle switch. Still works wired but does not work with WIDI master. Any ideas or suggestions?

  2. Hello,
    I’ve got some questions :
    1. If I connect to the WIDI Thru BT by BLE MIDI, is the input duplicated to the THRU connectors ?
    2. If I connect by the IN1 and by BLE MIDI, are the merged inputs duplicated to the THRU connectors ?
    Please, let me know ASAP.
    Best regards

        1. WIDI Thru6 BT has two sides. One wired 1-in-5-out and 1-in-1-out wireless. You can use both sides. If you want to connect wirelessly your other device has to have Bluetooth MIDI. This can be already integrated like on your iPad or MacBook or added, via another WIDI device.

          Wired it is as simple as 1 in is copied to 5 outputs. You can connect any MIDI device with standard MIDI I/O via its 5-pin DIN MIDI ports.

          When you use WIDI Thru6 BT only with wires it is exactly the MIDI Thru5 WC.

          Hope this helps

    1. I cannot tell you the shipping costs as I do not know where you are located. Also, in these times, with fuel pricing fluctuation so heavily, we cannot predict future pricing of international shipping. When we ship via Amazon, the rules apply as Amazon made them. It simply becomes a regular Amazon order with a discount code.

  3. Dobrý den, chci použít svůj ipad Air2 na ovládání Korg Kronos 2 aplikací Kronos remote komunikací Bluetooth. Stále se mě komunikace odpojuje od aplikace, Ipad je přitom stále připojen k Widi Master. Mám nejnovější aktualizaci v Widi Master. Předešlá aktualizace byla lepší v tom že jsem byl schopný se připojit na několik minut. Po nové aktualizaci se málo kdy stane že se připojím ale během chvilky to opět nefunguje. Jak mám nejlépe nastavit svůj Widi Master? Ipad propojený kabelem s Kronos klávesnicí funguje bez problému. Díky za každou radu.

  4. I have a Beatbuddy type drum machine with Midi output and a table with a 3.5 jack and a C-USB connector. What do you think I could connect the two? I want to control the Beatbuddy drum machine from my tablet. Thanks for your help.

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