October 20

WIDI Thru6 BT: MIDI Thru box with advanced Bluetooth MIDI


Break the barriers between smart devices and MIDI hardware.

Singapore • October 20, 2022 — CME Pro, the small-scale innovator and contributing board member of the MIDI Association, is pleased to announce the world's first hybrid MIDI-thru-box with premium Bluetooth MIDI.

After the successful launch of WIDI technology, CME introduces a new branch of the WIDI family. Finally, you can combine wired and wireless with this 2-in-6-out MIDI thru/split solution for studio, stage and mobile music production.

Discover exciting new ways to work through a unique combination of high-precision wired and ultra-low 3ms latency wireless.

Powered by the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, the complete WIDI range offers wireless MIDI solutions via Bluetooth for all MIDI devices. Both hardware and software. Both controllers and apps.

With its Smart Connectivity Algorithms and Adaptive Frequency Hopping interference is minimised, performance range maximised (65ft/20m without obstacles) and latency is reduced to an absolutely inaudible 3ms as measured between 2 WIDI devices.

On top of this, the implemented 32-bit processor is undoubtedly faster, more accurate, more efficient, smaller and more affordable than any of its competitors, delivering next to no latency and no jitter via wired MIDI.

Simply merge 2 MIDI inputs and split them to 6 MIDI outputs (through). Synchronise all your MIDI devices without data errors, without signal loss or dropout for professional use on stage, in the studio and for mobile setups.

In addition, you can enjoy the convenience of advanced wireless MIDI as developed and designed by CME. This opens up a new world by adding motion controllers, wearables, smart devices and mobile devices to your MIDI setup.

Easily connect all MIDI devices with standard MIDI I/O via MIDI cables. Automatically connect with WIDI devices, standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers like the Xkey Air, and easily connect with iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows (10/11).

And with advanced Bluetooth MIDI groups you can connect up to 10 MIDI devices simultaneously through a single WIDI Thru6BT....

About CME Pro
CME is built by a passionate group of music industry veterans and creators with over a century of experience developing innovative products and services. We aim to develop products based on actual demand from the market by implementing the C2M model. By delivering smart solutions on the nexus of creativity and technology we combine our mottos "Music Has Value" and "Always One Step Ahead" in our daily work.

About WIDI
WIDI technology is developed together with the Community of MIDI Enthusiasts following the crowd creation process. The purpose of WIDI is to fulfil the main function of the MIDI protocol, which is the uniform communication between electronic musical instruments. WIDI technology is created to add Bluetooth MIDI to any instrument, operating system or device, bringing back the essence of MIDI that was lost over time.


Media Contact:
CME Media Relations
Thomas Gerbrands


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