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Timeline: WIDI Master Crowd Created Project


WIDI Master

Crowd Created Project: The Beginning Of WIDI Master

It is no secret that WIDI Master was created together with you. It all started with requests we received from our Xkey Air and WIDI Bud community, calling for innovative ways to increase MIDI connectivity.

That is why we chose to merge our Xkey Air and WIDI BUD technologies into one new technology.

Basically WIDI Master is a virtual MIDI cable. It is the first of its kind that can fulfil both the central role and the peripheral role. That means you can use it with and without your computer. It does not need a host.

That is why it is now possible to add a Bluetooth MIDI layer to any existing MIDI devices.

You can simply connect WIDI Master with your 5-PIN DIN MIDI Out and wirelessly connect it with your MIDI controller that is connected to another WIDI device.

Also, SWIDI will connect with any Bluetooth MIDI equipped device like iOS, macOS and other standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to provide you with a complete list of achievements and milestones we passed during the first 6 months of our first crowd created project.

You can simply scroll down and the timeline will unfold itself.

7 Nov 2019
Facebook Poll: Do You Really Need A Bluetooth MIDI Adapter?
2,600 Likes - 901 Votes - 80% Yes - 20% No
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CME Timeline WIDI Master
12 Dec 2019
Start Registration Mailing List
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16 Dec 2019
Synthopia Post: First media that reports about WIDI Master
Start of the worldwide latency discussion in relation to Bluetooth MIDI
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19 Dec 2019
Reach of 1st Goal: 1,000 Registrants on Mailing List
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C2M WIDI Master
24 Dec 2019
Expanding our Blog: Full Insights and Constant Test Updates about Latency and Bluetooth MIDI
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28 Dec 2019
50% Reached of 2nd Goal of 3,000 Registrants
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2 Jan 2020
Full Article WIDI Master on MIDI Manufacturers Association
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4 Jan 2019
Full Article on Medium: The Truth About Bluetooth MIDI
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6 Jan 2020
Reach 2,000 Registrants of 3,000 Goal
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16 Jan 2019
NAMM Show Anaheim 2020
CEO talks with Industry about WIDI Master
17 Jan 2020
Reach 2,500 Registrants of 3,000 Goal
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22 Jan 2019
Reach of 2nd Goal: 3,000 Registrants on Mailing List
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WIDI Master Success
24 Jan 2019
Chinese New Year - Early days of coronavirus epidemic
11 Feb 2020
Passing 4,000 Registrants
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18 Feb 2019
Introducing Design of WIDI Master
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24 Feb 2020
WIDI FB Group passes 2,000 members
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CME Facebook Group
6 March 2020
Reach of 3rd Goal: 5,000 Registrants on Mailing List
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12 March 2020
Launch of New Website - Start of Test Presale Week Phase 0
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16 March 2020
First 100 WIDI Masters Sold - Start of #REAP S01E01 Live Broadcasting
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22 March 2020
1,000 units sold - Presale Test Week Phase 0 Closed
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29 March 2020
#REAP S01E02 Live Broadcasting with Jordan Rudess, Mistheria and Brandon Rico
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31 March 2020
First Public Video with WIDI Master Prototype II
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1 April 2020
WIDI Masker April Fools' Joke
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4 April 2020
Mailing List Reaches 7,500 Registrants
CME Mailing List
5 April 2020
Public Video WIDI Master Prototype II Tests
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5 April 2020
#REAP S01E03 Live Broadcasting with Shook Music & Studiologic
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5 April 2020
Start of Official Presale Phase 1
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13 April 2020
2,000 WIDI Master Sold
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15 April 2020
End of Presale Order Phase 1 - 2,500 Units Sold
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16 April 2020
Public Video WIDI Master Prototype III Tests
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16 April 2020
Send Out Mailings: Why did you or did you NOT buy WIDI Master

NOT BUY - 197 comments - on 5,750 audience

BUY - 177 comments - on 1,750 audience
18 April 2020
Released a new blog post addressing the main concerns to NOT buy
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24 April 2020
#REAP S01A01 First Asian Live Broadcasting with Michel HuygenKatsunori Ujiie & Abby and Eric
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26 April 2020
#REAP S01E04 Live Broadcasting with Gabriel PesoWonder Truly & Kurt Ader
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27 April 2020
First official order at manufacturing partner. Preparing tooling and parts for production. Expected delivery of first orders July 2020.
28 April 2020
WIDI master passes EMC pre-test!
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WIDI Master Prototype
30 April 2020
3,000 WIDI Master Sold
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1 May 2020
WIDI master Prototype IV sent out worldwide for beta testing by industry partners, Bluetooth MIDI engineers and WIDI enthusiasts.
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8 May 2020
Design of packaging finished
WIDI Master Packaging
15 May 2020
Prototype V approved for mass production after reliability tests
29 May 2020
WIDI Master passes official EMC test in the lab
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Buy WIDI Master
6 June 2020
WIDI Master mould 1 finalised
WIDI Master Mould
1 July 2020
Official safety certifications
CE Certificate WIDI Master
6 July 2020
Reach 3,000 Facebook Group Members!
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6 July 2020
Pilot production runs at manufacturing plant
7 July 2020
Approval of golden WIDI Master sample
14 July 2020
Start of Mass Production WIDI Master Batch 1
15 July 2020
4,000 WIDI Master Sold
21 July 2020
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    1. We are currently preparing for mass production. This means we are doing test runs to make sure everything will go well when we actually start producting. As soon as we get green light, we can provide an exact date. Currently the expectation is end of June or beginning of July.

      You can read the latest status update here: https://www.cme-pro.com/status-update-widi-master-may-2020/

      Hope this helps!

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