March 8

Book Your WIDI Master: Introduction Week


Pre Order WIDI Master

Book Your WIDI Master: Special Pre-Order Week For Enthusiasts! 

Yes! We are opening up for pre-orders. That is why you can book your WIDI Master today. As you all know WIDI Master is developed upon request from our community. During the development we listened carefully to your feedback, requests and concerns. We managed to integrate your feedback into our current design. At least we did our utmost best to do so!

Today we launch our brand new website and you are able to book your WIDI Master now. We open up the first pre-order batch for the people who really support and trust us. We are aware that some of you are really keen in providing us useful information. This really propels us forward. We thrive on your input. It is what made WIDI Master come to life! We are looking for ways to involve you even more for future developments

Hi clever CME people. All very exciting. I can’t wait to place an order! I’m looking at about 5 units initially. Keep up the awesome and innovative work.

The risks and missing marketing material

We have a desire to bring WIDI Master to your doorsteps with an honest story. Therefore we need you to understand there are some risks involved. Although we consider it to be a very low risk, we do understand that this is totally different for you.

Currently we are testing our 2nd set of prototypes. At this point we are unable to provide you cool videos, nor do we have other resources available. Therefore we are unable to provide you any convincing material other than our true story.

Also, due to the coronavirus, we have had some delay in the development and maybe also in the manufacturing of the 1st batch. Nevertheless we consider it the right time to open up pre-ordering for the true enthusiasts. That said, we still target to deliver your WIDI Master in July 2020.

After reading your article. I was so sad that this adapter may not be able to fit what I was hoping to use. What I was hoping to use is to make iPad the controller to my midi to cv which only has a midi in and no midi out port. If I understand it correctly, CME won’t work with my setup in mind since it won’t have power.

Book your WIDI Master today: live broadcast

We invite you to join our live Facebook broadcast. It will show you the working prototypes of WIDI Master. There is an opportunity to ask your burning questions. And we invite our head of development Jerome Dumas and CEO Zhao Yitian to give you more insights into WIDI Master and the development process. 

After this live broadcast you can be the first to order WIDI Master. You will have the opportunity to show your support to this first crowd created project and the CME team.

We offer a fully refundable purchase if you are not satisfied within 30 days after delivery. If you change your mind prior to delivery, you can also get your money back. Also, if you change your mind after receipt of your WIDI Master, you still can get your money back. That is not a problem. Nonetheless, you are responsible for sending the package back and take care of the return shipping costs. We are confident in what we do and our intention is to support you like you support us. We are in this together.

It would be awesome if there would be a way an alternative way to power the midi in device. I have use for this in 2 places, but none of them have a spare midi out or thru to power the midi in device…

But I understand limitations of design. And this is still awesome!

Dedicated group for music technology enthusiasts

For the enthusiasts who order during this early stage, we shall invite you to a newly created WhatsApp Chat Group. It is in this group where we are able to directly communicate with each other. This will be our special source group to discuss Bluetooth MIDI. Therewith it will be closely connected to the future developments of the WIDI family.

Also, from the conversations we have in this group, we will be able to convert your questions into the first footage of marketing videos. Maybe we will invite some of you to create the first user videos. Next to this, we consider this group to be dynamic. Therefore we trust that new ways and forms will evolve during the process.

Are you ready to be involved?

If you do not trust it, please wait!

We understand that not all of you will go with this approach. That is why we set a time limit of 1 week. Next we will develop all the material that strengthens our message and provides you with more insights concerning WIDI Master. 

We will open up for a second round - with the same discount of $30 per unit - to show you more and offer a complete story with involved artists, reviews and product videos. 

Do not worry that you will miss out on a good deal. If you decide to wait, we respect that. This special sales week is for those who are on top of advanced music technology and innovations. People that want to be part of the development process. People who want to interact with us to improve our products and messages

Dear CME,

Thank you very much for all of your work. I will surely buy your product.

Read this summary carefully!

For the people who want to join this pre-pre-sale:

  1. Make sure you join our Facebook Live Broadcast to see WIDI Master in action on Monday March 16 - 4PM CET
  2. Send in your questions to info(at) and we will try to answer them during the broadcast
Add to Calendar

What you will get?

  • First batch of delivery
  • Fully refundable purchase within 30 days after delivery

What are the risks you take?

  • The final specification of WIDI Master does not meet your expectation
  • There is a delay in production due to force of the majority
  • The entire project is cancelled due to unforeseen reasons

What can we do together?

  • Interact in a private WIDI enthusiast group
  • Share more ideas together for next WIDI models
  • Become part of the leading community of wireless MIDI technology

For the people who want to wait:

  1. Do not worry. You are not missing out on this good deal. 
  2. We will inform you when we open up for the next round!
  3. We aim to start the 2nd pre sale phase close to April 6, 2020


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  1. Hola, ¿puedo comprar ahora una unidad y ver si se ajusta a mis necesidades y después volver a hacer otra compra con el mismo descuento?
    Hi, can I buy a unit now and see if it suits my needs and then make another purchase at the same discount?

  2. Hi Alberto,
    We do not know yet if we will make more products after pre-order, it depends the market response. So we only can guarantee that you can get the best price in pre-order. Anyway, please buy the units that you really need, we do not want you spend too much money on it before you use it.
    Thanks for your support!

  3. Hello, I have an old midi keyboard which has midi out only. I want to use it with the WIDI to control soft synth on my iOS device. I assume there is no need for a midi in or midi thru for this set up to work, correct?

    1. Completely correct. You can use the main adapter of WIDI Master separately to connect the MIDI OUT of your keyboard an pair with you iOS via Bluetooth MIDI. 🙂

    1. As Bluetooth MIDI has originally been developed by Apple, WIDI will operate with Apple seamlessly.

      On Windows PC Bluetooth MIDI requires your music software to implement Microsoft’s new UWP API which includes BLUETOOTH MIDI class compliant driver. You need to be able to set that functionality in the software you use.

      If that is not possible there are 3 solutions:

      1. Use virtual MIDI driver:

      2. Use our previous WIDI BUD:

      3. Wait for our new WIDI UHOST:…/

      To answer your question. Yes it will work, but not as easy as with Apple. You need to do some extra work to allow Bluetooth MIDI to function fully on your Windows PC.


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