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Status Update WIDI Master May 2020



When Do I Get My WIDI Master?

We have been getting this question more and more. For us it is super exciting to find out that you are really eager to get that Bluetooth MIDI adapter as soon as possible. At the same time we also do understand that you took a risk and want to be certain to get your WIDI Master.

We understand that completely. In the earliest stage of development we shared "expected end of May". That was a projected date and an expectation. Now we are getting more close to actual manufacturing, we will try to be as accurate as we can.

At the same time we do not want to disappoint you when providing answers when we cannot guarantee they are facts. Therefore we kindly ask you to be a bit more patient with us. We created an entire timeline and future milestones to explain the process of our first crowd created project. You can see that WIDI Master timeline here!

WIDI Master is still in pre order phase. It is our first crowd created project. We are developing it by following our community requirements in parallel. And that is why we were able to offer your special discount during  this phase. As we mentioned on our pre order page, the delivery of the first batch is planned July 2020. If everything goes according to plan.

We will inform you via email and all other channel when it is ready.

Can you provide a status update then?

Yes! We certainly can. We have been open and transparent on every part of the process. We believe that is vital for the success of this project and our highly valued connection with you. It is about trust and honesty. Based on that, you can make factual decisions.

We recently have been sending out our first small batch of Prototype IV to beta testers worldwide. The first responses are really promising. Of course, we still have to fix some small bugs. That is why it is called beta testing.

That said, the point to point solution from WIDI to WIDI and from WIDI to other Bluetooth MIDI seems reliable and pairing seems as easy as a breeze. We are always careful with these kind of statements. As we want to provide real information. It is about you trusting our technology and us offering honest and transparent information.

We’ve been sending the prototype to industry partners in musical instruments, bluetooth midi engineers and our very own WIDI enthusiasts. Also, we are preparing the early stage of mass production. This is a complex process.

As we want to ensure these production run delivers supreme quality. It is about delivering the best product with firmware and parts that deliver what you would expect when making a trustworthy purchase.

After we finalised this part management, we will do two or three test runs before going into mass production. That is why now we say ‘expected July 2020’.

This is quite an achievement for us Creative Music Engineers. At the other side we do understand that this can be received differently by people from our community. People like you. We truly understand that. We'd love to give you an exact date. But that would be false and non-realistic.

As soon as we have an exact date we will communicate that for sure. Meanwhile we are preparing a status update mailing to be sent out early next week. We also provide the latest updates and technical FAQs on this blog!

We surely hope this helps to get a better understanding. For us stands that we've been in this together with you. We would in no way have the intention to mislead or disinform you. That is not what we are about. 

I did order but you do not provide any updates?

First of all we are really sorry if all our information did not reach you in a proper way. Upon check out, we have to offer you a checkbox to receive updates. We cannot force that upon you due to GDPR and privacy regulations. We have to be sure you opt-in for getting our mailings.

Didn't you receive our emails? We do about one a week! If you do not get them, please check your spambox. Or just go here and subscribe. That said, we will sent out a status update soon to all our customers.

We have multiple ways to get the information you need.

  1. Join our FB Group
  2. Follow our FB Page
  3. Read our Newsletter (sign in via the bottom of this page)

We hope this helps. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog and especially for trusting our technology. We fully understand that we ask a lot from people like you with our community approach.

We already have seen great improvements that have been made by interaction with people like you. This is priceless to us and certainly something we will implement in our next products and WIDI family members of the future. 

Team CME

Extra Updates June 2020


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