Beyond Bluetooth MIDI controllers: The WIDI Family

Wireless MIDI over Bluetooth
Low Latency Wireless MIDI

CME and the future of wireless MIDI

Today there are many musicians and producers that use a bluetooth MIDI controller. Ever since the introduction of the UFv2, CME has been in the game of innovating wireless MIDI solution. After the introduction of the portable Xkey and its successor the wireless Xkey Air, we received many requests for improving the connectivity of MIDI over Bluetooth.

WIDI delivers more than a Bluetooth MIDI controller

That is why we have been working on an entire new range of MIDI over Bluetooth adapters. With over 15 years of experience it is now possible to innovate alongside the technological developments of Bluetooth. With the arrival of Bluetooth 4.0 BLE it is now possible to transmit MIDI over Bluetooth with ultra low latency. Therewith the time has come to make MIDI over Bluetooth as effective as your traditional MIDI cables. It is time to get rid of those wires.

I’ve been spreading the word about the WIDI Master on different forums. I am excited. I may purchase a couple of units at the same time. Do I get a discount for each unit? Quote from registrant as provided by email

Searching for demand in eco-friendly delivery model

Currently we are in the process of validating our product ideas. Therefore we've opened up to you by introducing WIDI Master in such an early stage. We try to locate an exact demand. This way we can unroll an environmental friendly directly from our factory to your studio.

We want to ensure you the best price per unit. And reduce the amount of waste during the production process. That is why we kindly request you to register your interest.

Future applications beyond the Bluetooth MIDI controller

Looking ahead there are multiple applications we consider interesting. Therewith we already show you the direction we are thinking towards. Feel more than welcome to share your ideas, suggestions and concerns with us. In the end you are the one that can make this happen. If there is no interest from you, we eventually will not proceed to the manufacturing stage. Therefore we request you to think with us to move forward with wireless MIDI over Bluetooth.

  • MIDI hardware to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • Bluetooth MIDI controller to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • MacOS/iOS device to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • MIDI USB to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • Pedals to MIDI (wireless)
  • MacOS/iOS to multiple MIDI devices/hardwares (wireless)
  • MIDI hardware to multiple MIDI hardwares (wireless)

Future applications of wireless MIDI over Bluetooth

Looking at all these applications we have developed the following concepts.

WIDI Master First Design


  • Plug & pair with all new WIDI products and 3rd party standard Bluetooth MIDI devices automatically.
  • Switchable firmware is compatible with both Bluetooth MIDI Master and Slave mode.
  • Smart algorithm for error correction with automatic all notes-off PANIC protection.
  • Powered from MIDI ports.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59
MIDI USB to Bluetooth MIDI


  • USB Host transform MIDI message from any USB MIDI controller to Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Powered from USB and can be used as a standalone device.
  • Compatible with all new WIDI products and 3rd party standard Bluetooth MIDI devices.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59
Bluetooth MIDI Controller Pedalboard


  • Convert 3 control pedals to Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Universal pedal detection (switch and continuous). Compatible with most existing pedals on the market.
  • Powered from USB and can be used as a standalone device.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59


  • Up to 4 Bluetooth MIDI connections simultaneously with ultra low latency.
  • USB Type-C can be used as computer USB-WIDI interface and USB power supply.
  • USB Host can be used as standalone USB-WIDI interface for USB MIDI controllers.
  • Target retail price: US$ 199
  • Charlie Solak says:

    I love the idea of a robust system with nearly zero latency. I have the WIDI bud. There is no latency. Unlike others I start rit to hear latency at 5 microseconds. This is a great deal and priced right for me. Just at the right time because even though I play with a light touch my Air 37 middle c has become unreliable.

    Thank you.

    • Thomas Gerbrands says:

      I hope you mean that in the positive sense of the words 😉 We hope we can sell it out as being a successful product!

  • Dan says:

    I have your CME WIDI BUD and it works perfectly to connect all of my BlueTooth instruments with Windows. I also have CME wireless XKEY 25 which works great with iOS and with Windows 10 through the WIDI BUD. Both are solid pieces of equipment. I am looking forward to the same level of quality from your new gear. This is what sets CME apart so please keep that up.

    I am really interested in the WIDI PED3 since my keyboard only has one pedal jack.
    I am also interested in your WIDI Master. I currently use Yamaha’s MDBT01 5-pin DIN adapter with my EWI4000s. It works great except that it sticks almost 3 inches out of the midi jacks and I am afraid that I am going to smack it hard on something and break the instrument or adapter. So your WIDI Master’s low profile will be a big improvement for me.

    • Thomas Gerbrands says:

      Many thanks for your kind works and strong believe in our products and company. It is highly appreciated. Please note that we are still in the design phase and the form and size of our WIDI Master can still change. We will keep you posted on the progress of the WIDI project.

  • Adam Lanfrey says:

    I registered, and looking forward to this! I already love my xkey air.
    I’m pretty amazed by the fact that it doesn’t need power. How is it possible?
    Also, there are many compact pieces of equipment that now take midi in/out as 3,5mm TRS jack cables. Do you intend to make a specific version for this case? Or will it work with any adapter?


    • Zhao Yitian says:

      Dear Adam,
      Thanks for your support. The WIDI Master get power from MIDI OUT DIN connector. Technically it should work with 3.5mm jack to DIN cable for the compact MIDI equipment, but we need to test and confirm after we get final working sample. Let us keep in touch.

      • Chris says:

        I am getting a new midi controller called Studio MIDI Guitar. It has a 3.5mm MIDI out. I hope the WIDI Master works with it.

  • What is the range? I have a vintage Roland Axis that I currently have a 50’ midi cable to go back to my modules. Would be interested in moving wireless.

  • Gary says:

    Keep up the good work!

  • Chris says:

    I’m excited about all these new Bluetooth MIDI devices by CME. Just like the WIDI Bud(I have a couple of them), WIDI X8 (2 pairs), and WIDI XU that I own, these new Bluetooth MIDI devices are all original and unique. Nobody else makes them! I was sort of a “beta” tester for the WIDI Bud. My wind midi controller generates too much midi data on multiple midi channels simultaneously. The WIDI X8 handled it all no problem, but the WIDI Bud was choking. This was a few years ago. I got into contact with CME. CME came up with a beta firmware in a matter of few days, which solved the problem. Also, I introduced a small company in Europe (that makes midi modules) to CME. CME came with a newer firmware as a result for the WIDI Bud. My hats off to CME for coming up with one of a kind in the world types of devices.

    Now, I do have a suggestion. Mainly I am a keyboard player dealing with hardware and software sound sources. There are lots of MIDI foot controllers designed for guitar players, but I can’t find anything designed specifically for keyboard players. CME should look into creating some smart MIDI foot controllers for midi processing, sending PC/CC messages on multiple MIDI channels. Octave/transpose, channel remap/split, and etc. With such a device, keyboard players can come up with monster patches with midi hardware and VST plug-ins (that respond to PC messages). Please seriously look into it.

    • Zhao Yitian says:

      Thanks Chris for your long time support! We really appreciate.
      Regarding MIDI pedal, within our Bluetooth MIDI pedal interface, we plan to have MIDI assignment feature so that you can connect any pedals and assign the MIDI message as your want.

  • Christian Surieux says:

    Interesting but I don’t find what I am looking for : a bluetooth midi loop switcher, something allowing me to midify some of my ‘non midi’ guitar pedals and include them in my midi management.

    • Zhao Yitian says:

      Hi Christian, if you are talking about Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar, it builds in Bluetooth MIDI already. You can conenect it with your iOS/MacOS directly. If you want to use it to play synthesizer sound directly, you can use WIDI Master for your synthesizer, it will pair with Studio MIDI Guitar Bluetooth MIDI automatically.

      • Zhao Yitian says:

        The idea of WIDI PED3 is coverting any ‘none MIDI’ pedal singal to Bluetooth MIDI, and allow you to set the MIDI CC number for this pedal.

  • Dear Widi Team,

    I am going to ask you sorry for my bad language skill, I hope I would be able to express my opinions someway with this comment…

    First: THANK YOU for your work. I am following the development of your wi-fi midi tools since you wrote something about it on Facebook.

    Why am I so interested?

    I am a keyboarder and I have always been interested in using Midi features to improve my possibility live on the stages.
    I also always loved keytar with critical attitude but about the features they had: marketing, unfortunatly, lead the keytar producers to develop many criticable features and just a few really useful.

    With your WIDI master, playing a keytar will be, finally, like it has to be: wireless, and that’s great but what I am thinking now does not require only keytars.

    Your WIDI HUB 4 -I just read about- will make me able to connect several instrument together at the same time like racks, master, stage pianos, keytar, laptop and so on. Wireless. This is a really a revolution and I think I won’t be the only one waiting for it. (Do it quickly!!! <3)

    Nice idea the WIDI PED3; I hope it would be able to be connected with WIDI HUB4; this would improve control possibility on good stages but beware: a pedalboard with a WIDI master connection would do the same and something more…so, really interesting but it should have several sobsitutes. I suggest CAUTION before starting the production.

    WIDI UHOST is nice, I can only imagine a few application now but my vision should be limited by my own experiences, so, I would just say I like it ^^

    Thank you for everything you are doing; will be waiting the production to buy fast everything.


    • Zhao Yitian says:

      Thanks very much for your detailed comments. We got them and will think about them carefully during our development.

  • Chris says:

    I would really hope that the WIDI Hub would not need to be so big and that at some point a WIDI BUD/HUB can connect a Windows computer (for example) to any number of Bluetooth devices.

  • Kieran says:

    I need a WIDI UHOST right now!!! Or a TINY XKEY that I can tape onto my bass!

  • Hello. Love the ideas. Like I’ve said before, if everyone’s able to use these products, no matter what disability he or she has, I’m fine. I have another idea. You could come out with more versions of the idea with the Pedals and the Hub. My only issue with the hub idea is that it’s too expensive. Maybe just make it $99… just a suggestion…


  • I used to be a midi maniac, back in the 80’s and 90’s. My current rig (6 keyboards) uses NO MIDI at all. That being said, there are times when I need to use one of my many foot controllers, for program changes, controlling the laptop, etc. This product wold allow me to reintroduce MIDI to my setup in a very non intrusive way: No cables, no switchers, no limits. The possibilities seem endless…

  • Threshold pdns says:

    Hello, I thought I would say massive respect for the new ideas, I can’t wait to see the widi as I have a digital desk at the other side of my studio that I have never used and I can now do remote work from my table via a controller, hood work and may it continue. I’m a fan

  • Leonardo Valenzuela says:

    Just preordered 2 WIDI Masters, to complete the setup I want I just need the WIDI Uhost. Looking forward to it! Best regards.

    • tgerbrands says:

      Thank you so much for trusting and supporting WIDI. Our next product is for sure uHOST. There were already many requests for this solution from our community. So this next step is obvious for us. We consider after this the HUB4! Thanks once more. Your comment is much appreciated!

  • Rik vd Brugghen says:

    Hi. Great products. But why is the WIDI bud not among them?
    Regards, Rik.

    • tgerbrands says:

      WIDI BUD is a previous product that we released back in 2016. Actually our current WIDI family merges technology from this WIDI BUD and our XKEY AIR into a n ew central role Bluetooth MIDI solution. That is why it will be replaced by the uHOST, with better performance and functionality. That said, you can still use the WIDI BUD and pair it with any WIDI product:

      • Rik vd Brugghen says:

        Hi. Thanks for your answer.
        Thing is, I have a USB host midi class compliant (not windows or mac) and want wireless midi.
        So the widi bud seems the thing to use. But is it obsolete now? And does the uHost have the same functionality?

        • tgerbrands says:

          WIDI BUD is no longer manufactured. It will be replaced by the uHost that delivers the same functionality and more.

  • True says:

    Just got my WIDI Masters…so far everything works great! Love them! I’m excited about the ideas you are developing…especially the WIDI PED3 (Looks like I will need several of them as I use 9 to 15 pedals depending on the setup I need for a gig). The WIDI HUB4 also sounds cool, but I need a lot more MIDI connections than that offers. I’m currently using a custom built 8 IN 16 OUT Midi Hub and I’ve run out of outputs! It’s also rather large (6 rack spaces). All in all, though, I am extremely impressed with your products and your ideas for the future. I’ve used my XKEY AIR on lots of live gigs and looking forward to using my WIDI Masters on my remote Keytars. Keep up the good work!

    • tgerbrands says:

      Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Between us, we are considering a solution for pedals that is slightly different. As most pedals are really close to each other, we might be able to manage it with a smaller unit with a less heavy antenna. That is just an idea. We will keep you posted!

  • Davidson says:

    I use the Widi Bud along with the yamaha /ud-bt-01 transmitter with the EWI USB Akai wind controller. I get pretty good results for most passages. It does start to lag when I use CC2, CC1, pitch bend, and change notes quickly at the same time. This is a lot of data being sent out of the controller at once and it must be the limit of the transmitter and widi bud combo. When I use a cable this does not occur. Hopefully I can upgrade to UHost and be able to get more range and send more controller data. Can you explain what I would need to go from USB instrument to PC and MAC computer. What part is the receiver on the computer 5 pin din midi or usb widi bud? Thank you.

    • tgerbrands says:

      Thanks for reaching out to us. Both the WIDI BUD as well as the Yamaha UD-BT-01 implement Bluetooth 4. Therewith any member of the WIDI family will be an update as it implements Bluetooth 5 which offers better performance.

      If you want to reduce latency and optimise the jitter (consistency) it is recommended to use two WIDI devices. If you have two USB devices, like on being the EWI USB and the other being a PC or MAC, you’d need 2x WIDI Uhost. One for the USB device and one for your operating system.

      You can also choose to use the implemented Bluetooth MIDI of for instance your MAC. The difference is that WIDI Uhost will bypass the Bluetooth Connection Interval (as set by Apple on MAC) and therefore have a lower latency performance. That is why we can measure a latency as low as 3ms between 2 WIDI devices.

      Hope this helps! We are planning to launch the registration for Uhost soon!

  • Rudi says:

    Hello, my Widi Master (updated v0.0.4.6) doesn’t connect with my Keytar Roland AX-Edge.
    If i switch on the Keytar the blue LED indicator change from slow flashing to constant light but the Keytar’s Bluetooth indicator doesn’t show the ‘paired’ status. Also no LED light flash dynamically when i play the Keytar.
    (Note: the Keytar Bluetooth is working perfectly with other Bluetooth-devices.)
    Best Regards !!

    • tgerbrands says:

      Hi Rudi, thanks for reaching out to us. You are right! The issue has been located and will be solved in the upcoming firmware update. Our sincere apologies for this matter and thank you so much for making us aware of this!

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