Beyond Bluetooth MIDI controllers: The WIDI Family

Wireless MIDI over Bluetooth
Low Latency Wireless MIDI

CME and the future of wireless MIDI

Today there are many musicians and producers that use a bluetooth MIDI controller. Ever since the introduction of the UFv2, CME has been in the game of innovating wireless MIDI solution. After the introduction of the portable Xkey and its successor the wireless Xkey Air, we received many requests for improving the connectivity of MIDI over Bluetooth.

WIDI delivers more than a Bluetooth MIDI controller

That is why we have been working on an entire new range of MIDI over Bluetooth adapters. With over 15 years of experience it is now possible to innovate alongside the technological developments of Bluetooth. With the arrival of Bluetooth 4.0 BLE it is now possible to transmit MIDI over Bluetooth with ultra low latency. Therewith the time has come to make MIDI over Bluetooth as effective as your traditional MIDI cables. It is time to get rid of those wires.

I’ve been spreading the word about the WIDI Master on different forums. I am excited. I may purchase a couple of units at the same time. Do I get a discount for each unit? Quote from registrant as provided by email

Searching for demand in eco-friendly delivery model

Currently we are in the process of validating our product ideas. Therefore we've opened up to you by introducing WIDI Master in such an early stage. We try to locate an exact demand. This way we can unroll an environmental friendly directly from our factory to your studio.

We want to ensure you the best price per unit. And reduce the amount of waste during the production process. That is why we kindly request you to register your interest.

Future applications beyond the Bluetooth MIDI controller

Looking ahead there are multiple applications we consider interesting. Therewith we already show you the direction we are thinking towards. Feel more than welcome to share your ideas, suggestions and concerns with us. In the end you are the one that can make this happen. If there is no interest from you, we eventually will not proceed to the manufacturing stage. Therefore we request you to think with us to move forward with wireless MIDI over Bluetooth.

  • MIDI hardware to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • Bluetooth MIDI controller to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • MacOS/iOS device to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • MIDI USB to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • Pedals to MIDI (wireless)
  • MacOS/iOS to multiple MIDI devices/hardwares (wireless)
  • MIDI hardware to multiple MIDI hardwares (wireless)

Future applications of wireless MIDI over Bluetooth

Looking at all these applications we have developed the following concepts.

WIDI Master First Design


  • Plug & pair with all new WIDI products and 3rd party standard Bluetooth MIDI devices automatically.
  • Switchable firmware is compatible with both Bluetooth MIDI Master and Slave mode.
  • Smart algorithm for error correction with automatic all notes-off PANIC protection.
  • Powered from MIDI ports.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59
MIDI USB to Bluetooth MIDI


  • USB Host transform MIDI message from any USB MIDI controller to Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Powered from USB and can be used as a standalone device.
  • Compatible with all new WIDI products and 3rd party standard Bluetooth MIDI devices.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59
Bluetooth MIDI Controller Pedalboard


  • Convert 3 control pedals to Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Universal pedal detection (switch and continuous). Compatible with most existing pedals on the market.
  • Powered from USB and can be used as a standalone device.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59


  • Up to 4 Bluetooth MIDI connections simultaneously with ultra low latency.
  • USB Type-C can be used as computer USB-WIDI interface and USB power supply.
  • USB Host can be used as standalone USB-WIDI interface for USB MIDI controllers.
  • Target retail price: US$ 159

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