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Wireless MIDI: The legacy of CME


Bluetooth MIDI

CME and over a decade of wireless MIDI

With over 15 years of dedicated development we have earned our stripes. Today we have come to a point that we can offer a complete and wireless solution for all your MIDI devices. Now you can connect your bluetooth MIDI keyboard to your MIDI synthesizer. It is also possible possible to work wirelessly on stage and in the studio with ultra low latency. Furthermore, our innovative panic mode makes sure your connection will be restored automatically without the hanging of notes and other crazy MIDI glitches.

In retrospect CME has been working on wireless solutions ever since 2005. That is why it is time to give you a complete overview of what we have done up until now. We present to you the CME legacy.

I’m contacting you on behalf of my company. We’ve just recently launched our first product. It is a Bluetooth MIDI controller, and we see great potential in the WIDI Master. We would like to discuss potential business collaboration. Quote as taken from an email from an industry partner


CME WIDI-X8 MIDI: Wireless MIDI transmission

In 2005 the WIDI-X8 MIDI Interface was released. The transmission range was up to 80 meters with a built-in USB MIDI interface. This unit was sold worldwide and used by thousands of professional musicians. It had powerful error correction with automatic note-off and on-line detection.


WIDI-XU: World's first wireless MIDI "dongle" interface

In 2006 the WIDI-XU was released. It was the world's first “flash-disk-like” wireless MIDI interface. With one WIDI-XU one could connect multiple wireless MIDI devices.

CME UFv2: Wireless MIDI keyboard

CME UFv2: Wireless MIDI keyboard

In 2007 CME released the UFv2 MIDI keyboard. It was the first master keyboard with a built-in MIDI interface that operated wirelessly.

CME Xkey Air

Xkey Air: Bluetooth MIDI keyboard

In 2015 the Xkey Air was introduced. The most popular mobile MIDI keyboard in the world. This was caused by the fact that it offered a built in BLE (Low Energy Bluetooth) MIDI feature. As a result the XKey Air is used by mobile music makers and keyboardists both on the road and in the studio.


WIDI BUD: Bluetooth Central Role Adapter

In 2016 the WIDI BUD was developed as an accessory for the Xkey Air. Therewith WIDI BUD was the first Bluetooth MIDI adapter with “Bluetooth Central Role”. With this musicians now could pair any Bluetooth MIDI controller with all computers and mobile operating systems. 

WIDI Master

WIDI Master: MIDI over Bluetooth Adapter

Today (2020) we are developing the latest addition to the wireless family. This Wireless MIDI over Bluetooth Adapter has the ability to connect all you MIDI devices. Without computers. Without cables. Therewith it is the first step in developing a new range of wireless MIDI over Bluetooth solutions.


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    • Hi Andrew, thanks very much for your support.
      WIDI Master is not a product that we plan to develop, but since more and more users asked, so we thought if we get enough interest and pre-order, we will go to negotiate with factory to make it for them. This is what we are doing now. We already got 3,000 registrants, this is significate to make it happen. Very soon we will start pre-order, let us keep in touch.
      CME Team

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