Musicians. Connect Any Blue MIDI Instrument To Any PC, Tablet Or Smartphone App.

Bluetooth MIDI USB

MIDI Bluetooth USB dongle WIDI BUD zaps latency

Great news for musicians with bluetooth-enabled MIDI keyboards, guitars, drum kits or other MIDI devices. Now you can easily get a wireless connection from your instrument to any Mac, Win PC, Chrome, UNIX, Android or iPhone/iPad device ... even if that device an older, slower version of Bluetooth, or even no Bluetooth at all. The Bluetooth MIDI USB dongle WIDI BUD will change the game!

That means musicians can enjoy the latest performance benefits of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) ... without having to upgrade their PC, tablet or smartphone.

And there's more! 

With the amazing WIDI BUD Bluetooth USB dongle, multiple instruments can have a Bluetooth connection to the same device. And that means, for example, that a MIDI digital drum kit, MIDI keyboard and MIDI guitar could all have wireless access. Simply use a USB Multiport Adapter (they cost a few dollars on Amazon) and pair one MIDI instrument per WIDI BUD. It takes seconds ... and suddenly you've got a wireless stage act or recording studio.

Best of all, pairing the WIDI BUD dongle with a bluetooth-enabled MIDI instrument is completely plug&play. No drivers are needed. WIDI BUD simply adds music-optimized Bluetooth BLE to your PC, tablet or smartphone out of the box.

Check out the features summary.

Twelve Reasons To Purchase the WIDI BUD MIDI Bluetooth USB adapter.

(And it’s only $69!)

WIDI_BUD_with_Windows 2

  • Wireless Bluetooth MIDI connections just got easier.
  • WIDI BUD connects your MIDI instrument to your apps … fast.
  • Slashes the latency between MIDI devices … and your favorite software.
  • WIDI BUD is the BLE Low Energy Bluetooth adapter for musicians.
  • USB 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 compatible. Plug & Play.
  • Works with Android, Chromebook, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows devices.
  • Special ‘minimized latency’ Bluetooth technology zaps time lag.
  • Low Energy Bluetooth reduces battery drain from WIDI BUD.
  • Customizable settings with the free WIDI Plus application.
  • 10 meter (30 foot range). Great for live performances.
  • Low profile. Only protrudes by 6mm from the USB port.
  • Works with all MIDI Bluetooth keyboards, guitars, drums and controllers.

Oh yes. There’s one more reason to get WIDI BUD … and that’s the price. It only costs $69 to turbo-charge your Bluetooth MIDI wireless connections. Contact your nearest WIDI BUD Bluetooth MIDI retailer to get yours.

Read the press release about our Bluetooth MIDI USB dongle.

CME, the award-winning keyboard developers, have announced a firmware upgrade to their WIDI BUD ' USB MIDI to Bluetooth' MIDI adapter. Now WIDI BUD will practically eliminate latency between any Bluetooth-equipped MIDI keyboard, guitar or other MIDI controller and Mac/PC/mobile devices.

Developed as low-profile USB dongle, the WIDI BUD connects natively to Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome and Linux devices with a standard USB socket or USB adapter. No drivers are needed as WIDI BUD is plug&play. Being low-profile, WIDI BUD only protrudes 6mm from the USB socket, making it both sturdy and unobtrusive.

Bluetooth MIDI USB Dongle

Using Bluetooth LE, the CME design team have succeeded in achieving 'virtual elimination' of latency between a Bluetooth-enabled MIDI musical instrument or controller and the wirelessly connected computer, tablet or smartphone. Typical applications for the WIDI BUD include live performances, where artists can move freely around the stage, and also for reducing the clutter of wires in recording studios. WIDI BUD has an effective range of 10 metres (30 feet) and because it uses Bluetooth LE (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart), battery consumption on the host computer, tablet or smartphone is minimized.

A key benefit of WIDI BUD is that it will effectively upgrade the Bluetooth performance of the PC, tablet or smartphone to which it is connected to the latest BLE standard. As many devices have older, slower versions of Bluetooth - or even no Bluetooth at all - this enables musicians to economically upgrade their favorite device, and take advantage of the latest MIDI music apps.

CME Xkey and beyond

The original WIDI BUD was optimized for CME's own range of Xkey piano keyboards, but with the latest firmware update the device promises imperceptible latency for all brands of MIDI device. "Now consumers with other popular makes of keyboard, or any other Bluetooth-enabled MIDI controller, can have ultra-responsive connectivity with their favorite computer or mobile device," says Zhao Yitian, founder and CEO of CME.

WIDI BUD is available worldwide from leading musical retailers, with a MSRP of $69 for US customers. Full technical details and stockist can be found on the product webpage of WIDI BUD.

Today CME is integrating the technology as developed for Xkey and WIDI BUD into an entire range of new wireless MIDI products. Meet the WIDI family and first member WIDI Master. Read our full story here!

  • Edwin says:

    What do you call “‘virtual elimination’ of latency” ? 1 ms ? 10ms ?
    What about the jitter ?

    • Zhao Yitian says:

      Hi Edwin,
      It is very difficult to say the accurate time of latency because it really depends on many terms, for example different OS, different computer, different music software, different wireless environment etc. The WIDI BUD was tested by many top professional musicians and they fully accepted it for live performance and in the studio. You can join our user group at to get opinion from all pro users there.

  • Henry says:

    I have a CME VX8 I need to update the software and driver? all out dated from 2007. please help. I have a 2011 MacBook pro…. can you please help me through the steps. the keyboard is still like new..

  • René says:

    I try to connect my Roli Seaboard Rise 25 with the WIDI BUD. No succes.

    • Zhao Yitian says:

      Please download our free WIDI PLUS software and upgrade the firwmare of WIDI BUD, then try again.

  • Excellent article!! I came across your blog, and there I read the information about WIDI BUD MIDI. It will be helpful for people. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Wayne Flores says:

    Recently had the experience of programming with Ble beacons and Mi-band connectivity in Android. Now Midi ble device is my next target, thanks for sharing, hope it’s SDK is available too.

  • Phil Geissler says:

    In your Docs and Download section under Support I see a download for iPad, Mac/OSX, and Windows, but Is there a WIDI PLUS download for Android?

  • Holmi says:

    Hi! the Casio AP-470 digital piano can be used with an iOS application named “Chordana Play for Piano”. The piano has no bluetooth so the connection can only be made to an Apple device through a “USB to host” port. Can the Puc+ help me to link this piano to an iPad through bluetooth ?

  • Simon Beck says:

    You need to make a BLE MIDI Host with a simple 5-pin DIN MIDI Out.

    BLE MIDI is a great concept, but it breaks the universal appeal of MIDI because you cannot connect a BLE MIDI controller directly to a true MIDI instrument!

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