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Jammy EVO live demo

CME LIVE: Genki Instruments & Jammy Instruments

Upcoming Sunday (June 7, 2020) CME is back with yet another live broadcast on your Facebook feed. This time we've invited two ground-breaking industry partners that are changing the MIDI game as we speak.

#REAP was born to provide a virtual stage to musicians worldwide. Now we take this to the next level. We strongly believe that an essential part of building a sustainable Bluetooth MIDI community is working closely together with industry partners. This way we strengthen our offer to you, together.

It will be exactly these creative companies that lead the way to deliver you those game-changing innovations. 



Genki Instruments is a wearable technology company that focuses on making technology feel natural. Their Wave, a ring for music creation and expression, is a 3-axis midi controller. It controls sound as if by magic. It works with Bluetooth MIDI and therefore you can now play for instance your vintage synths in a new, very expressive way, by combining it with your WIDI Master.

During CME LIVE #REAP we have the honour to have with us Ólafur Bogason, CEO of Genki Instruments. Joining us from the beautiful Iceland. Expect a live demo, gear talk and a fascinating integration between Genki's Ring and CME's WIDI Master. This will be very promising.

Jammy Instruments is the team behind Jammy Guitar, a super-portable digital guitar with a unique modular design. They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Jammy EVO, a guitar MIDI controller that lets you translate your guitar skills into playing any instrument. It’s an evolution of the original Jammy Guitar that doubles down on the MIDI tracking and portability aspects while making Jammy more affordable.

During our live show Jammy's Community Lead, Marko Nykoliuk, will give a showcase on their Jammy Guitar and we will have a look into their latest family member Jammy EVO. And of course the opportunities it creates by adding WIDI Master's Bluetooth MIDI capabilities.

Watch the replay on Facebook or check out the YouTube versions below.



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