Status Update WIDI Master June 2020

MIDI over Bluetooth

Status Update WIDI Master June 2020!

Let us start with celebrating Dragon Boat Festival! These are important days in China. The whole country takes multiple days off to celebrate these national holidays.

We currently expect that WIDI Master will be taken into mass production during the 2nd week of July. We will officially confirm this date once we’ve received the new improvements on the moulds next week. After the Chinese holiday.

WIDI Master has become a fully "remote" product due to COVID-19. Every step had to be carried out remotely including design, development, moulding, verification, testing, quality control etc. This has become a huge challenge for us too.

That said, we are really close to the final phase and will keep you well informed on every step we take on a weekly basis through this blog, our newsletter, our social channels and especially our Facebook Group.

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We decided to manufacture the WIDI Master PCBA’s simultaneously with the casing. This will save time. Currently we are testing the connection wire life as used between the two connectors of one WIDI Master. Our focus is fully on delivering you premium quality. Therewith the delays we encounter are justified by the final results you deserve.

The challenge is in the casing moulds. It has to fit precisely to successfully pass the pilot test run. Unfortunately the moulds did not meet our requirements. You can see the issue in the image underneath as we refer too as "the white watermark". This means we need to wait for improved adjustments. And this is a bit more complex due to the COVID-19 situation. It all has to be done remotely.

WIDI Master Prototype

WIDI Master Casing Issue June 2020

Weekly Updates Starting June 2020

From now on we will inform you on a weekly basis. We need to have the perfect moulds to enter mass production and pass the test runs. It is only then that we will be able to provide you with an exact shipping date.

Currently we can only provide “expectations”. These are subject to change. Although we are eager to provide you with a more precise shipping date, we are not able to bend reality.

The only thing we can do is inform you on the progress in a proper manner. Hereby we do! We've created an entire timeline and future milestones to explain the process of our first crowd created project. You can see that WIDI Master timeline here!

WIDI Master is still in pre order phase. It is our first crowd created project. We are developing it in parallel with requests from our community. And that is why we were able to offer your special discount during  this phase. As we mentioned on our pre order page, the delivery of the first batch is planned July 2020.

If everything goes according to plan.

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Meanwhile there have been some great new developments in the field of Bluetooth MIDI. We invite you to read these articles to see what the future of WIDI is all about.

MIDI 2.0 is just around the corner!
The new MIDI spec is taking advantage of wider data paths offering far more precision in all areas. Manufacturers already introduced ways of sending MIDI over faster digital transports, including USB, FireWire, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. WIDI Master, by the way, is duplex. It is designed as bidirectional communication with all 16 channels plus full MIDI message (notes, CC, aftertouch, PitchBend, MPE, Sysex etc.). You can play keyboard A to trigger keyboard B sound, or reversed simultaneously. We are happily looking forward to MIDI 2.0 to take the MIDI game to the next level. Read the full story to get a clear view of what MIDI 2.0 can mean for you!

Apple promises promises faster macs!
As Apple is the original developer of Bluetooth MIDI, everything this company does is on our radar.

Looking at the positive side of the transition to Apple Silicon, we gladly quote:

"This means that tens of thousands of iOS music apps will now run on Macs. Conversely, it means that desktop-level DAWs may be easier to port to mobile devices. And it should be easier than ever for developers to create applications and platforms that work across Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms."

Read the full story to understand both sides of the story!

Steinberg Cubasis 3 with Bluetooth MIDI!
This could be big news for users of Google’s mobile operating system which has, historically, suffered from a paucity of big-name music-making apps.

This is due not only to some technical limitations, specifically relating to audio latency, but also the massively diverse range of Android devices available.

Detailed specs are listed in the article by Music Rader below. At first glance, Cubasis 3 for Android, appears to be a pretty comprehensive music production platform.

Read the full story to get a better understanding of the improved application of Bluetooth MIDI. 

Facebook Updates June 2020

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    I already pay for my order

    • tgerbrands says:

      Hi Walter, thank you so much for placing your early at such an early stage. As you can read it is a pre order. It is also clearly stated in our store prior to placing your order. If you do not feel comfortable with being part of a pre order process and misunderstood what you opted in for, I fully understand that. If you hit reply on your order confirmation you can request a full refund. We will process that manually for you. Eventually the pre order process is not a common purchase. It requests patience, confidence and trust from your side. We fully understand that and take responsibility for this. Any decision you make will be treated with full respect. No need to worry. Hope this helps!

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