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Get Ready for WIDI Jack

WIDI Jack is a crowd creation project. Just like with WIDI Master, you are able to contribute to the development process. The idea is simple and proven to be very effective. During the crowd creation of WIDI Master we received many requests for connectivity with unpowered MIDI DIN ports, TRS MIDI ports and even MINI-DIN.

That is why we asked first if you wanted a WIDI TRS solution besides the current WIDI 5-PIN DIN solution (WIDI Master).

WIDI Master vs WIDI Jack

That is why we designed WIDI Jack as a solution. It carries the same technology as WIDI Master. Only its form is more of a tiny interface. Compared to WIDI Master being an adapter. The difference is in both form and connectivity. We've expanded the idea of TRS to unpowered MIDI ports and other MIDI jack connector types. Please take a look at the differences in form by looking at the two images below.

You will get a better understanding about the cable options and external power supply option when you read the entire blog, Take your time!

WIDI Master

WIDI Master



WIDI Jack Crowd Creation

To validate the WIDI Jack solution it is requested that you register. This way you show that WIDI Jack is something that interests you. Next, you will receive a few emails to further explain the product and process. Due to the early stage of development, you have the unique opportunity to become part of the process.

When you register and join the WIDI community you can share your ideas, concerns and feedback. Your requests and demands can easily become part of the future product. That is the true power of the community. 

In this way, you are able to validate a product idea and influence the final outcome. It is actually how WIDI Jack came alive. As said previously, it was requested by WIDI Master users. Furthermore, it initially carried the name WIDI TRS. Due to the multiple cable options that name was no longer sufficient. That is why we asked for your input once more.

After voting in our Facebook Group, the product name WIDI Jack was chosen.

Validation of WIDI Jack

Today 2,500 people like you already registered for WIDI Jack. That is only 500 registrations away from the goal of 3,000 people. We've learned from the crowd creation of WIDI Master, that we need 3,000 registrants to validate the solution.

That is why it is so important that you register. It allows us to negotiate the best possible price and offer you an introduction discount as an early adopter. If you register, and we reach 3,000 registrants, we validate the product together.

Next, you will receive your discount coupon and can pre-order WIDI Jack against the best possible price. Simply register today and invite your friends. Share your feedback in our group or as a reply to the email you will receive and become part of the process.

Cable Options & External Power Supply

When we open up for pre-orders you can select your preferred WIDI Jack bundle. This will allow you to add one free cable option to your WIDI Jack interface. Of course, you can add more cables to expand your connectivity. Feel welcome to take a look at the different cable options that will be available to you.

Also note, that WIDI Jack comes with an external power supply option via USB-C. This way you can add Bluetooth MIDI to unpowered MIDI OUT ports and devices that only offer MIDI IN. For your understanding, the MIDI standard suggests that the MIDI OUT port of your MIDI device offers 3.3v or 5v power. 

As there are millions of MIDI devices and even more internal designs, this is not always the case. WIDI Jack is created to cover those challenges. You can now simply add the power source of your preference, like a USB power bank, and connect it with WIDI Jack.



MIDI TRS 3.5mm (1/8″)

MIDI TRS 2.5mm

MIDI DIN-6mini

Development Process

Now that you have gotten a better insight in what WIDI Jack can do for you, it is time to move forward and learn more about the development process. Feel welcome to participate by adding a comment to this blog post or any other way that is available to reach out to us.

Let's start with getting familiar with the internal design and the PCB of WIDI Jack. Currently there are only 14 samples of WIDI Jack available. Actually they are nothing more than a small PCB with all technology in it. But without the final casing.

Bluetooth MIDI
Samples of WIDI Jack

Testing WIDI Jack

The samples of WIDI Jack have a true purpose. Many experts and engineers worldwide work with these beta models and provide feedback. Also, our most active members of the WIDI community, will have early access to such a beta test model. 

This way we allow ourselves to solve early issues, get real feedback and improve the product. Also it is already sent to our engineers to develop features, apps and other fascinating stuff that will allow you to have the best experience when you receive the final product.

For instance, WIDI Jack is tested in our lab to pass important international tests to ensure the product is safe and ready for you to use.


Future Features

The fun part about WIDI and Bluetooth MIDI is that today's Bluetooth technology allows low latency and high performance. At the same time, you will be part of an evolution that is only getting started.

For instance, soon you will have the opportunity to connect multiple devices as a group. It is called group connectivity or 1-to-4. It is a bidirectional solution that allows you to pair a group of WIDI devices and control them via a user-friendly app.

The firmware is 99% ready. The focus now is on the app environment, to allow you to easily set and control multiple WIDI devices in a network. Feel welcome to watch this short video showing you an early test of this technology with our current WIDI Master.

Keep in mind, WIDI Jack and WIDI Master, carry similar firmware. That is why this feature will be available for any current and future WIDI product.

Future Products

If you have carefully read this blog, you must have passed the statement that says that WIDI Jack delivers Bluetooth MIDI to all MIDI devices. Actually this is not entirely true. Sorry for this. It is chosen to communicate like this to take away confusion.

Although it is intended to explain everything briefly and through short messages, our communications manager still needs to work on doing a better job for you on this.

What is missing is USB MIDI. You are totally right. Therefore, the project Uhost has been initiated. Feel welcome to learn more on this page and register for the crowd creation process and discount!

Great Endorsements for WIDI technology

To conclude this blog about WIDI Jack, it is time to share some achievements with you. As this turned out to be a long read, you are kindly redirected to already available blogs and content. To celebrate the success of the first WIDI family member WIDI Master, this is a short sum up you can enjoy:

  • Roger Linn recommends WIDI Master (watch video below)
  • WIDI Master receives Music China Award 2020 (go to blog)
  • JSPA (Japan Synthesizer Professional Arts) enjoys WIDI Master (go to blog)
  • Jordan Rudess recommends WIDI Master (go to facebook)
  • Shook made the best advertisement ever in retro-style (go to instagram)

The final product: WIDI Jack

Of course, besides the PCBs and the 3D designs that you've seen in this blog, there is already one final WIDI Jack available. It includes the final casing. To end this blog, take a look at the final product! 

Thanks for your time. Make sure to register if interested and surely invite your musician friends to join the wireless MIDI revolution.

Take care! 
Team CME

WIDI Jack Yamaha Reface

Yamaha Reface

WIDI Jack and Yamaha

Wireless MIDI

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