October 21

WIDI Master Receives Music China 2020 Award


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Music China 2020

Music China is the international exhibition for musical instruments and accessories organised by Messe Frankfurt. Although in 2020 the entire event has been organised slightly different due to international COVID-19 restrictions, the show did take place in Shanghai and attracted thousands of people from the Asian continent.

Music China WIDI award

Most Innovative New Product

During the show WIDI Master received the official award for most innovative new product. Not only because of its unique development process, but also because of its current capabilities and future possibilities. Therewith WIDI Master has beaten any other Bluetooth MIDI adapter currently available on the market. Such as the Roland WM-1, Quicco M1 and Yamaha BT-01.

Listen to what Roger Linn has to say about WIDI Master...

WIDI Master Today

WIDI Master has been introduced to the market during the second half of 2020. Currently it delivers a stunning 3 ms latency performance as measured between two WIDI devices. Besides WIDI Master, CME is working on a product line of wireless MIDI products. With the unique central role capabilities of the Bluetooth MIDI technology, CME is closely working with the community to deliver WIDI Jack and WIDI Uhost.

Basically WIDI Jack is a variant of WIDI Master allowing multiple cable options and an external power supply. This makes WIDI available to any MIDI device. Even the rarest MIDI ports and unpowered MIDI ports. Therewith WIDI can now connect to iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows and without computers. Due to the central role, you can connect two WIDI devices without the need of a host or operating system.

With WIDI Uhost CME delivers the 3-in-1 USB MIDI Bluetooth solution for "Class Compliant" USB MIDI. Finally, you can connect your USB MIDI devices with any of your traditional MIDI hardware. With a bi-directional USB-based MIDI solution to successfully communicate with any of their classic MIDI devices, WIDI Uhost is the solution that allows any USB-MIDI device to seamlessly communicate with any of your MIDI devices.

Keyboards, sound modules, drum machines, sequencers, bluetooth MIDI devices, computers, mobile devices...

the possibilities and applications of WIDI are truly endless.

WIDI Master

WIDI Master



WIDI Uhost

WIDI Uhost

The future of WIDI

CME is working on expanding the WIDI technology to make it more widely available and more closely adapted to the needs of today's modern musicians. At this point the solution is point to point. Below you can find a test video with a new feature that will allow 1-to-4 bidirectional group connection.

Meaning 1 WIDI Master (central) can connect with 4 peripherals. The firmware is already finished, but it will take until the end of 2020 before it is all available through a simple and dedicated app.


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