October 8

Wireless MIDI with WIDI Jack


Wireless MIDI solutions
Wireless MIDI taken to the next level

After you've had to chance to be part of our first crowd created project WIDI Master, you now have the next opportunity with WIDI Jack. Therefore it is time to share some insights with you concerning our latest wireless MIDI project.

During the launch of WIDI Master, people like you started send in requests for solutions concerning other MIDI connection types.

That is how
WIDI Jack came to live.

Basically, WIDI Jack offers all connectivity solutions that WIDI Master does not. Therewith almost any MIDI device can be connected to your wireless MIDI system via Bluetooth.

Such as:

  • Mini Jack MIDI (2.5mm-3.5mm)
  • Mini-DIN MIDI
  • Powered 5-PIN DIN MIDI (Like WIDI Master)

With WIDI Jack you can also add an external power source. Like a USB power bank. This will allow you to add Bluetooth MIDI to even the rarest MIDI devices.


  • Unpowered 5-PIN DIN MIDI

Yet, due to the more complex design and different cable options, the form factor is much different. Therefore WIDI Jack looks more like a tiny interface. Compared to WIDI Master being an adapter. Feel welcome to check out these images to get a better understanding.

Bluetooth MIDI
We need your support!

We at CME truly believe in the power of our community. And as you are receiving this email, we consider you essential for validating new products.

From WIDI Master we've learned that when 3,000 people like yourself register and show interest in our concept, we can move from concept to actual production.

That is why your support and contribution is requested!

Since we are in an early stage of development you have the unique opportunity to become part of the process. Register today and invite your friends. Share your ideas, concerns and feedback and together we are able to develop a better product adjusted to your specific use case.

That is the true power of the community. We really need 3,000 registrants to make WIDI Jack reality.

WIDI Jack Yamaha Reface
WIDI Jack and Yamaha


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