April 14

Wireless MIDI adapter! Why Did You Go For WIDI Master?


Wireless MIDI Adapter

Thanks for trusting our wireless MIDI adapter

Thank you for buying WID Master. The wireless MIDI adapter over Bluetooth. You have become part of the process. Always have been. From the beginning to today. There is a reason I do not say "to the end", as the best is yet to come! Besides the future of WIDI, you supported us, the CME team, during the launch of the first member of the WIDI family: WIDI Master.

We are honoured that you trust our technology and bought your WIDI Master during our special presale phase. We understood from the beginning that we asked a lot from you with this crowd created project. Feel free to learn more about how it all started and what people like you contributed to make a real difference in the eventual results.

We made you an offer and you went for it!

Thanks to you the introduction of WIDI Master has been a tremendous success. In the first month after we started registrations, we exceeded our initial goal with over 100%. When we started the presale we sold over 2,000 units in two weeks. We can't thank you enough for trusting us and your contribution to all of this, no matter how big, is deeply appreciated by our entire team.

That said, WIDI Master is the first member of the WIDI family.  Without you this would not make sense, at all. Also, we consider interaction with you the only way to move forward. That is why we like to ask you one simple question.

Why did you buy WIDI Master?

Feel free to share your opinion, remarks, feedback and even concerns. Share with us your thoughts and ideas. You might trigger the next direction for us and eventually we might build what you really need. That would be amazing. So, you move us forward. You give us direction.

Feel free to leave a reply below and submit your comment!


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  1. I bought two.
    If they work as expected, I will be able to free-up space in my rack (removing the MOTU Midi interface) leave at home MIDI cables, and speed-up set-up time. Just hope that the pairing process with OSX is quick enough

  2. I have a vintage Oberheim Matrix-6R in a rack, so having this allows me to play it with an iPad from my desk! Excited!

    1. This is so cool to read. That is exactly what WIDI Master is all about. Also you can even control your Oberheim from another MIDI hardware device by using two WIDI Masters. You can read more about different use cases here: xhttps://www.cme-pro.com/widi-master-what-can-it-do-for-you/
      Thanks for sharing. It is highly appreciated!

  3. Hi guys,

    I ordered two on 3/16. I have not received my units, yet. And, I am getting deluged with more email to purchase.

    I have two questions:
    – Have the initial orders been shipped? If not, when?
    – Can you stop deluging my inbox with requests to buy more. I may, but only after I kick the tires.

    1. Hi Chris, many thanks for making us aware of this. As mentioned in the same email, we do make mistakes sometimes. This can be through a mismatch between our order system and mailing system. Probably this is caused by Paypal enforcing another email address when that payment method was used. These things happen. Also, in other emails you’ve received we stated that we will ship our first preorders by the end of May. That expected shipping date has not been changed. As you might understand, our mailinglist is a powerful way to communicate with our active community. That said, I do apologies for you receiving the wrong email do to a mistake on our side. There is no need to worry. Your order has been properly received and will be shipped by the end of May.

  4. I bought 3x WIDI MASTER, I hate the constriction of cables! I just think it’s a great solution to a problem that has existed for a long time. Also I wanted to show support to CME, I have the Xkey Air which is also great.

    Now I can only fantasise, but one day I want to get rid of all my audio cables as well!!

    Question – will the WIDI Master be upgradeable to function and to use MIDI 2 standard / specs?
    Keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing and trusting us for such a long time. It is highly appreciated. Although Bluetooth is perfectly capable of handling MIDI. Audio over Bluetooth still has a long way to go when looking at professional usage on stage and in the studio. That said, the amazing pace in which consumer technology evolves is most certainly fruitful for our music technology niche. It will only take time.

      Concerning MIDI 2.0. CME is in the working group of MIDI 2.0 with other manufacturers associated through http://www.midi.org
      That said, we can upgrade the firmware (over air) as soon as the current protocol is enrolled in actual physical products. Therewith we are certain that WIDI Master can handle MIDI 2.0 when necessary!

  5. I’m getting a suite of widi devices, because i want to put my signature sound in a briefcase.
    I show up, take out my pedals and plug into the midi controller with a widi device, plug the audio into my briefcase, and i have all the sounds I’ve painstakingly crafted available. Top of the list is a B3 that doesn’t sound like a skating rink. It breaks up naturally, and lives in a room of its own. She cries out to me like a woman.

    1. Hahaha! Great comment. Thank you for sharing this. It is always nice to read how people use MIDI and Audio gear. It might be interesting to you to read something more about our future WIDI products. Thanks once more for trusting our technology. We expect to ship by the end of May and start preparing our next product uHost on short notice. For sure, we will involve our community again in optimising our design and leading our development in the right direction. Thanks!

  6. CME Pro thanks. Today I use bought wired (irig midi and irig pro I/o) and wireless Yamaha MD-BT01 that works fine. But I have some hardware synths that I want to play with wireless. With the Widi master I will be able to do that together with MD-BT01. ?

    1. Thanks for sharing. Those are all cool products. I really like the Yamaha MD-BT01 and also the entire IK Multimedia product lines. They offer such cool and creative solutions. That said, as you mention, WIDI Master is a step forward compared to Yamaha MD-BT01 by offering to operate without computer and making it possible to connect your MIDI hardware without computers as the Yamaha still desires. Also, we’ve implemented Bluetooth 5, compared to Bluetooth 4 with MD-BT01. That said, Bluetooth 4 already is perfectly capable of handling MIDI. Which is not a particularly demanding protocol. With Bluetooth 5 (BLE5) we can for sure offer better performance, wider range, improved performance and lower latency accompanied with a stable jitter spec.

      1. I own a BEATBUDDY drumm machine (pedale). People who owns one could controle the pedale with there IPAD bluetooth with the Yamaha MD-BT01 connected (bluetooth) to a midi port on the pedale. A software call ONSONG control the BEATBUDDY pedale. I decided to purchase your WIDI MASTER hoping that it will do the same as the Yamaha MD-BT01.
        Do you think that the MIDI MASTER will connect from the pedale to my IPAD ???

        1. Yes I do think so. Yamaha only implemented Bluetooth Peripheral (slave). That is why you still need to connect your computer or iOS device to use this solution. WIDI Master gives you all flexibility to connect any Bluetooth MIDI device or adapter (including Yamaha) directly. This is because it implements both Master and Slave mode in the same device. This means that you now can connect all your MIDI hardware directly to each other. Without a computer. Without cables.

          Also WIDI Master implements Bluetooth 5. So its performance is increased compared to the current Yamaha. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing and trusting our technology!

  7. Covid-19 pandemic has forced me to delete certain purchases, cause I’m not working from about 2 months and probably I’ll not still for weeks and I have other most important things to think now.

    P.S. this page for comments is really unnerving!!!
    It keeps updating and not allowing me to write.
    Please enter a fixed comment form below!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing. The comments you post are placed in an approval system. This allows me to answer all comments personally. That might lead to the constant refreshment of the page as I am typing for a full 12 hours replying to all the comments. We always listen to your feedback carefully. So, I will forward this nerve wrecking behaviour to our webmaster to ensure we improve our system. Thanks again for taking the time to comments although it was a bit annoying. It is highly appreciated!

      We did receive multiple comments concerning the coronavirus. I completely understand your situation. These are weird times. Unheard of. Therefore, we are now considering to offer a solution to those that were not able to order due to the corona situation. We have to be creative here, but the discussion within our team already started a while ago. That is why we brought our live broadcast in place called #REAP. It is “remote events & advanced productions”. The primary intention is to offer a virtual stage to musicians and tech heads worldwide during the current situation.

      REAP Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJTrOyLV30vSvAWk8BbbRXQRfh2BOnQAZ

  8. I bought midi master for a few reasons – I’m really interested to see how the technology works both in the studio and live. Live applications will be *very* interesting. Additionally to that, CME’s reputation for quality gear meant it was a worthwhile purchase. The price made it a worthwhile and affordable experiment too.

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is highly appreciated. After our Xkey Air we got many requests from musicians and producers worldwide for more advanced MIDI connectivity. That is how WIDI Master was born. The Xkey is already used on stage for 5 years now. WIDI Master is for sure an improvement as it now implements Bluetooth 5. Feel free to watch this video: https://youtu.be/FHQesqA_6jA

  9. Hi, I bought 2 midi wid master units to connect a Keytar Korg rk-100s with a Juzisound V1 sound module, with breath controller. what I use in the studio and on the scenario in the restaurant – events. I have been using Widi x8 before and, I hope with this Wid Master it will be a good choice. Greetings and only good !!!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is always great to see a X8 customer still trusting us. I think the X8 is from 2005 or something. 15 years later we meet again! (https://www.cme-pro.com/wireless-midi-the-legacy-of-cme/). That said, we developed WIDI Master also with a wide range of MIDI wind instrument users. Therefore it is nice to notice that you bought WIDI Master from this perspective. We shared some more about our development process and our first crowd created project in this blog: https://www.cme-pro.com/midi-bluetooth-the-new-wireless-standard/

    1. Thanks for sharing this. We’ve created WIDI Master in close cooperation with our community, especially to solve issues like this. A 50″ MIDI cable, I think that is amazing upon itself. We recently shot a little video with our CTO testing the range of WIDI Master Prototype III. It might be interesting for you: https://youtu.be/UiffFu7DG7g

  10. I’m an old fashioned MIDI geek ever since the protocol came out in the 80s. I have something like 30 synths and controllers hooked together. I bought the quicco M1 and the puc+ when they came out because I was curious about ways in which I could use them but they are both unused at the moment as they both need a computer or iOS partner. With 2 WIDI masters I hope to be able to connect my Yamaha KX5 keytar or my Roland SPD-S wirelessly if I want to use either of them live

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I love to receive comments from fellow MIDI hardware fans. You are right, the main difference between WIDI Master and similar solutions like Quicco, Puc and Yamaha MD-BT01 is that WIDI Master operates in standalone and can switch between master/slave. We call that the central role. Nobody else made that. Also we implement Bluetooth 5 which will increase performance, offers a much wider range, lower latency and more stable jitter for Bluetooth MIDI. We’ve made some videos with our first prototypes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJTrOyLV30vRlZ4q261wcwJ6fNMR_adXu

  11. I needed a compact wireless dongle to operate my FR8x and BK7m. This devices appears to do that. I’m anxious to get in my hands.

    1. That is great to hear. We expect to deliver end of May. It might be a bit of a delay, but beginning of June we have to be able to send out the first units worldwide. Thanks for trusting WIDI Master in such an early stage. It is highly appreciated. Also, I always like to see what equipment people use, that is the fun part of this. Great setup! I hope you will enjoy WIDI Master in the near future. Thanks

  12. Looking forward to a wireless midi keytar solution without the latency issues. No more being forced to only use keytar internal sounds. I would rather do Midi to my Kronos not only to expands the available sounds but to also have the Kronos setlist to get me setup right away for the next song.

    1. Great to hear this. The keytar use case, has been an important factor during the development of WIDI Master. Also I love those sounds from the Kronos. The combination you are referring to makes me really jump of joy! Awesome. I am confident WIDI Master will make a difference for you. Especially as it offer this powerhouse named Bluetooth 5. You can check some of our first range and latency tests here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJTrOyLV30vRlZ4q261wcwJ6fNMR_adXu
      Thanks for sharing this with us!

  13. I have two purposes for the Widi Master. With one band I play keyboards, and another I play guitar

    1. Keyboards. Connecting a battery powered keytar to my stationary Midi keyboards and mainstage 3. Sometimes I just want to move around! I’ve tried various tricks with iphones, ipads, wifi midi connections between iDevices, and the Yamaha MD-BT01 for this purpose, but with every trick, either latency, distance, power, extra cords, or a combination of everything caused issues.

    2. Guitar. I use as much wireless gear as I can to keep my setup time as quick as possible. Wireless from guitar -> pedalboard -> amp. I also use a number of midi controlled pedals and bypass loops. To control everything, I use Disaster Area DMC as the brains, and HX Effects as the brawn, with a few teensy powered utility buttons thrown in. This midi scheme also includes connections to control my amp (Bias Head). I use wireless for everything else, so I had been searching for a reliable method to get rid of the only cord I have running to my amp, and wirelessly connect traditional 5pin devices without a computer.

    Here’s hoping Widi Master will work for my uses.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I think it is great to read MIDI setups like this. I absolutely love your approach and way of thinking. It matches our ideas of WIDI Master. The keytar community has been an important factor during our development. That said, I think WIDI Master can do the trick for you. Also, you might wanna look here, to see some future ideas we are working on. When the time is right, we will involve our community to build those solution in an even better way. https://www.cme-pro.com/beyond-bluetooth-midi-controllers-the-widi-family/

  14. I bought the pair of WIDI Masters to have a laptop-less, wireless connection between a very portable MIDI controller and a MIDI-equipped pipe organ (not very portable). This will provide ability to audition organ stop + sample layering balance from congregational listening area, and freedom of setup location on front chancel/platform for the player during church services.

    I’m also curious to see if there’s enough power on a battery-powered controller to power the Bluetooth LE send/master unit. Addition of MIDI latency to the latency caused by the acoustic pipes will also be an interesting part of this experiment.

    I look forward to receiving my pair. Thanks!

    1. This is what I love about feedback. What an amazing way to use MIDI and WIDI. I am curious with you. I am confident that with WIDI Master and Bluetooth 5 performance concerning latency (from the MIDI part) will be impressive. We developed WIDI Master with the idea to deliver freedom both on stage as in the studio. Therefore it was also developed for keytar players, who use battery powered equipment more often. As long as there is 5v or 3.3v on the MIDI OUT port of the device you connect it with, we are good to go. Looking forward to hear more of the tests you will do. This video shows the 3.3v capabilities by the way: https://youtu.be/aQ8CVZWMZfE

  15. I like the freedom of using the WIDI Master with my Roland FR-8X on stage and then be able to move around without cables. I’ll be able to MIDI-connect it to my sound module. Oh, the freedom of a wandering musician. And I like how far it will allow me to wander.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. Did you see our latest range test from our CTO? https://youtu.be/UiffFu7DG7g
      The first time we thought of a tag line for WIDI Master, it was “it is time to #freemidi”. Great to see that our dedication to the keytar community and your ideas behind buying WIDI Master are so closely related to our initial intentions. Thanks

  16. I purchased the WIDI Master because I trust you guys. That is because I use your XKEY AIR since 2017 and that was a life changer, especially for gigs on the fly, so to say.
    Currently, I don’t even have a device with physical MIDI in/out ports here but looking forward (and IF I understand your product description correctly,) I could plug the WIDI Master into any keyboard controller found on a stage and control the VSTI on my iPad or Mac with it.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. As long as your keyboard controller offers a standard MIDI OUT (with 5v or 3.3v) to supply power to WIDI Master you can pair it with any Bluetooth MIDI equipped device, like Macbooks and iPads. But also music equipment that has Bluetooth MIDI. This last group will surely grow much the upcoming years! Thanks

  17. Hi,

    I think this was a cool idea and very useful for my rotating keystand with Korg Kronos. Every cable that I can leave at home makes assembly faster and looks better.
    Additionally I use a Roland AX 🙂 and in the future an MacBook Air for small plug ins!

    1. Great to see this kind of setups. And thank you for sharing this. The Roland AX and Korg Kronos are great pieces of equipment. Together with your Apple Macbook and our WIDI Master, you have a pretty future proof setup. We expect to deliver your WIDI Master by the end of May.

  18. I have a vintage Panasonic SX-KC200 keyboard that I play for pleasure and have tried to connect this keyboard to my computer via a USB MIDI cable without success. So, I thought that I would give the WIDI Master a try – any thoughts please ?

    1. Thanks for sharing this. It is a bit complex to find the exact specs of this Panasonic keyboard. I can make the following statement. As long as it offers a standard MIDI 5-PIN DIN OUT or THRU to power up the WIDI Master it will work for you. If it does not you can either look into our next WIDI family member that focuses on USB MIDI and Bluetooth MIDI, the uHOST: https://www.cme-pro.com/beyond-bluetooth-midi-controllers-the-widi-family/

      I will ask one of our experts to look into the SX-KC2000 and hopefully get back to you soon!

      1. We did some research and consider WIDI Master will work with your Panasonic. This keyboard had MIDI OUT /IN, it should be able to use with WIDI Master.

  19. I just want to get rid of cables. Too much of them in my studio.

    How will I use the Widi?
    I will connect my Keytar (synth guitar) to a receiving Midi merge/ patch panel to which multiple synthesizers are connected.

    Looking forward to the freedom.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. It is fascinating to see that one of our key focus points was to deliver a solution for the keytar community. It is great to get comments like this. We initially started our promotion with the tagline “it is time to #freemidi”. Great to see that that is exactly what you want!

  20. Wires suck! I have a little home studio and there are cables everywhere. I’d like to replace everything with products like this as long as they are as reliable as standard cables. I like the idea of being able to re-arrange my instruments to any configuration I please without getting lost in a sea of MIDI, XLR and Guitar cables. So I took the plunge. Good luck…

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us and show your appreciation for our WIDI Master. It is highly appreciated. We expect to deliver by the end of May and are looking forward to the first real life user experiences!

  21. I’ve bought it (x2) for the convenience of connecting a small portable keyboard to a synth or sound module in a home environment without being tied to a fixed location and entangled with cables, and also for use with iPad synth apps. Generally will give me more flexibility to play at home in an ad-hoc way, in different rooms, etc.

    I recently bought a second hand CME UF70 and was impressed with the quality – my first experience of your products – which encouraged me to take a leap of faith with WIDI Master. I’m wondering if the built-in WIDI of the UF70 will be compatible with WIDI Master too?

    Anyway – looking forward to receiving my order! Thank you for your customer focus!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Great to see a legacy product as the UF-70 passing by! Awesome.

      The UF70 V2 has old build-in WIDI, it used 2.4GHz private protocol. The WIDI Master is not compatible with that as it uses Bluetooth. What you can do is use WIDI Master to connect to the MIDI OUT of the UF70 and pair with other WIDI Master or computer or BLE MIDI devices.

      That will work!

  22. Everything on stage is synchronized with a Cymatic LP16. We use it for clic track, as a sampler, to change programs and controls for our Helix guitar processors, as well as program changes for the Two notes bass preamp. As we are a metal band, there are always at least 3 or 4 bands on the line up, meaning a lot of stuff on stage, but really quick change overs. The LP16 midi output is connected to my Helix input, and the output/thru to the bass preamp, and the bass preamp to the other Helix, far away on the other side of the stage. That means midi cables running on stage, along with mic cables, power cables, instruments cables etc…It’s really stressfull to set them up and even more to take them off quickly after the show, when there are like 20 people on stage! That’s why I bought these 3 units, to get rid of these midi cables and make the stage cleaner. I really hope this will actually work, can’t wait to receive these units!

    1. This is so nice to read. What an awesome setup. Thank you for sharing this with us. We fully understand what you are up to and are confident that WIDI Master will deliver what you need. Keep us posted on your experience. We are looking forward to deliver by the end of May!

  23. Hi,

    Just like to see if I’m able to connect my old Ensoniq VFX SD (very old synth) to my Steinberg interface with this new cool device 🙂

    1. Awesome! That is the fun of WIDI Master, it suddenly makes your vintage stuff wireless. Thanks for sharing this with us. We are looking forward to deliver it to you by the end of May!

  24. Hi. I’m actually a sound engineer and i own a rental audio and lights company, really small. But i’m an old style keyboardist and i own some old stuff, like moog, sequential, rhodes and others. i hope with your device to make working most of my equipment together as i couldn’t before.

    1. Cool! That is one of the basic ideas behing WIDI Master. It allows you to take that vintage MIDI hardware into the wireless Bluetooth MIDI world. HAppy to contribute to that. Looking forward to deliver WIDI Master by the end of May. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I bought the WIDI Master for the wireless feature between my daughters Roland FR-4X V-Accordion and BK-7M Backing Module. Since the FR-4X Accordion has only one MIDI jack I assume that I will only need one WIDI Master. Going fully wireless is a big plus since daughter does not like wires connected to her accordion. The WIDI Master appears to be a real game changer,

    1. Thanks for sharing this. And great to see an accordion between our community members. Please note that it is not possible to split the WIDI Master into two parts and connect one part to one device, and the other one to another and then communicate between them wirelessly. What I think you can do in this setup is get the MIDI OUT connected to 1x WIDI Master and another WIDI Master to connect with the BK-7M. As I do not think either the FR-4X nor the BK-7|M offer integrated Bluetooth MIDI features. Or maybe I am wrong here. Please let me know, so we can support you on getting this right. You can also reply to any of our emails and we can work together to fully ensure we get this right. You might also want to look at this blog: https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-master-what-can-it-do-for-you/

  26. Hey,I bought it for the exact same reasons!
    And good ideas do need support… !
    Can’t wait for the device ,Thank you

  27. So do I only have to buy just one WIDI Master (transmitter-receiver pair) if I want to cordlessly connect a MIDI keyboard (MIDI out) to a synthesizer module (MIDI in)?

    1. No! 😉 If you have two pieces of hardware you will need two WIDI Masters to pair. You cannot disconnect the two connectors of WIDI Master and use them as standalone. The are connected and that is why the one is larger (that contains all the technology and power circuits) and the other one is smaller. You can use only one WIDI Master to connect it with an existing Bluetooth MIDI device. Like computers, iphones and ipads and the ever growing amount of Bluetooth MIDI equipped music devices that are already on the marketing. https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-master-what-can-it-do-for-you/

  28. I’ve own the Casio AZ-1 keytar since late 80’s and waited for this.. Didn’t use for like 20 years, but in the end of this summer (..hopefully..) I perform 4x at the biggest stadium of Scandinavia. Would be fun to, finally, be at the front of that stage together with them guitar strummers 😉

    1. The Casio AZ-1. That is amazing. Great to see that legacy passing by here. Go Casio!!! And go Stefan. Hopefully you share those videos with you on stage with us when the time is – finally – there!

  29. I love using the Yamaha Reface Cp. It is my doodle/idea machine no matter where I am. It runs on batteries and has built in speakers and a decent 3 octave keyboard and an incredible wurli sound- my preferred go to sound when writing. For me I am hoping that I will be able to now use this anywhere in the house hooked up and ready to go anytime I need to lay down an idea. I just realized I need two to do this. I need to order another!

    1. Hi Scott! Thanks for sharing this with us. If I remember correctly that 2nd order was already taken care of! Great to have you on board with WIDI Master. Personally, that Reface, is awesome!

  30. I’m going to use it as an ultimate replacement for all the cables. When I use my keyboards at home studio I have to connect all the midi cables to the computer interface. If I want to go to studio – I have to disconnect everything and so on. The idea is to minimize the number of connections you have to set up before you can start play and create

    1. It is as simple and useful as that. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is much appreciated. We look forward to deliver our first batch of WIDI Masters by the end of May! Thanks

  31. I am going to see if it will let my Boss ES-8 communicate with my midi pedals (Timeline or BigSky) without cables.

    1. This is so cool to read. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is highly appreciated! Great those Timeline and BigSky by the way. Love them!

  32. I believe in this product from the very start and support WIDImaster 100% And bought one unit already in the first phase. looking forward to get it ,and also wil buy a second unit soon after I tested my first one this is an all time solution to connect all midi hardware no matter the connection and wil become hopefully very huge soon?You all have my support.
    Greets Randy

    1. Thank you so much Randy. It really great to see that you’ve been trusting our technology from the beginning. Also a clever move to test first and if it works, expand! Love that! We expect delivery by the end of May!

  33. Am really looking forward to connect my ROLI Seaboard without a MIDI Hub just with WIDI Master 🙂 Can’t wait for the thing to arrive!

    1. Cool! I love that Roli stuff. So advanced. Great that you took the time to share this with us. It is much appreciated.

    1. Hi Mariano, I guess you are referring to our previous WIDI BUD. If so, the best thing you can do is wait for our next product that is names WIDI uHOST. If you are referring to our current WIDI Master. It is still in pre order. You can order that in our shop here on this website. For WIDI BUD, we no longer manufacture this, but there might be some local retailers and online shops that still have stock left.

  34. I have toons of hardwares from yamaha to korg and from time to time I suffer the midi cable nightmare, to long, not working, etc. So I see that the Widi Master it is a so long waiting solution to my problems. Anxious to receive it and start to use.

    1. Great to hear this. You might find it interesting that for more complex setups we will be working on a controller app that can update the firmware over air when needed, but also delivers a cable management feature that will make your life easy. As soon as we get to that point we will once more involve you and our community to optimise the solution we offer to you. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Our keyboard player uses a Roland AX-Edge Keytar. We intend to use the WIDI Master with a wall plate mount on the back of his rack based stand/equipment storage/sound module host to have it communicate with his Roland Integra 7 when he steps away from his battlestation. Additionally, we will be using it to interface with a battery powered MIDI footswitch as a controller for a laptop VST host within our mixer chain setup in order to control playback of a MIDI controlled lightshow through the Engineering Solutions Decabox DMX protocol bridge, and do multitrack playback for the FOH backing track, and IEM feeds. With more research, I will eventually attempt to adapt the WIDI master as a wireless VDI solution for controlling patch changes on my Line 6 Variax.

    1. Wow! You are the man!! 😉 What an awesome way to use and research to do more. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

  36. Many reasons – To use with Keytar controller. To use with X32 rack to have wireless MIDI from standard control surface talking in Mackie mode via MIDI – (otherwise you have to setup a WiFi router) also to do same with older X32 mixer. I have PC control software but must be done over conventional MIDI connection. ALso to use around teh studio to reach devices to heavy to move about should I want to control them, like really old Yamaha stage piano.

    1. Oh wow! That keytar is nice, but your X32 approach is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us! It is much appreciated.

  37. Does it do anything that the cheaper Yamaha MD-BT01 doesn’t already do? Wondering if there’s any reason to change over. Thanks.

    1. Yamaha is a great solution. There are two main differences. Yamaha functions only as slave or host. Therefore it will always need an operating system like a mobile device or computer to function. WIDI Master has a central role and can be both master and slave. This means you can use it without computers. Of course you can also pair it with Bluetooth MIDI equipment like our Xkey Air and iOS devices and the Yamaha solution as well.

      Also WIDI Master implements Bluetooth 5. Compared to Yamaha with Bluetooth 4. That said, our Xkey Air (2015) also uses Bluetooth 4 and this is more than sufficient for transmitting the MIDI protocol over Bluetooth, with Bluetooth 5 range and performance increase massively. This results in less latency (when you connect WIDI to WIDI) and a serious improvement in stability (jitter) and range. Hope this helps!

  38. Hi, it’s the 18th August…..I still haven’t received my Widi Master! When will I get them…I bought 2.
    Mr A ODoherty London.

    1. Hi Tony, many thanks for reaching out to us. I looked up your order and it has already been processed. You should have received the tracking email on the same email as you used to preorder WIDI Master. Please understand that international shipping has suffered many delays due to local COVID-19 situations. If you did not receive it, you can reach out to our logistic manager Ms. Alfa using shipment(at)cme-pro.com – she can help you sort out your delivery on a personal level.

      Don’t forget to share your order# with her in your initial email.

  39. Convenience. I look forward to controlling my gear wire-lessly. I am glad I made the purchase everything is working as advertised.

  40. Hi,

    Will Widimaster enable a Boss ES8 to communicate with a Mac? I read one review where there were issues.

    1. Thanks for reaching out. The BOSS ES8 has been tested and approved by one of our community members. You can find it on this public list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L6D2lUkcX0NEHpzp0vw5aAtAIsHANeUOCCH_fXtwyKI/edit?usp=sharing

      I am not sure what is said in the online review. So I cannot answer to this directly. Looking at the terminals of the ES8 the combined OUT/THRU terminal can lead to the need of setting something in an internal menu of the ES8.

      In the case a MIDI device does not deliver power for the WIDI Master, you solution is WIDI Jack + 5-PIN DIN cable option and adding external power via usb-c: https://www.cme-pro.com/product/widi-jack-25din5-cable/

      Hope this helps.

  41. Send and receive low-latency MIDI data to and from your computer or another Bluetooth device via Bluetooth by simply plugging two small wireless connectors into LinnStrument’s MIDI IN and OUT connectors.

  42. This Fore plug-and-play MIDI to USB cable has an integrated driver and a smart LED indicator because audio recording, mixing, and editing are increasingly being done digitally. These characteristics make it simple and natural to use, enabling you to begin recording right away.

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