April 15

WIDI Master Presale Phase 2


WIDI Master Presale Phase 2

It is time for the WIDI Master presale phase II (Pre-order ended in 2020)

Hello you. Welcome to the WIDI Master blog. It is an honour to have you here. Especially as you can now benefit from an amazing offer. During the WIDI Master presale phase 2 you can enjoy $20 (USD, ex shipping) discount. Now you will only pay $39 instead of our future price of $59.

The best thing is that you can order as many units as you need. Also, it is possible to merge your order and we will only charge you one flat shipping fee. You will be charged a fee between $9,99 - $14,99 (min/max) per order.

How to buy WIDI Master?

It is simple. You can go to our webshop or click the banner below. Next, you apply coupon code WIDI20

You now benefit from $20 discount. Instead of $59 you pay only $39 per WIDI Master. Now you just have to wait until the end of May 2020 to receive your order.

The story behind WIDI Master

WIDI Master is the first member of the innovative WIDI family. WIDI allows you to connect MIDI devices of any form. No matter if it is your iPad or a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. It can even connect two pieces of vintage synths. As long as they provide power through the 5-pin DIN standard MIDI OUT or THRU port of your hardware. You gotta read this blog to fully understand what WIDI can do for you.

Crowd Created Project

WIDI Master was initially developed upon request from our Xkey Air and WIDI BUD user community. After we developed an early design we already started sharing our primary ideas with our community. Together with people like you we optimised the design and created the new wireless Bluetooth MIDI standard

Game-changing Bluetooth MIDI adapter

Today we are working with our prototype III and already delivered a wide range of tests with our previous prototypes. We are aware that some MIDI enthusiasts still do not completely trust today's capabilities of Bluetooth MIDI. That said, we are pretty confident that we solved any issue concerning latency.

Actually we already did that back in 2015 with our Xkey Air and Bluetooth 4. Now it is 2020 and we have implemented Bluetooth 5 that promises improved performance, twice the range and ultra low latency for MIDI over Bluetooth. Therefore we've dedicated videos, blogs and live broadcasts to ensure you have access to the latest information concerning range, latency and jitter.

That is it! Feel free to share your opinions, feedback and concerns in the comment section of this blog post! It will move us in the right direction!

Join the presale today and benefit fromm the $20 discount. We already sold 2,500 units and at this point we have only 500 units available against this competitive pricing!



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