April 14

Bluetooth MIDI Adapter! Why did you not buy?


Bluetooth MIDI

WIDI Master is the Bluetooth MIDI Adapter

Thank you for visiting our website. Somehow we got in touch with you. Maybe you were searching on Google for a Bluetooth MIDI adapter. Maybe you are are interested in wireless MIDI solutions. It is possible that you've subscribed to our mailinglist as well or even were triggered by one of our Facebook Ads. 

Anyway, it does not really matter how we met. What matters is what we can do for you. Apparently you are interested in MIDI. 

We hope you enjoy making music and going deep into technology with old and new instruments and devices. We share that passion. That said, with WIDI Master we offer a revolution in wireless MIDI. Our Bluetooth MIDI adapter offers the most complete and reliable solution up until this day. And the best is yet to come.

Our presale discount offer

Also, we offered you an amazing discount upon introduction of WIDI Master. We understand that you need to trust us to make such an investment. Also, it might be that you just do not trust today's technology to meet your expectations. That is all possible. We consider all musicians and music makers unique and perfectly capable of making their own decisions. 

That said, we developed WIDI Master as our first crowd created project. That means, we involved people like you to create a better product during the entire development process.

We have one question for you

Eventually we got in touch with each other and apparently, until today, you decided not to buy. We would like to know one thing. Why did you not buy?

What should we do better? Are you waiting for a more sophisticated solution? Do you want to support your local retailer and buy from them? Don't you trust Bluetooth MIDI? 

We would highly appreciate it when you share your feedback, opinion and concerns with us. You might have the next idea for us to develop or a simple focus point for our marketing team. Simply tell us underneath by leaving a reply. We will always answer and show our appreciation. 

Because, fair enough, without people like you, we would not be able to grow!

Feel free to leave a reply below and submit your comment!

Team CME

PS: Maybe you did buy WIDI Master? If that is the case, feel free to visit our "why did you buy" section!


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  1. I decided not to buy a WIDI Master because I currently do not have a need for one. I am using long cables to connect my MIDI gear to my interface, and they were very inexpensive. Since my Midi gear stays in my studio, hidden cables are just as functional as Bluetooth. But I was tempted to pick one up just to have it though.

  2. Hello, I have an old Yamaha PSR320 Keyboard, but the only midi USB cable that works is Yamaha UX16. This WIDI interface could be compatible with my old keyboard?

    1. I think this Yamaha PSR320 has a regular MIDI OUT (5-PIN DIN) connector to power up WIDI Master. Next you can pair it with Bluetooth MIDI equipped devices (ipad, macbook, bluetooth midi keyboard) or another WIDI Master that is attached to another device. The basic rule is that as long as you have a standard 5-PIN DIN MIDI OUT that delivers 3.3v or 5v to power WIDI Master, it will work.

  3. It doesn’t seem like the solution for me. It seems like the output needs to be plugged in for power, yeah? I’m using a Morningstar MC6 to control my pedal board. The output of the MC6 is obviously daisy chained to my pedals. What I need is something that receives Bluetooth MIDI and outputs it through a 5 DIN connector so I can transmit MIDI from my iPad, through the MC6, and in to the rest of my pedals.

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us. You are correct. the 5-PIN WIDI Master gets it power from either the MIDI OUT or the MIDI THRU of the device you attach it to. The MIDI IN of your hardware device does not deliver power. To solve this, we will be working on a DIY solution that will allow you to connect an external power source, like a USB power bank, to deliver that power when you only use the MIDI IN. Also, what might interest you is one of our future WIDI family members, PED 3: https://www.cme-pro.com/beyond-bluetooth-midi-controllers-the-widi-family/
      Hope this helps!

  4. I’m trying to order right now but it seems the Discount code is not working. I would have ordered sooner.. but I just returned to work..

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