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Tracking your WIDI shipment!


International Shipping

Thank you for ordering your WIDI device. When you ordered through our webshop your shipment will be sent to any place in the world.

For the US, Australia, EU, Canada and Japan: your order will be shipped through your local Amazon marketplace. This means there are no additional shipping or import fees. Your order will be automatically forwarded to the Amazon system and delivered as a standard Amazon delivery.

For the UK: your order will be shipped through The3PL and delivered from their warehouse in the UK. No additional fees or import taxes are added upon delivery.

For all other locations, the explanation below applies. To reduce costs and avoid unexpected charges for international shipments, check out your local CME reseller.

During the order process you can select which courier and delivery time suit your needs. In most cases you would have three options.

Your order will be shipped out from Hong Kong and can be transferred to another courier to deliver locally. Please note a few things that are of high importance to fully understand the shipping process.

Return policy: For all purchases through our website we offer hassle-free replacements in case your product is marked as defective after research. In the case you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us via support and we will find a solution together.

  • Delivery Time & Courier Selection

When you select your courier, you select a delivery time. Due to the dynamics of today's international shipping delays (COVID-19, lockdowns), our logistic department sometimes switches to a better performing courier to meet the delivery time as you selected.

This is in no case associated with lower shipping costs. It has to do with meeting your shipping requests. As you might understand we are not making any profit via shipping costs and such. Our primary purpose is to deliver in time and meet your expectations accordingly.

  • Pre Order Phase & Crowd Creation

When you placed a pre-order you are part of the crowd creation of a new product. This means your order will not be shipped out immediately. As we are still developing and manufacturing the product we kindly request your patience. If this is the case, please visit this blog about crowd creation to get a better understanding. We also provide regular updates in our Facebook Group about the progress of the crowd creation process.

Also, when you placed your pre-order, you can opt-in to our newsletter. This is another channel we use to inform you on the progress. Feel welcome to scroll down to the footer of this page and subscribe.

  • Local Customs Fee & Import Tax

When you select your courier, you can see an estimation of import tax that can be applied. This excludes local customs fees or customs clearance fees. Please note that this concerns a local regulation and is beyond our responsibility. As our desire is to be as transparent as possible, we integrated an estimation on the import tax that applies to your local regulation. This is an estimation, not a guarantee.

We noticed that customs clearance fees and import tax are applied randomly. Sometimes they are applied, sometimes they aren’t. There is no one-way worldwide approach on this matter. That is why we added this warning prior to placing your order.

With our shipping tool we like to be clear upfront. The decision is up to you. This way, you are able to make your own decision based on the limited information we have available and the research you can do locally.

  • EU VAT for online orders as per July 1, 2021

Please note that as per July 1, 2021 all EU customers are eligible to pay VAT upon arrival. This means that when you order your product in our online store, your payment does not include VAT. What you do pay for upfront is the transport costs. Because of this fact, you will carry the responsibility to take care of the customs clearance and local VAT regulation as set by your local government. 

  • COVID-19: Limited manpower

At the time of writing this information we live in a world of COVID-19. Please understand that worldwide shipping has become more complex due to local lockdowns, less international flights and limited manpower. This can seriously delay your shipment. We fully understand this can be frustrating and we try our utmost best to inform you through our channels. That said, this is bigger than any individual case and beyond our influence.

Track & Trace Your WIDI Order

As soon as your order is dispatched from our warehouse in Hong Kong you will get a notification email from EasyShip. This is your track & trace tool. Our purpose is to inform you in the best way. That said, this is not always to your satisfaction. When your order switches from our international courier to your local courier, it can happen that the tracking system does not show a chronological process. 

Also, it can happen that due to local lockdowns and the lack of international flights, your shipment seems to take a route that is not interpreted as standard. Please note these important things.

  1. Check your expected delivery date

In some cases the chronological order and route are different than expected. This can have many reasons. If this is the case for you, please note the estimated time of arrival. In our experience your shipment will arrive at your doorsteps around this date.

If this is not the case, feel more than welcome to connect with us on a personal level. We will always find the solution. No need to worry. Just email your order# to shipment(at) and our logistic manager Ms. Alfa will sort it out with you.

  1. Customs and international flights

Please note that sometimes shipments are kept at your local customs for a longer time. This can have a negative effect on your delivery time. Although we would love to control that, we simply don't. Therefore we kindly request you to be patient about your shipment. And if the situation does not satisfy you, you can always contact us. 

Also, it happens that international flights are limited from specific airports. That is why it can happen that your order takes a a-typical route. It also can lead to a weird progress of your tracking. This can happen. Especially in times of COVID-19. If this is the case, please keep focus on your expected time of arrival. In almost all cases, that is the date you should focus on. It is an estimate, and expectation. Meaning it will approximately arrive close to that date. 

If your shipment did not arrive around this date you can either choose to contact us on a personal level or use the contact courier function. We will always find a solution with you. No need to worry. Just email your order# to shipment(at) and our logistic manager Ms. Alfa will sort it out with you.

Or use the "contact courier" button in your tracking system. Please note that this system is your primary source of information. We will explain how it works underneath. Also be aware that there are multiple couriers involved in international shipping and through our partner Easyship. We can not handle all cases in this blog.

That said, we are fully aware of the risks and challenges involved in (pre) orders and international shipping. Our purpose is to be as transparent as we possibly can. Also, we are always available to sort things out. Our goal is to have satisfied customers. That is why we always find the solution with you. There is absolutely no need to worry. If our product or service does not satisfy you, we are available for a full refund of your order.

Please note that if you request a refund prior to shipping, we will easily cancel your order and refund the full amount. If you are not satisfied with your product or our service after your order has been shipped, you have to take care of returning the shipment on your account. Only upon return of your order in our warehouse, are we able to process your refund. Also read the FAQ at the end of this blog!

Above all, we hereby inform in the best possible way about the proces. In general this is how it works! 

Step 1: Receive Your Automated Tracking Email

After you placed your order a tracking number will be generated by our partner Easyship. Next, we will use the email address you provided to keep you up to date about the shipping progress. After we processed your order you will receive an automated email from Easyship. It allows you to track your order with a unique tracking number.

Step 2: Click "Track My Order" button for detailled information

The next step is clicking the "Track My Order" button. This will take you to the the page as shown underneath. It shows you exactly what the status of your order is. Also, it will show the location of your package and an easy way to contact the courier for more information.

Switching to a local tracking system!

In many cases it is known that as soon as your shipments is transferred from your initial courier to a local delivery company, the local tracking system can provide more detailled information.

As soon as you receive your tracking email, you can allocate your tracking# and your courier. 

Local Tracking System

If you go to, search the local tracing ID , you will be able to find the final mile tracking number. In this case it is DHL tracking. If you have another courier, try to google "track trace [name of courier]. In almost all cases, you will find the tracking system of your forwarder. You can simply fill in your tracking# in that system and locate the information as provided.

Last mile

From there you can click on the final mile link, and be able to see the updates at your local distribution centers. Please note this case is specific to DHL and forwarding to Australia. In other cases, with other couriers, it can be different. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Focus on the expected delivery date
  • Use Google to locate the couriers tracking system
  • Read this blog also from our partner Easyship
  • If you don't understand or worry about your shipment, contact shipment(at)

Import Tax and Customs Clearance Fees!

We use a system for international shipment from our partner Easyship. Next, we select the best delivery time in relation to the shipping costs.
Due to the fact we ship worldwide, the shipment is subject to local import tax and fees to collect those amounts. These fees will be charged by the courier that takes care of delivery.

As mentioned in our webshop’s product page, these kind of taxes and fees are subject to local regulation. Therewith we stated from day 1 that we cannot take responsibility for this. We even had a debate about it through our newsletter and blog.

That said, we still feel responsible. We are here to satisfy customers. We understand fully that if you where not aware of this fact and our information did not reach you in a proper manner, this can be annoying, frustrating and even lead to some angry outbursts.
We are all humans. That is perfectly understandable.

Therefore we like to inform you fully by the following example. And let you know we are working on improving our online system. The purpose is to make it more clear and transparent for you what kind of charges you can expect and how these are calculated.

Let us start with the fact that you can receive an email or text message as shown underneath. These are legitimate requests by respectable companies such as in this case DHL for delivery in Canada (in Canadian Dollars)

How are these additional costs calculated?

Let us try to provide you with the fullest transparency. We are aware of the complexity of the situation. Also due to the fact we need to convert currencies. Let us follow up on this Canadian example.

The mentioned shipping costs and fuel charges are for our account and paid through your flat fee shipping charges when you ordered. Please note the following conversion rates at this point in time:

100 HKD = 17 CAD = 13 USD = 12 EUR

The tax threshold in Canada is $20 CAD. As this calculation is based on two WIDI Masters the shipment is due for tax and duty by the Canadian law. The tax and duty in Canada are set to 5% as taken over the value of the shipment plus the shipping costs.

You can read more about that local regulation here!

Value of the shipment = HK$449.7= 2 units (58 USD - 39 USD Pre Order Introduction Price per WIDI Master May 2020)
Shipping cost (+ fuel surcharge) = HK$258.2

The right calculation for the customs fee should be as follows 
HK$449.7+ HK$258.2= HK$707.9 = CA$122.16
$122.16*0.05= CAD $6.10

The difference between your local import tax and the customs clearance fees are due to the fee that is calculated on top of tax. In many countries this is outsourced to 3rd party commercial entities. In others it is done by a governmental institute. In both cases it is common that besides the local tax, you will be charged an additional fee. Sometimes this fee has a minimum, leading to an unbalanced charge compared to the invoice amount of your order.

Once more, this is a local regulation and beyond our control. Please note that if you refuse to pay it, it will not automatically mean your shipment is returned. Therefore it can not lead to an automatic refund of your order. That is why we provide you the opportunity to choose when placing your order and provide an estimate. This way, you are aware of the potential costs involved. 

That said, there are also many cases, that no custom fees nor import tax is applied. Unfortunately it seems like this is a random cost that is applied.

FAQ: I received a much higher customs clearance fee than expected?

As you see above these are risky calculation, with many currency conversions, and every country has different rules and rates. Therefore, to clarify your case, you should request the courier that has sent the invoice for the breakdown of the costs charged. This way you can match it tho your local regulations.

Please visit this website by our forwarding partner Easyship to find the local regulation as we take it into account!

First a foremost you need to communicate with the company that charges you the amounts. They have the most relevant insights on the charges and are able to discuss the occured situation with you. And if needed, solve any issues.

If you are not able to discuss this with this partner, you are always welcome to reach out to us.

FAQ: I refused the customs clearance fee, where is my refund?

Please note that your order has already been shipped. If you abondon that shipment we will not be able to provide you a refund. That is because we are not receiving any goods back. As stated before you have a 30 days full refund policy on your order. Also, we are here to satisfy customers not to get your money and hide. We are a responsible company that will treat every situation with the utmost respect and to the best of our ability.

If you are planning to simply refuse to pay the customs clearance fee, please notify us. This way we can locate the issue and solve it together with you first. Next, you are able to take a well informed decision and we can take care of any processing afterwards.

Please note that a refund process, after rejection of the local taxes and fees, takes longer without notification or request towards our side.

FAQ: I did not get an email?

Please note that due to COVID-19 it can take up to 7 days before your order is processed by our forwarder. If after this time you still did not receive any details from Easyship, feel welcome to contact us directly. Just hit reply on your order confirmation or use our contact form.

FAQ: I did get an email, but I do not understand what it says?

The easiest way to get more detailled insights is clicking the "Contact Courier" button in your shipping status overview. If this does not give you the answer you are looking for just hit reply on your order confirmation or use our contact form.

FAQ: I still did not get my order?

We currently offer multiple options when you order. When your order is dispatched from our warehouse you receive a tracking email with an expected delivery date. If after this period you still did not get your package, first check the status of your shipment as mentioned above. If this does not suit your needs, the easiest way to get more detailled insights is clicking the "Contact Courier" button in your shipping status overview.

If this still does not give you the answer, just hit reply on your order confirmation or use our contact form.

Due to COVID-19 the entire order and shipping process for worldwide delivery can take longer as a result of local lockdowns.


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  1. This is seriously becoming the worst purchase decision ever. No Tracking, No response, they shipped the last pre-orders out, where is mine? NO response

    1. Hi Mikal, I’ve responded personally on your comment on FB, and your message on FB Messenger. As said previously, we are shipping the last batch (4 out of 4) of preorders this week. As it states in the FB organic post you replied upon initially, if you ordered prior to June 16, your order should have been shipped and you should have received a tracking email on the email address you used to order. If you ordered after June 16, your order will be shipped around August 23. As also mentioned, if you want personal support to locate your order our logistics manager Ms. Alfa can support you directly when you send an email with your order# to shipment(at) This has also been said in all replies you received from us today (4). Please note that Ms. Alfa is in a different time zone. Therefore it can take a while before she responds compared to your time zone. That said, she mostly replies within 24 hours. As far as I can see you ordered on July 17, making you part of the last batch of pre orders. You should get the tracking email around August 23. For a better understanding of our process, this page might be of interest:
      I hope this helps.

  2. Are there any pick up locations in my area Aurora, CO 80011? I just experienced a porch pirate recently and would prefer a pick up option before pre-ordering the uhost product. I had order another widi master and got stolen.

    1. This depends on the forwarder you select and how you arrange the delivery as soon as it arrives on your country. I am not entirely sure we can arrange this for you from our warehouse in Hong Kong. But, we surely can try. Please reach out to shipment(at) and we can take it from there.

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