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The first #REAP Asia

This week CME is back with two brand new editions broadcasting directly on your Facebook feed. During #REAP you can enjoy remote events & advanced productions. Basically CME LIVE #REAP is an online gathering of music makers that share their music and talk about the technology behind it.

REAP was born in times that performing artists go through rough times. Therefore we decided to create an online environment where any artist can play music live in front of a worldwide audience. After three successful editions in the EU/US time zones, we now add, upon request, the first Asian edition.



Michel Huygen will playback his composition, "Imaginary Movement 9", from his latest album NEO. Which was released in March 2020. Michel is an award winning composer and producer who has been into electronic music for 43 years, since 1977. He was a winner of the New Age/Ambient Music at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Katsunori Ujiie will playback his song, "Funk Up The Pump" on Cubase while playing realtime on the Yamaha Montage. Katsunori Ujiie is a creative director, composer, arranger, keyboardist, software producer, music producter, and music educator. He also created sounds for many Yamaha synths, as well as sounds for Arturia’s software synths、MatrixBrute and Korg Kronos and Krome.

Abby and Eric will be improvising an impromptu ambient music with their favorite instruments, the Xkey Air and Chapman Stick. Abby and Eric are long time friends of CME. Currently they are playing with 2 bands, namely Fuseboxx, a progressive rock band, and Manila Sky, a world fusion improvisation group.

Join us live on Facebook by setting this reminder or add the event to your calendar by using the button below.

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Friday April 24 2020




Gabriel Peso is a composer and producer that plays a wide variety of music styles. He is especially known for his piano work and world music and jazz approach with his Gabriel Peso Trio. This Spanish instrumentalist and producer will bring us live music and a tiny talk at the end. 

Wonder Truly is an active music maker that shares her entire story on Instagram. She is brand ambassador for CME and our Xkey. Also she is a regular streamer across several platforms, including Facebook multiple days a week. Expect a wonderful piece of singer/songwriting music and a look forward into the opportunities of today's streaming environments.

Kurt Ader is a German sound designer, keyboardist, composer and music producer. As a sound designer he has worked with brands like Korg, Roli and Waldorf. Also he has worked closely with Jordan Rudess. Also he is working on his band project with the legend from Tangerine Dream, Johannes Schmoelling. The latest work by S-A-W named “Iconic” is one to watch on YouTube. Expect some serious sound design and synthesizer work followed by a real tech talk about audio.

Join us live on Facebook by setting this reminder or add the event to your calendar by using the button below.

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Sunday April 26 2020

CET 17:00 (UK)
CEST 18:00 (EU)

Crowd Created Project Wireless MIDI

Timeline: WIDI Master Crowd Created Project

WIDI Master

Crowd Created Project: The Beginning Of WIDI Master

It is no secret that WIDI Master was created together with you. It all started with requests we received from our Xkey Air and WIDI BUD community. They were searching for innovative ways to increase MIDI connectivity.

That is why we chose to merge our Xkey Air and WIDI BUD technologies into one new technology.

Basically WIDI Master is a virtual MIDI cable. It is the first of its kind that can fulfil the central role. That means you can use it both as master and slave. Therewith it is now possible to add a Bluetooth MIDI layer to your existing MIDI devices.

You can simply connect WIDI Master with your 5-PIN DIN MIDI Out and wirelessly connect it with your MIDI controller that is connected to another WIDI Master unit.

Also, it will connect with any Bluetooth MIDI equipped device like iOS and Bluetooth MIDI controllers and keyboards. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to provide you with a complete list of achievements and milestones we passed during the first 6 months of our first crowd created project.

You can simply scroll down and the timeline will unfold itself. 

Thank you for your contribution to the current success of WIDI Master and future successors.

Team CME

7 Nov 2019
Facebook Poll: Do You Really Need A Bluetooth MIDI Adapter?
2,600 Likes - 901 Votes - 80% Yes - 20% No
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CME Timeline WIDI Master
12 Dec 2019
Start Registration Mailing List
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16 Dec 2019
Synthopia Post: First media that reports about WIDI Master
Start of the worldwide latency discussion in relation to Bluetooth MIDI
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19 Dec 2019
Reach of 1st Goal: 1,000 Registrants on Mailing List
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C2M WIDI Master
24 Dec 2019
Expanding our Blog: Full Insights and Constant Test Updates about Latency and Bluetooth MIDI
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28 Dec 2019
50% Reached of 2nd Goal of 3,000 Registrants
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2 Jan 2020
Full Article WIDI Master on MIDI Manufacturers Association
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4 Jan 2019
Full Article on Medium: The Truth About Bluetooth MIDI
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6 Jan 2020
Reach 2,000 Registrants of 3,000 Goal
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16 Jan 2019
NAMM Show Anaheim 2020
CEO talks with Industry about WIDI Master
17 Jan 2020
Reach 2,500 Registrants of 3,000 Goal
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22 Jan 2019
Reach of 2nd Goal: 3,000 Registrants on Mailing List
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WIDI Master Success
24 Jan 2019
Chinese New Year - Early days of coronavirus epidemic
11 Feb 2020
Passing 4,000 Registrants
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18 Feb 2019
Introducing Design of WIDI Master
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24 Feb 2020
WIDI FB Group passes 2,000 members
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CME Facebook Group
6 March 2020
Reach of 3rd Goal: 5,000 Registrants on Mailing List
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12 March 2020
Launch of New Website - Start of Test Presale Week Phase 0
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16 March 2020
First 100 WIDI Masters Sold - Start of #REAP S01E01 Live Broadcasting
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22 March 2020
1,000 units sold - Presale Test Week Phase 0 Closed
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29 March 2020
#REAP S01E02 Live Broadcasting with Jordan Rudess, Mistheria and Brandon Rico
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31 March 2020
First Public Video with WIDI Master Prototype II
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1 April 2020
WIDI Masker April Fools' Joke
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4 April 2020
Mailing List Reaches 7,500 Registrants
CME Mailing List
5 April 2020
Public Video WIDI Master Prototype II Tests
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5 April 2020
#REAP S01E03 Live Broadcasting with Shook Music & Studiologic
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5 April 2020
Start of Official Presale Phase 1
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13 April 2020
2,000 WIDI Master Sold
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15 April 2020
End of Presale Order Phase 1 - 2,500 Units Sold
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16 April 2020
Public Video WIDI Master Prototype III Tests
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16 April 2020
Send Out Mailings: Why did you or did you NOT buy WIDI Master

NOT BUY - 197 comments - on 5,750 audience

BUY - 177 comments - on 1,750 audience
18 April 2020
Released a new blog post addressing the main concerns to NOT buy
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24 April 2020
#REAP S01A01 First Asian Live Broadcasting with Michel HuygenKatsunori Ujiie & Abby and Eric
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26 April 2020
#REAP S01E04 Live Broadcasting with Gabriel PesoWonder Truly & Kurt Ader
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27 April 2020
First official order at manufacturing partner. Preparing tooling and parts for production. Expected delivery of first orders July 2020.
28 April 2020
WIDI master passes EMC pre-test!
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WIDI Master Prototype
30 April 2020
3,000 WIDI Master Sold
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1 May 2020
WIDI master Prototype IV sent out worldwide for beta testing by industry partners, Bluetooth MIDI engineers and WIDI enthusiasts.
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8 May 2020
Design of packaging finished
WIDI Master Packaging
15 May 2020
Prototype V approved for mass production after reliability tests
29 May 2020
WIDI Master passes official EMC test in the lab
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Buy WIDI Master
6 June 2020
WIDI Master mould 1 finalised
WIDI Master Mould
1 July 2020
Official safety certifications
CE Certificate WIDI Master
6 July 2020
Reach 3,000 Facebook Group Members!
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6 July 2020
Pilot production runs at manufacturing plant
7 July 2020
Approval of golden WIDI Master sample
14 July 2020
Start of Mass Production WIDI Master Batch 1
15 July 2020
4,000 WIDI Master Sold
21 July 2020
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WIDI wireless MIDI

Music is about listening. We do that!

Buy WIDI Master

We asked, you answered, we address!

An important aspect in everything related to music is listening. We consider listening to you and your opinions, feedback and ideas the most important factor for improving our products, services and communication.

That is why we recently send out a mailing to our community. Basically, we asked two questions: "Why did you buy WIDI Master?" and "Why did you NOT buy WIDI Master?".

You and your fellow MIDI enthusiasts overwhelmed us with a wide range of interesting comments. Feel free to scroll through those using above linked blog posts.

That said, there is a logic behind asking these simple questions. We'd like to address the issues that arose during the preorder process and our first crowd created project.

Also, we'd like to learn. That is why we will start by answering the most common answers we've received from you about reasons NOT to buy WIDI Master. 

I have used CME Pro products for over a decade. I have always liked the innovative, advanced designs and products. I own a CME XKey Air 37 and WIDI Bud and use them every day. I use Apple MainStage on a Mac Mini.

I am hoping the WIDI can eliminate the need for a USB 5 pin MIDI Interface, free up a USB port and simplify setup with a reliable solution. I am looking forward to using it when it arrives.

You are free to do whatever you want!

If you are still in doubt about purchasing WIDI Master, we are now able to show you what fellow musicians and producers considered. Also, we are able to provide you with some insights and become fully transparent on hot topics addressed by our community. 

That said, we do not want to force you in buying anything you do not want or need. You are a unique person and perfectly capable of making your own decisions. The only thing we like to do is providing you with all the information we've got based on real life interaction with people like you.

Because there is a pandemic at the moment and everything that has to do with money feels unsure. Why would I buy, if I am not sure if I have enough money for food in two weeks? Asking something like this is a bit tasteless in times like these. Are you sure this was a good idea???!

COVID-19 and how it affects all of us...

We receive a lot of feedback from many people all over the world concerning the corona situation. First of all, we are really with you on this matter and fully understand that these are challenging times. We also encountered many difficulties with employees in lockdown and even have one team member in Wuhan. 

Also, we had to move the manufacturing of our prototypes to France when the situation was hectic in China. Next, within a couple of weeks, we had to move it back to China.

We carefully listen to what our community tells us. Looking at the current feedback, we will discuss in our team that when this all is over, we are considering to do something special for those musicians that encounter difficulties as a result of to the current corona situation.

That is also why we started our live broadcasting on Facebook. It is a live show named #REAP. It stands for “remote events & advanced productions”. It is intended to create a virtual environment for those musicians that now only can perform remotely.

We hope you are still in good health. 

Stay safe, stay strong. This too shall pass!

I use a Roland FR4X accordion and I am not sure it will work on it as it only has one Midi out going to the Midi in on the Roland BK7M. And would I have to buy two units and what would be the cost of that…

About pricing and discount..

Pricing is a complex thing. Some people say WIDI Master is a bargain, others say it is expensive. We want to offer you the best price we can possible get, while making sure that we can continue to design innovative solutions for you.

That said, WIDI Master is the first member of the WIDI family. We've developed it upon request from our Xkey Air community and released the first designs in an early stage. The reason behind this was to allow real people like you to think with us and improve the design and usability of WIDI Master and future successors.

Also, we've created a preorder and introduction offer to ensure we will have a better position when negotiating with our manufacturers. That is our first step. That is why we are confident that, when we grow Bluetooth MIDI together, and more industry partners start to implement this technology (in all their amazing equipment), we will be able to make the price point more attractive.

This will only take time!

Importing to the UK is too much of a head wreck with import taxes etc, I’ll wait until you get a distributor over this way. very interested though.

About import tax and shipping worldwide..

We currently are in preorder phase. The idea behind this is that we wanted to involve our community in the earliest stage of development. As WIDI Master was initially developed upon request from our community, we wanted to ensure we were creating something that really was desired by our users. 

That said, we’ve noticed that a lot is changing in worldwide shipping processes. Especially when it comes to import taxes and things like Brexit. Sometimes they are applied, sometimes they aren’t. There is no one-way worldwide approach on this matter. That is why we added this warning prior to placing your order. We wanted to ensure not to disappoint any of our customers. It seemed the most fair thing to do. This way, you are able to make your own decision based on the limited information we have available and the research you can do locally.

It is a local regulation!

That said, these kind of taxes are applied by your local government. You can request your local customs authority how this is arranged in your country. Of course, an obvious next step is to involve our distribution and retail network. We already have that in place as results of 15 years worldwide activity with MIDI and WIDI.

Please note that a distributor (or wholesaler or importer) also has to pay import taxes. This is cumulated into the eventual retail price. As we do not decide what your local retailer offers you concerning sales pricing, we can only advise it.

We expect it to be around $/€ 59 per WIDI Master in retail. We will inform you as soon as we go into wholesale distribution and when it will be available at your local store.

The change in the form factor was a major issue for me. Was protruding too much from my rig.

About the form factor and the design process...

With WIDI Master you are able to transmit MIDI over Bluetooth without any computer or operating system. To ensure that you could, we needed to add a PCB and firmware to replace that operating system. Therewith WIDI Master became a tiny little operating system upon itself.

That lead to having to offer a somewhat larger unit. Next, we decided (upon request from our community) to make the two parts of WIDI Master detachable. This way you can only use the one that is connected to your MIDI OUT or THRU (for power).

Also, we are working on a solution to power WIDI Master with a simple USB power bank connection using a DIY accessory cable. This way, in the future, you can also use WIDI Master when there is no power from the MIDI port of the device you attach it with.

It will only take time!

That said, we will be able to improve the design and meet your specific request in the future. This can be done when Bluetooth MIDI is a widely accepted technology and we have a higher request from the market for such solutions.

It will take time an effort and we will do that when we receive more requests like yours. That said, it might influence the price range. We cannot predict the future. In retrospect, we can make the right decisions and learn form mistakes we will make. Therefore, when we will start focusing on this, we will involve our community and people like you to develop the best solution together.

Feel free to read this blog on how we did that for WIDI Master:

The reason why I don’t buy refers to the lack of presentations of credible and clear videos. I watched an online product presentation broadcast on YouTube. I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing…

About our marketing, messaging and raw go to market approach..

We fully understand this way of thinking and respect any decision you make. As WIDI Master is our first crowd created project, which is based upon contributions by all our potential users, our development was in parallel with following those user requirements.

The videos were not perfectly well edited towards a promotional version. They just show our current raw development stage. We try our best to keep transparency as the most important factor in our marketing approach. And the preorder phase was intended to be for enthusiasts who want to join this project and convert our innovative technology into a real product, together. 

In addition, we are not building something from scratch. We already approved Bluetooth peripheral technology in our Xkey Air and Bluetooth Central technology in our WIDI BUD products. That is why we were fully confident to merge those two technologies into one device - the WIDI Master

We were not born yesterday!

If you want to check the performance of CME's Bluetooth MIDI technology, you can check the videos of Xkey Air and WIDI BUD. Also, you will find dozens of reviews on the internet. Just Google it! You will see the real reaction from thousands of professional musicians worldwide.

Anyway, this blog comes to an end now. Thank you very much for your interest in WIDI. Maybe the comments underneath this blog will provide you more insights about the motivation for people to buy WIDI Master.

WIDI Master presale

WIDI Master Presale Phase 2

WIDI Master Presale Phase 2

It is time for the WIDI Master presale phase II

Hello you. Welcome to the WIDI Master blog. It is an honour to have you here. Especially as you can now benefit from an amazing offer. During the WIDI Master presale phase 2 you can enjoy $20 (USD, ex shipping) discount. Now you will only pay $39 instead of our future price of $59.

The best thing is that you can order as many units as you need. Also, it is possible to merge your order and we will only charge you one flat shipping fee. You will be charged a fee between $9,99 - $14,99 (min/max) per order.

How to buy WIDI Master?

It is simple. You can go to our webshop or click the banner below. Next, you apply coupon code WIDI20

You now benefit from $20 discount. Instead of $59 you pay only $39 per WIDI Master. Now you just have to wait until the end of May to receive your order.

Over 4,000 units sold of WIDI Master! Register Today to benefit from 50% discount on the 2nd member of the WIDI family: WIDI Jack >> Register Now!

How does it work?

  • You can get $20 discount and pay only $39 per unit.
  • Order as many WIDI Masters as you like for the same discount
  • The number of preorders is limited to 500 pieces after this the price will go up.
  • We cannot take any responsibility for local import tax regulations
  • Shipping is worldwide with a flat fee of $9,99 min and $14,99 max
  • Delivery is expected around the end of July 2020!

The story behind WIDI Master

WIDI Master is the first member of the innovative WIDI family. WIDI allows you to connect MIDI devices of any form. No matter if it is your iPad or a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. It can even connect two pieces of vintage synths. As long as they provide power through the 5-pin DIN standard MIDI OUT or THRU port of your hardware. You gotta read this blog to fully understand what WIDI can do for you.

Crowd Created Project

WIDI Master was initially developed upon request from our Xkey Air and WIDI BUD user community. After we developed an early design we already started sharing our primary ideas with our community. Together with people like you we optimised the design and created the new wireless Bluetooth MIDI standard

Game-changing Bluetooth MIDI adapter

Today we are working with our prototype III and already delivered a wide range of tests with our previous prototypes. We are aware that some MIDI enthusiasts still do not completely trust today's capabilities of Bluetooth MIDI. That said, we are pretty confident that we solved any issue concerning latency.

Actually we already did that back in 2015 with our Xkey Air and Bluetooth 4. Now it is 2020 and we have implemented Bluetooth 5 that promises improved performance, twice the range and ultra low latency for MIDI over Bluetooth. Therefore we've dedicated videos, blogs and live broadcasts to ensure you have access to the latest information concerning range, latency and jitter.

That is it! Feel free to share your opinions, feedback and concerns in the comment section of this blog post! It will move us in the right direction!

Join the presale today and benefit fromm the $20 discount. We already sold 2,500 units and at this point we have only 500 units available against this competitive pricing!


WIDI Master Bluetooth MIDI Adapter

Wireless MIDI adapter! Why Did You Go For WIDI Master?

Wireless MIDI Adapter

Thanks for trusting our wireless MIDI adapter

Thank you for buying WID Master. The wireless MIDI adapter over Bluetooth. You have become part of the process. Always have been. From the beginning to today. There is a reason I do not say "to the end", as the best is yet to come! Besides the future of WIDI, you supported us, the CME team, during the launch of the first member of the WIDI family: WIDI Master.

We are honoured that you trust our technology and bought your WIDI Master during our special presale phase. We understood from the beginning that we asked a lot from you with this crowd created project. Feel free to learn more about how it all started and what people like you contributed to make a real difference in the eventual results.

Over 4,000 units sold of WIDI Master! Register Today to benefit from 50% discount on the 2nd member of the WIDI family: WIDI Jack >> Register Now!

We made you an offer and you went for it!

Thanks to you the introduction of WIDI Master has been a tremendous success. In the first month after we started registrations, we exceeded our initial goal with over 100%. When we started the presale we sold over 2,000 units in two weeks. We can't thank you enough for trusting us and your contribution to all of this, no matter how big, is deeply appreciated by our entire team.

That said, WIDI Master is the first member of the WIDI family.  Without you this would not make sense, at all. Also, we consider interaction with you the only way to move forward. That is why we like to ask you one simple question.

Why did you buy WIDI Master?

Feel free to share your opinion, remarks, feedback and even concerns. Share with us your thoughts and ideas. You might trigger the next direction for us and eventually we might build what you really need. That would be amazing. So, you move us forward. You give us direction.

Feel free to leave a reply below and submit your comment!
Bluetooth MIDI Adapter

Bluetooth MIDI Adapter! Why did you not buy?

Bluetooth MIDI

WIDI Master is the Bluetooth MIDI Adapter

Thank you for visiting our website. Somehow we got in touch with you. Maybe you were searching on Google for a Bluetooth MIDI adapter. Maybe you are are interested in wireless MIDI solutions. It is possible that you've subscribed to our mailinglist as well or even were triggered by one of our Facebook Ads. 

Anyway, it does not really matter how we met. What matters is what we can do for you. Apparently you are interested in MIDI. 

We hope you enjoy making music and going deep into technology with old and new instruments and devices. We share that passion. That said, with WIDI Master we offer a revolution in wireless MIDI. Our Bluetooth MIDI adapter offers the most complete and reliable solution up until this day. And the best is yet to come.

Over 4,000 units sold of WIDI Master! Register Today to benefit from 50% discount on the 2nd member of the WIDI family: WIDI Jack >> Register Now!

Our presale discount offer

Also, we offered you an amazing discount upon introduction of WIDI Master. We understand that you need to trust us to make such an investment. Also, it might be that you just do not trust today's technology to meet your expectations. That is all possible. We consider all musicians and music makers unique and perfectly capable of making their own decisions. 

That said, we developed WIDI Master as our first crowd created project. That means, we involved people like you to create a better product during the entire development process.

We have one question for you

Eventually we got in touch with each other and apparently, until today, you decided not to buy. We would like to know one thing. Why did you not buy?

What should we do better? Are you waiting for a more sophisticated solution? Do you want to support your local retailer and buy from them? Don't you trust Bluetooth MIDI? 

We would highly appreciate it when you share your feedback, opinion and concerns with us. You might have the next idea for us to develop or a simple focus point for our marketing team. Simply tell us underneath by leaving a reply. We will always answer and show our appreciation. 

Because, fair enough, without people like you, we would not be able to grow!

Feel free to leave a reply below and submit your comment!

Team CME

PS: Maybe you did buy WIDI Master? If that is the case, feel free to visit our "why did you buy" section!