CME Live Broadcast III: Shook

Gianni Giudici Studiologic

CME Presents #REAP S01E03: Shook (Live), Gianni Giudici (Live), Marco Ragni (CEO Fatar)

Hello everybody. We invite you to our 3rd live broadcast on Sunday April 5. This time we teamed up with Shook and Studiologic.

This is a very special edition with focus on live keys and midi controlling. Besides live music by independent artist Shook and jazz musician Gianni Giudici, we go into the deep with leading music technology company Studiologic about the future of MIDI controllers and live concert keys.

Set yourself on attending here!

Shook Music CME REAP
Marco Ragni CEO Fatar Studiologic
Gianni Guidici Studiologic

Shook Music

Shook is an independent producer, artist and composer that already delivered 5 studio albums. His song Milestones was featured in the Netflix Series Better Call Saul and his song You Were Bigger Than Life reached millions of listeners in the US through Pandora and SiriusXM.

Shook easily moves from his Yamaha CP-70 piano to vintage synths like the Moog Model D, Yamaha DX7, Roland Juno-60 and the Polymoog. Recently he has been really active on his Instagram account dropping a wide range of live jams on various instruments. Shook will play a live piano concert and we will talk afterwards about his gear and career.

Gianni Giudici (Studiologic)

Besides being a talented composer and having a track record of over 40 years of being a renowned jazz musician, he is also billed as one of the best European performers on the Jazz organ.

He has been the youngest European official Hammond demonstrator. For over 35 years he has also been holding the position of Vice President and Musical Director of GENERALMUSIC. Since 2010, he has been Brand Manager and Music Director of Studiologic and has been highly involved in the development of the NUMA digital piano series and of course the SL keyboards line.

Gianni will start with a live remote concert and will follow up with a tech talk about the Studiologic products and future.

Marco Ragni (Studiologic)

Marco Ragni is the CEO of Fatar and Studiologic. During the live event we will talk about the latest additions to the Studiologic product range and what is the current focus of the company concerning future developments. Together with Gianni and CME CEO Zhao Yitian we will discuss the opportunities of the SL MIDI controllers and Numa Digital Pianos in combination with our WIDI technology.

A special focus will be on the SL Mixface that already implements Bluetooth MIDI. How would that be to control your vintage synths with this user-friendly controller? 

Join us to discuss the future of MIDI and live music during #REAP!

  • Geoff Milnes says:


    Will this be on Facebook only please or available afterwards on other media? I ask as have not subscribed to FB neither had a I need or want to!! Sorry but at 76 years old my time is more valuable than to be wasted having anything to do with it 😉

    If I ever require any information from FB, I ask a friend but in these current times, I am in self isolation and would be unable to do this in the circumstances.

    I hope there is an alternative way for me to watch this as I have been using MIDI for nearly 40 years now and any advancement would be of great interest – BUT, not enough to join FB!!!!! Sorry….

    If not, all the very best and I hope everything goes well.

    Kind regards and stay safe,


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