Press Release: WIDI Uhost & WIDI Bud Pro Shipping Announcement

WIDI Uhost

CME completes the WIDI family with wireless MIDI solutions for USB MIDI

WIDI Bud Pro is world's smallest wireless MIDI interface and is compatible with all major operating systems.
WIDI Uhost is world's first 3-in-1 wireless MIDI solution that works with all major operating systems, USB hosts and USB devices.

Go wireless between computers, smart devices, USB hosts and USB devices. Even if they are bus-powered.

WIDI Bud Pro


WIDI Uhost



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Thomas Gerbrands

Singapore • October 7, 2021 — CME Pro - the people behind WIDI - presents the latest addition to the Bluetooth MIDI product line WIDI. After the success of WIDI Master (5-PIN DIN) and WIDI Jack (TRS/DIN) - selling over 50,000 units in its first 18 months worldwide - the Community of MIDI Enthusiasts has been eagerly waiting to get their hands on WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro.

With these two additions to the WIDI family, advanced Bluetooth MIDI is now available for almost any device that implements the MIDI protocol. Of course, there are always exceptions. That said, the WIDI family offers unified wireless MIDI communication between all those wonderful pieces of MIDI equipment.

It no longer matters if you want to pair your iPhone with a vintage synth. Or use your bus-powered USB MIDI controller as a master controller for multiple sound modules. Capture any MIDI message from multiple devices simultaneously with your operating system and easily go from USB MIDI to DIN-5 and even TRS 3.5 (1/8") Type A ánd Type B.

To take this a step further, you can create WIDI groups with up to 5 WIDI devices. It allows you to set up 1-to-4 MIDI Splits and 4-to-1 MIDI Merges via the user-friendly WIDI App. Simply set your group once and save it as default to benefit from automatic pairing for advanced MIDI setups.

Watch this video of the talented Shook Music. As a comment on Facebook described it perfectly: "That moment when the product and music are equally excellent." - Leonard (Croatia)

Challenges and problem solving

Of course, wireless MIDI has its challenges. Today latency between 2 WIDI devices can be reduced to a stunning 3ms. This is an equal performance compared to the internal latency of many MIDI devices. Also, WIDI delivers 20m/65ft range measured without any obstacles. Last but not least, the automatic paring between multiple WIDI devices, or between WIDI and standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers, will get you up and running within seconds.

Also, with the WIDI Bud Pro and WIDI Uhost, you can now bypass the limitations of any operating system and add automatic pairing to it. There no longer is a need to go through the complex Bluetooth settings of your computer or mobile device. Just add WIDI via USB MIDI and you benefit from optimal performance (jitter/latency), automatic paring and WIDI groups.

Simply reduce the cable clutter. Improve the connectivity between all MIDI devices and enjoy the freedom of wireless MIDI on stage and in the studio. You now can transmit all MIDI messages wirelessly with the virtual MIDI cables. Even SysEx, MIDI Clock and MPE....

Please allow the legendary Roger Linn to share that message...

WIDI Uhost Explained (Click the image to enlarge)

WIDI Uhost
WIDI Uhost
WIDI Uhost
WIDI Uhost

WIDI Bud Pro Explained (Click the image to enlarge)

WIDI Bud Pro
WIDI Bud Pro
Wireless MIDI
WIDI Bud Pro

Shipping Details

Enough talking. Let's start walking. The pre-order phase for WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro ends on October 11, 2021. After this the regular price of both devices will be US$ 69 per unit. For WIDI Uhost there are also two cable packs available. If you want to learn every single detail about the WIDI family and available accessories, just go here.

  • WIDI Uhost will start shipping worldwide as per October 11, 2021
  • WIDI Bud Pro will start shipping worldwide between October 30, 2021 and November 15, 2021

You can always buy directly from the manufacturer. Simply click "Visit Shop" and you can order from anywhere. That said, buying locally has many benefits. Besides supporting your local retailer, you bypass the challenges of worldwide shipping and local import regulations. If you want to locate your premium dealer, simply go here.

One more thing. We understand that promoting Bluetooth MIDI is an uphill battle. We've been doing this for over 15 years now. Simply google the WIDI X8 and find out yourself. Of course, wires and wireless are different. It is up to you to decide if WIDI suits your use case. From our professional perspective, the latency performance of today's Bluetooth MIDI via WIDI is absolutely inaudible for the human hearing. 

Besides the constantly improving latency and jitter performance of the WIDI firmware, it is reliable with the availability of Smart Connectivity Algorithms and technologies like Frequency Hopping. That is easily said. For those who doubt, we say: "try it before making any assumptions".

The development of Bluetooth goes at a speed that is unheard of. The possibilities that Bluetooth 5.0 already offers are simply amazing and allow wireless creativity for any MIDI setup.

As said, stop the talking and start the walking. We are thankful the legendary Chicago band is using WIDI on stage.

Chicago Band

“I’ve got to tell you how pleased we are with the reliability and convenience of this product.” - Scott, Monitor Engineer of Chicago Live Events

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