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Pre-order WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro Today


WIDI Wireless MIDI

The Pre-Order Process (Pre-Order Phase has ended October 2021)

You are about to pre-order one or multiple new WIDI products during the special pre-sale period. You can apply your discount coupon BLEMIDI upon check out. Your discount will only be valid on selected pre-sale products. In this case it concerns WIDI Uhost  and WIDI Bud Pro.

There are no limitations on the number of products you pre-order during this stage. You can optimise your temporary discount and order as many units as you like. If you want to learn in detail which WIDI product suits your specific use case or find out what the exact differences are between WIDI Bud Pro and WIDI Uhost, feel welcome to read all details in this blog!

The Basics of the Pre-Order Phase!

Your 50% discount is only valid during the pre-order phase. You can apply your discount coupon BLEMIDI which allows you to order as many units of WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro as you need. The discount does not apply on regular products like WIDI Master and WIDI Jack nor when adding optional accessory cables.

When you join the pre-order phase, be aware that we only provide an estimated time of delivery. At this stage we target to ship the first units by the beginning of August 2021. This shipping date can be delayed and changed as we are preparing for mass production. The process of the golden sample can be challenging and unforeseen circumstances can arise.

That said, we've done this before and sold over 30,000 units of WIDI Master and WIDI Jack in 2020. You can learn about that process in this blog.

When placing your pre-order you can select your preferred shipping method. The shipping time that is communicated only becomes valid from the point we start delivering your pre-order. In other words, this does not state the shipping date from the time you place your pre-order.

Please note that the pricing excludes local customs fees and import tax as applied by your local government. This is a local regulation that is different for every country in the world. Please read this blog to understand the entire shipping process and how this applies to your specific case.

Please note that as per July 1, 2021 all EU customers are eligible to pay VAT upon arrival. This means that when you order your product in our online store, your payment does not include VAT. What you do pay for upfront is the transport costs. Because of this fact, you will carry the responsibility to take care of the customs clearance and local VAT regulation as set by your local government.

Please note that COVID-19 may affect your delivery time due to local lockdowns in either the receiving country, the country of origin and even countries that are part of the international transfer of your shipment. Also, it can affect supplies to our manufacturers and other important parts of the assembly process causing delays that are unpredictable as you already can notice today in the international chip market.

Cable Packs
There are no cables included in the WIDI Uhost packaging. If you need additional USB cables for WIDI Uhost, you can add your selection to your cart for an additional price of US$ 9.99 per cable set. Please note that there is no discount applicable on accessory cables. For your reference, there are two types of cable packs available.

  • WIDI Accessory USB-B OTG WIDI cable pack for standard MIDI controllers
  • WIDI Accessory USB micro-B OTG WIDI cable pack for slim MIDI controllers

Each pack contains 2 cables. One is always a USB A to USB C cable for connecting your computer as a device. Or to use for adding power when the Uhost functions as a host. The second cable is either a USB B or USB micro-B cable for connecting your USB MIDI device and add Bluetooth MIDI.

WIDI Master & WIDI Jack
It is possible to add the regularly available WIDI Master and WIDI Jack to your order. We will consolidate it with your pre-order shipment. This means that when placing an order with WIDI Jack and WIDI Master in your cart, they will not be shipped right away. Instead we will ship the entire order as soon as the pre-order products are ready to ship.

When you want to receive WIDI Master & WIDI Jack as soon as possible, you will need to place a separate order. Please note this will lead to double shipping costs and the possibility of paying local customs fees twice. As your pre-order and order will be processed and shipped separately.

When you want more information concerning the status of your pre-order, please contact us. You can also reach out to us on any social media platform or by replying to your order confirmation by email.  We are happy to help you.

We are easy-going. When you apply for a refund before the pre-orders are shipped, you will get it. That is not a problem. Simply reply to your pre-order confirmation or use any other form of communication as you prefer.

We understand the risk you take when placing a pre-order. Therefore we publicly communicate on every part of the process. We do this through our newsletter (sign in via the bottom of this page), our FB group, our social channels and blog.

How does this work?

You can apply your coupon upon check out. You can order multiple pre-order products. And you can add additional accessory cables. As we did this before, please note the following important information to fully understand the risks and challenges of pre-ordering.

  • Pricing is excluding shipping costs and custom fees as applied by your local government. Read this!
  • Pre-sale starts in May 2021, expected shipping date is early August, 2021.

Please note, as you join a crowd creation campaign, delivery time can be delayed and changed. Also to an earlier date. Currently we are testing prototypes and the process from sample unit to mass production is accompanied by a wide range of challenges. There is no value in speeding up this process and deliver faster. The real value is to deliver you the best product from day 1.

How to place your order?

Step 1: The first step in our shopping experience is to select your preferred products from the main landing page.

Step 1: Select Your Preferred Product(s)!

Step 2: This leads you to the product page. In this case you see the example of the WIDI Uhost

Step 2: Visit Product Page

Step 3: Simply scroll down on this product page. Next, you can click the button "add to cart". Please also note the "shopping" icon in the bottom right of your screen. That is where the magic happens!

Step 3: Scroll down and add to cart!

Step 4: Check your bundle in your cart. Automatically apply your coupon BLEMIDI. Select your preferred shipping method and either go to check-out and arrange payment or add more bundles or accessory cable options to your cart first.

Step 4: Check your cart and apply coupon!

Where to apply your coupon?

As mentioned above, you can automatically apply your coupon by using the side cart. If you click "view cart", you will be redirected to your cart overview on wide screen. Also there you can apply your coupon. Please note, you have to fill in your coupon BLEMIDI first. Next, you click apply coupon to process it.

Apply coupon BLEMIDI from your personalised cart

How does this work on mobile devices?

The process is similar on mobile devices. Please note the added images underneath. It also shows you how to apply your coupon with one click from your side cart.

Step 1: Click Promo Code Section

Step 2: Click Apply Coupon

Step 3: Discount Applied

Arranging Your Payment

Please note that during the pre-order phase we only accept credit card via Stripe. Unfortunately PayPal is not an option. This is due to the fact that the moment of your payment and the actual shipping date are too far apart. This does not match with PayPal's well respected customer protection.

Please note, we take care of all our customers to the best of our abilities. Refunds are no problem after placing your pre-order. Until the day your order is shipped, a refund request will be processed with one single click. As we understand that pre-orders online can feel a bit risky to you, we are easy-going on this matter. We did that for WIDI Master and WIDI Jack. And will do it for WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro. No worries!

Please note we will add the Paypal option again when we are really close to actual shipping. This means that when you place your pre-order, the goods can be shipped within 1 or 2 weeks.

The only thing we ask is to be a bit more patient. Make sure to register to our newsletter, so we can inform you when the time is right.

Already got an account?

Some of you already created an account. By logging into your account, your order is added to your history. You can change your shipping address and/or billing address from your account.

If you experience problems with logging in, please refresh your page first. If this does not bring a solution, you can try to reset your password. You can also proceed as our guest. This can be done by simply adding your details in the form and proceed.

Please note, a returning customer and having an account is not the same. You really have to create an account before to be able to login. This means that if you placed an order before, that does not automatically mean you have an account.

Again, if this leads to confusion, we do apologies. Please let us know. This way we can improve this feature for the future and others. The easiest solution for you is to refresh your page and proceed as a guest by just filling in your details in the form.

Now let the fun begin!


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