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Press Release – CME introduces the missing link between USB MIDI and DIN MIDI



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Have you ever tried connecting your USB MIDI controller to your DIN/TRS MIDI device?
Pair USB MIDI controllers with all MIDI devices. Without cables. Even without computers.

WIDI Uhost: Connect All MIDI devices wirelessly!

Singapore • July 1, 2021 — CME Pro - the people behind WIDI Bluetooth MIDI technology - presents the missing link between USB MIDI and traditional DIN/TRS MIDI with the latest edition to the WIDI family: WIDI Uhost!

At present, many manufacturers make USB MIDI their main or even their only means of connection. Although bus-powered USB MIDI controllers offer a great solution, they also deliver new challenges for MIDI enthusiasts. The connectivity between USB MIDI and DIN/TRS MIDI hardware has been a challenge since day one.

With the new WIDI Uhost, CME brings back the universal role of the MIDI protocol allowing you to connect all MIDI devices wirelessly.

CME's WIDI products ensure that all MIDI instruments remain compatible with even the earliest MIDI hardware. Without the need for complex scripting or esoteric cabling and routing. It doesn't matter if it's USB MIDI, your mobile device, your guitar pedal, or your vintage synth.

WIDI has got you covered. Just plug, pair and play!

Finally you can control your collection of sound modules from that single USB master keyboard. Without cables. Even without computers or mobile devices. To take it a step further, with wireless MIDI groups you can even control up to 4 MIDI devices from one single USB MIDI controller. Even if it is bus-powered

Simply set up your wireless MIDI group via the user-friendly WIDI app (Android/iOS) and save that group to the default memory of your WIDI devices. Upon start up, that group will pair automatically following your personal preferences. And without any hassle you can run multiple groups simultaneously.

Imagine where this technology can take you...

WIDI Uhost is now available as pre-order for only US$ 34.50 instead of US$ 69!
Only directly available from the manufacturer for a limited time with 50% discount.

Expected shipping date August 2021!


  • Ultra low latency (as low as 3ms) wireless MIDI
  • Secure connection with 2x speed and 4x range (20m/65ft)
  • Smart frequency hopping technology for stable and multiple connections
  • 3-in-1 BLE MIDI solutions for all class compliant USB MIDI devices
  • Operates both as standalone USB host and USB device
  • Wireless MIDI groups with up to 5 WIDI devices


  • Automatic pairing between WIDI devices and BLE MIDI devices
  • Turbo BLE MIDI dongle for any operating system adding automatic pairing for computers and mobile devices
  • Transmit any MIDI messages including long Sysex (up to 5kb) and MIDI Clock
  • Personal settings for jitter or latency optimisation via WIDI app (Android/iOS)
  • Works with and without computers and mobile devices

WIID Uhost Prototype III (July 2021)

About CME Pro
CME is built by a passionate group of music industry veterans and creators with over a century of experience developing innovative products and services. We aim to develop products based on actual demand from the market by implementing the C2M model. By delivering smart solutions on the nexus of creativity and technology we combine our mottos "Music Has Value" and "Always One Step Ahead" in our daily work.

About WIDI
WIDI technology is developed together with the Community of MIDI Enthusiasts following the crowd creation process. The purpose of WIDI is to fulfil the main function of the MIDI protocol, which is the uniform communication between electronic musical instruments. WIDI technology is created to add Bluetooth MIDI to any instrument, operating system or device, bringing back the essence of MIDI that was lost over time.


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  • Hi My question is. . if the widi host is connected to the digital piano and you want this to talk to and control your din midi keyboard you still need to purchase another unit like the midi jack or suchlike! what would be the final cost tor this setup be? I am in the uk so it would be pounds please? Many Thanks in anticipation for your reply! Regards Barry

    • Hi Barry, if you order in our shop. Regular pricing would be US$ 59 + US $ 69 = US$ 128 = 93 GBP based on today’s currency exchange rate. This is excluding shipping costs and import tax if applicable. You can simply go to our shop https://www.cme-pro.com/shop and add the products to your cart. Next you can see the final pricing and select your preferred shipping method and associated price.

      If you add a WIDI Uhost to your purchase keep in mind it is currently in pre-sale. This means we cannot ship your order immediately. We will ship your entire order when WIDI Uhost is available. This is likely to be towards the end of September.

      The good thing about it is that you get 50% discount during pre-sale on WIDI Uhost with coupon BLEMIDI.

      This will make the calculation temporary US$ 59 (WIDI Master or WIDI Jack) + US$ 34,50 = US$ 93,50 = GBP 68

      Hope this helps.


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