Press Release – CME introduces world’s smallest MIDI interface

World's Smallest MIDI interface

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Create Bluetooth MIDI groups for all operating systems
Add up to five (5) WIDI devices per wireless group. Run multiple groups simultaneously.
Expand connectivity with 1-to-4 MIDI Split or 4-to-1 MIDI Merge capabilities via USB.

Wireless MIDI

CME WIDI Bud Pro: World's Smallest MIDI Interface

Singapore • June 17, 2021 — CME Pro, the small scale innovator with over 15 years of experience in wireless MIDI technology, is pleased to announce the most effective solution to boost wireless MIDI performance of any operating system.

The successor of the legacy WIDI Bud (2016) integrates the latest developments of CME's WIDI technology in a tiny, high performance Bluetooth MIDI super dongle. Plug WIDI Bud Pro in the USB port of your operating system and ensure ultra low latency (as low as 3ms) Bluetooth MIDI without having to upgrade your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Powered by the latest BLE 5 technology, the complete WIDI range offers wireless MIDI solutions via Bluetooth for all MIDI devices. Both hardware and software. Both instruments and apps. Pair your operating system automatically with any Bluetooth MIDI device or any piece of MIDI hardware that has Bluetooth MIDI via other WIDI devices. Enjoy the freedom of wireless MIDI with a range of 20m (65ft) without obstacles.

With automatic pairing connecting standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers and WIDI devices is as simple as plug, pair & play.

On top of this, with the improved WIDI App for both Android and iOS, you can virtually manage more complex Bluetooth MIDI groups. Via the user-friendly app you can now add up to five (5) WIDI devices per wireless group. And yes, you can run multiple groups simultaneously.

With 100% MIDI compatibility, WIDI Bud Pro offers full bi-directional transmission and reception of any MIDI message. Enjoy MIDI 2.0 ready 2-way performance and transmit all MIDI notes, CC, MIDI clock, long SysEx and MPE over air.

Go pro with wireless MIDI groups with professional performance via Bluetooth 5 technology. Reduce interference with WIDI's unique Smart Connectivity Algorithms and Adaptive Frequency Hopping. Those forces combined, deliver reliable solutions for studio and stage with 2x speed and 4x range.

Limit the amount of cables on your desk and on stage and unify your entire MIDI setup with advanced WIDI technology without the need of a battery as it is powered by standard 5v USB.

Simply get rid of those cables and enjoy the fully standalone wireless solutions with world's smallest MIDI interface via Bluetooth.

World's Smalles MIDI Interface

CME WIDI Bud Pro: World's Smallest MIDI Interface

About CME Pro
CME is built by a passionate group of music industry veterans and creators with over a century of experience developing innovative products and services. We aim to develop products based on actual demand from the market by implementing the C2M model. By delivering smart solutions on the nexus of creativity and technology we combine our mottos "Music Has Value" and "Always One Step Ahead" in our daily work.

About WIDI
WIDI technology is developed together with the Community of MIDI Enthusiasts following the crowd creation process. The purpose of WIDI is to fulfil the main function of the MIDI protocol, which is the uniform communication between electronic musical instruments. WIDI technology is created to add Bluetooth MIDI to any instrument, operating system or device, bringing back the essence of MIDI that was lost over time.

  • Barry says:

    Hi I have a Korg Havian piano which has usb A and B ports. I want this to control my Technics KN2000 that has 5 pin midi port’s. Please advise what I need to get these guys talking to each other?
    Regard and much success to all of your amazing developments !!
    I would like to purchase with the discount in the UK please if possible. Cheers Barry

  • r.rolley1 says:

    Hi there I am based in UK and have just ordered one of these from UK supplier to avoid the hassle with customs and VAT, so sadly not able to take advantage of the summer promo . But I am looking forward to using it with EWI5000 and Widi Master to give me Wireless freedom for Sax and Brass etc..I keep getting tangled in cables when playing with band and have occasionally pulled out the USB lead so being able to move off the spot and around will be a luxury. I wonder if there is a 5pin right angled adapter for widi master so it doesn’t stick out of EWI 5000 ?

    • tgerbrands says:

      Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a pleasant wireless experience with WIDI Master. There is no angled adapter available. What you can do is disconnect the small sub-connector and only use the large main adapter. This way you only connect WIDI Master with your MIDI OUT and there is no cable bungling around that you do not need.

      Another solution that might interest you is WIDI Jack + 5-PIN DIN. You can stick the WIDI Jack anywhere on your device and use the smaller cable to connect it with MIDI OUT.

      In its essence WIDI Jack and WIDI Master are the same. Only you can use different cables with WIDI Jack and add an external power supply if needed. So, if you can find that special cable you need you can go from TRS 2.5 (3/32″) MIDI of the WIDI Jack to your DIN-5 of your EWI.

      Hopefully this helps:

      Let’s keep connected.


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