OnSong and CME WIDI announce partnership

Onsong App
OnSong App

OnSong App: Are you ready to ditch the binder?

Today we are happy to announce to you that app developer OnSong and hardware developer CME are announcing an official partnership. This simply means that both our development teams and communities have found that combining the two solutions improves your life as a musician.

Next, we will work closely together and invite our communities to test, approve and improve the combination of a great app and the wireless MIDI solutions via Bluetooth. Also, you will find interesting offers and community use cases with both products by people like you.

Basically OnSong is the swiss army knife of apps for musicians. With over 50 features, OnSong allows you to customize its app to your needs. For instance, you can import and write music the way you like. Next you can annotate, draw and format your charts for the perfect live performance. This can all be done in-app.

Basically, OnSong offer solutions for singer/songwriters, music therapy, worship musicians and entertainers. It ads one touch technology to allow you to write and perform songs, benefit from today's iOS technology and control a wide variety of features via MIDI.

The fun part starts when you add automation on stage with foot pedals and triggers via MIDI. You can check out the quotes on this page as taken from your fellow MIDI enthusiasts via our vibrant Facebook Group.

Or watch the 5 minutes extract of the OnSong livestream that takes you along the way they utilise WIDI Wireless MIDI to fully benefit from mobile music apps and iOS.

Without wires. Without binders. With today's technology.

Midi controlling my Boss GT-1000 Core & RC500 via OnSong on iPad

Next, I want to take it a stage further and use OnSong on iPad to control Patches on Boss GT-1000 Core and at the same time load backing tracks stored on the RC500 Looper.

Dean Donaldson

CME Community Member

WIDI: Get rid of those cables!

The combination of WIDI Master and WIDI Jack turns and MIDI controller into a wireless solution to control apps and other music software. As CME has its community in the center of development, this partnership with OnSong is also triggered by community members.

After the first Bluetooth MIDI adapter was released, many people used this solution to connect MIDI instruments with apps and software. It simply replaces the need of any USB-to-MIDI converter. Especially when looking at integrated Bluetooth MIDI for iOS and macOS.

It is simply this contribution by you and your fellow enthusiasts that makes us aware of opportunities, solutions and directions. As there is so much MIDI fun available today, it is absolutely necessary to keep sharing your uses cases.

Feel welcome to share your OnSong experiences in the comment section below and be sure to download OnSong to get familiar with the perfect app for musicians that perform. Simply make wires and paper a thing of the past...

I can confirm that WIDI Jack also works perfectly with the Ground Control Pro.

I tested using OnSong via iPad both sending out from the controller as well as sending external Program Changes to it selecting presets.

Don Barber

CME Community Member

  • docdavekeyz says:

    If you could make a paid bluetooth to emulated usb midi android app. Could then connect to apps like FL studio and audio evolution mobile. Just frees the phone to be put anywhere. Plus you could reach a bigger market. And charge your phone at the same time

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