Why You Trust WIDI!

Why Trust WIDI
Trust WIDI

Thank you for your trust!

At the end of 2019 you first encountered an early concept of WIDI Master. Back then it was already decided that WIDI technology would be developed and should evolve around you and your fellow MIDI Enthusiasts. That is how the approach of crowd creation was born.

In its essence, crowd creation bridges the gap between developer and customer. Between manufacturer and consumer. Between you and us.

With this approach you have become part of the process. The intention is to connect you closely to the development process. As a result of this, you are able to contribute to new music technology by simply sharing your thoughts, concerns and experiences with the community.

By keeping you in the centre of attention, Bluetooth MIDI and especially WIDI have become a big international success. At least, it went way beyond our own expectations.

Today in 2021 over 30,000 WIDI devices were sold. Also, new concepts are being prepared and our Community of MIDI Enthusiasts keeps growing steadily with an interactive gathering between fellow musicians, tech heads and tastemakers. 

It is time to provide you with some insights of what has happened between 2019 and 2021. Also, at the end, you will get more details of what is going to happen in the near future. Not only with wireless MIDI over Bluetooth, but more...

1. International resellers are joining the club!

2. Translated product pages arrive!

3. Partners start bundling wireless MIDI solution!

4. Integrating firmware and controller app in MIDI hardware!

5. App developers become part of the process!

The future looks bright!

This is only a brief overview made for your convenience. Feel more than welcome to browse around. Even better, if you think we miss out on any connection with a potential partner, reach out through the support form to tell us what we should do to make that difference for you.

Of course there are more things to announce. That list keeps expanding. Did you know that you can download the Korg BLE-MIDI driver for Windows and that it will work with your WIDI devices? Or you can go for the dedicated MIDIberry-IO for WIDI Master.

That said, currently you can also join the presale of the next product. It is called WIDI Uhost. It will add USB MIDI to the wireless MIDI options. This means that together with the already available WIDI Master and WIDI Jack, you can add any MIDI device or instrument to your wireless MIDI setup.

As mentioned in the beginning, everything evolves around your requests and demands. That is why WIDI Uhost will only be taken in production as soon as we reach 3,000 registrants. As soon as we reach that point you and the community have validated the concept. That is the only we to move to the presale phase. 

And during this phase, you as a registrant, get 50% discount...

WIDI Uhost will be taken into production if we get sufficient registrants.
The target is 3,000!

Become part of the process and invite your friends.

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