February 18

Easy fix for WIDI App and Firmware Update


How to update WIDI firmware via WIDI app?

Updating the WIDI firmware is a simple step-by-step process. The procedure is performed via the WIDI app for iOS or Android.

Please note that you can only update one WIDI device at a time. If you own multiple WIDI devices, make sure to power only one of them to avoid automatic pairing between WIDI devices.

In some cases, the architecture of your smart device can cause Bluetooth cache problems. This can cause errors, especially when updating multiple WIDI devices in succession in a single session.

Unfortunately, we can't change the way Android and iOS are designed. What we can do is provide you with a straight forward solution to solve the problem and improve your experience for the future.

Just follow these simple guidelines for the best experience.

Step 2: Check the instruction video below
Step 3: Use the manual for WIDI App (page 6)
Step 4: Troubleshoot Bluetooth connection cache issues

Issue 1: If WIDI App cannot connect to your WIDI device to start the updating process
Solution 1:
Clear the Bluetooth cache as shown in the video below and try again.

Issue 2: If your update process failed and your WIDI device shows the GREEN LED
Solution 2: Clear the Bluetooth cache as shown below. Next, use WIDI App to re-connect to your WIDI device and select the correct product model to restart the updating proces.

Step 5: Refresh your pairing connection
After updating, execute a factory reset via WIDI App and reboot your WIDI device. Clear your mobile device's Bluetooth cache and re-pair your WIDI device with your mobile device.

Step 6: Updating process is still not working for WIDI Master or WIDI Jack

In some rare cases your MIDI device does deliver power, but not sufficient to kickstart the updating process. If the above did not work and your updating process does not start, please add external power to your WIDI Jack and try again.

For WIDI Master, please try to plug in your WIDI Master into another MIDI hardware device and try again. If all the above does not work, reach out to support.

Check out the online start guide of your WIDI device for more details!


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  1. Right, the updated app on my Android phone says “WIDI product is discovering services” but it has been a long time now and the WIDI Jack light is solid green so I guess it has failed? I try your suggestions: reset bluetooth on phone, reload Android WIDI app, now it says “WIDI Updater” instead of the name I gave the WIDI Jack. I reset both my phone and the WIDI Jack, same thing always says “The firmware is being updated…” Now my WIDI Jack is useless.

    1. Sorry to hear this James.If your update process failed and your WIDI device shows the GREEN LED, use WIDI App to connect to your WIDI device again and select the correct product model to restart the updating proces.

      If your device is named “WIDI Updater”, you should be able to resume updating the firmware.

      If you cannot, please delete all WIDI connections from your general Bluetooth list and turn Bluetooth off and on. It is essential you delete all previous connections to fully execute clearing your Android Bluetooth cache.


      If this still does not work, try a hard reset of your WIDI device.

      When the WIDI Jack is NOT powered on, press and hold the
      button. Power on the WIDI Jack until the green LED light
      flashes slowly for 3 times. Then release the button. The
      interface will manually reset to the factory default

      Page 5: https://www.cme-pro.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/WIDI-Jack-Owners-manual_v08_mobile-view_en.pdf

      If you still haven’t got a succesful firmware upgrade, please reach out via our community http://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans or directly via support https://www.cme-pro.com/support

      Hope this helps.

  2. The app displays it is updating the firmware, but 30 minutes seems a bit long to me. The WIDI master LED is green. I tried on another WIDI Master, and now I have 2 WIDI masters with green LED’s and not working as expected. Using a conventional MIDI cable from my midi keyboard to a MIDI expansion works. Plugging in the WIDI masters in both devices (to basically act like the cable that worked), does not work.

    I find this very disapointing

    1. I am sorry to hear this. Updating takes 1 or 2 minutes. Did you follow the advise as shown in this blog? Like clear the Bluetooth cache of your mobile device?

  3. Unfortunately, the above hasn’t helped me with my firmware update. Each time I’m trying to update one of my two WIDI Masters (tried both seperately), the app keeps prompting me “Restart bluetooth: Please disable then enable your bluetooth from settings to make this process working”. Doing so will just result in the same prompt again. Tried older firmware version, same result. Any ideas? 🙁

    1. Sorry to hear this. And we are happy to help. Did you also try to remove the WIDI device from your general Bluetooth list and then toggle Bluetooth off and on? This should remove all existing cache of your device. If not, feel welcome to reach out via https://www.cme-pro.com/support so we can assist you on a more personal level. Hope this helps.

  4. I’m having problems too. WIDI Master connection keeps falling off after about 15 minutes (give or take) and does not automatically reconnect. I have to manually reconnect it in my Mac Bluetooth devices in the audio MIDI settings each time. I’ve updated the firmware per instructions about 3 times, but it’s either not taking or not helping. WIDI Uhost device nearby also required a firmware update, is rock solid and stays on for literal days.

    1. I am sorry to hear this. There are a couple of things we can try to solve your issue.

      1) Please try to clear the cache of your macOS:

      2) Please reset your WIDI device after updating to “factory default” via WIDI app

      3) Please note that manual reconnecting is a limitation of macOS. The only way to bypass this is by adding WIDI Uhost or WIDI Bud Pro and bypass the onboard Bluetooth of macOS. Also, if you have any energy saving modes turned on, please turn them off. Including your screensaver. MacOS has the unfortunate tendency to terminate its Bluetooth MIDI connections when not in use.

      If the above does not help, feel welcome to reach out via https://www.cme-pro.com/support/

  5. Mine is hardly detected by widi app android (on 2 different phones it’s the same) and when i enter the codes for connection…i can wait for hours ! The bluetooth cache, obviously, had been cleared.

    My old one works and is up to date : so what’s wrong with my new widi master ?

    1. I am sorry to hear this. I suspect nothing is wrong with your WIDI. It can be that your two WIDI devices have been connected to each other. If that is the case, they can no longer be detected by your phone. Also, when switching WIDI device, please clear the Bluetooth cache in between the connections. If this does not help either, please reach out via the form on http://www.cme-proc.com/support or drop a post on http://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans so we can assist you in setting it up correctly.

  6. I had similar firmware update issues to the above – after tapping Start in the WIDI App on iOS, the status light quickly turned solid green after maybe a flash or two, and the activity indicator spins with no actual update progress. Tried clearing the cache, etc. per the instructions but same result. Then I did this:
    – Reset the iOS Bluetooth cache per instructions
    – Open WIDI App, pair, start update; status light is solid green
    – Unplug power (I was using USB) to WIDI Jack
    – Press and hold the WIDI Jack reset button
    – Restore USB power, continuing to hold the reset button until the light flashes green and then solid (IIRC)
    – Release reset button; within a few seconds, the WIDI app started the update, and completed successfully within a few seconds.

    1. Thanks for sharing Will. t seems you did a full flash of your device. Happy to hear you have found a solution for your problem and shared it here.

  7. I am have been having a hard time connecting to my Widi Masters to make firmware updates. I have followed all directions but no luck. Instead of plugging the WIDI Masters into my MOXF i tried plugging the Widi Masters into an other until now unused midi device… and boom connected right away, did the firmware update in seconds, and they are now working like a charm.

    1. If it worked before, we can get it to work again. Please make sure your WIDI Master is not occupied by your iPad when connecting to your laptop. Also, make sure you run the latest firmware. On your laptop, try clearing its Bluetooth device cache as explained via the online start guide: https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-master-start-guide-bluetooth-midi/#tve-jump-1834a7cce4f

      You are always welcome to opt-in on the shared knowledge of the community via http://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans or reach out to support directly via https://www.cme-pro.com/support

  8. I have the Widi Master installed inside my NuRad EWI. It’s having some issues pairing because I don’t know the pairing number. To fit inside the EWI the covering was taken off. It has been working great but I’m in need of a method to get the pairing number. Midimittr has cycled through tons of pairing numbers I just don’t know which. Help!

  9. Having trouble connecting my WIDI Jack to AIRSTEP Lite. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, I’m following instructions but the WIDI will not recognize the AIRSTEP Lite

    1. As far as I know, you need to update both your Airstep (v17 or higher) and WIDI (latest version) to the latest firmware.
      It is also mentioned in the manual of the Airstep.

      For WIDI, there is an online start guide. Pairing with 3rd party Bluetooth MIDI controllers should be fully automatic: https://www.cme-pro.com/support/#tve-jump-183c593fe0d

      What can happen too is that your WIDI device or Airstep connects automatically to your mobiles or computers built-in Bluetooth, so try the automatic pairing when those device’s Bluetooth is turned off.

      There are several threads on the Airstep’s Bluetooth in our Facebook Group. You can also try to post a video there, so a person who already solved the issue can support you directly: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans/permalink/3618405795055862/

      In the thread of the link, the solution was simply checking if IN and OUT where plugged in correctly.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Device not recognized: your device is not a WIDI product. Meanwhile the app shows connected and the name of the jack. Please focus on making products that are reliable and work. This is not trustworthy for live performance at all.

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ve been in touch with your friends Jason and Scott of the Musicplayers.com website for ages. They always have been quite positive about our products and we have a good relationship.

      I think what happened at your side is a mismatch with the firmware. It is not really related with actual performance, it is basically a technical issue.

      Before I go to a hard reset solution, please try the simple procedure as explained in this blog and confirm it does not work for you. You need to remove your WIDI device from the general Bluetooth settings page of your mobile device. Next toggle Bluetooth off and on to restart it.

      Also make sure to use a USB power source to power your WIDI device in case the MIDI device does not provide enough power from its MIDI out port.

      If the above 100% does not work, try a hard reset as follows:

      Please push the button on your WIDI Jack and power it on. Please hold the button and wait for the green LED to blink 7 times and let go. Now you have done a hard reset.

      Next you can open WIDI App and pair it with your WIDI device. Select the correct model in the dropdown menu and restart the updating process.

      Let me know if this works. Meanwhile I’ll email Scott to introduce us to each other.


  11. i have all of your widi stuff, and i still have the same problem , out of the blue the widi master disconnects, not connected to a computer, just from point to point. Whats going on?

  12. I have updated the Widi Master to the latest 2.21 bluetooth firmware and now trying to connect.
    I have reset bluetooth connection on my iPad and switched it on and off.

    App does see the widi mast, but when I click on it…after awhile it is saying…

    Device not recognized
    Tour device is not a WIDI product.

    Please can you help how to solve this issue?

    1. Thanks Robert for reaching out. Sorry you encounter this issue. I assume you updated your WIDI device via your iPad too? Just to be sure, your WIDI device is not connected to your mobile device, that occupies the connection. After updating did you execute a factory reset and reboot your WIDI device? The best place to get personal support is via https://www.cme-pro.com/support/#tve-jump-183922d36ae

      Hope this helps!

  13. I get the green blinking lights when I connect to my iMac, but I can't update my firmware through the App Store because my Apple ID isn't working. Are there any other sources where I can download your free products sithout going through Apple?

  14. I had it working and updated yesterday but Apple support tech acts like it’s his mission in life to get and destroy another credit card: so I am being blocked from downloading the app again and nobody will tell me why but I know it’s because I switched from Google to Apple and Apple must have a credit card with money remaining on it in order to do their job and give us the device and tools that we have already purchased

    1. I have no idea what you are exactly referring to. If you experience any difficulties, feel welcome to reach out directly to https://www.cme-pro.com/support/#tve-jump-183922d36ae

      Basically, WIDI Jack adds Bluetooth MIDI to your hardware device. It does not replace the Bluetooth of your operating system for instance. IF you have challenges connecting to a 3rd party device, I am here to assist you in the best possible way.

      Hope this helps, and feel free to share some more detail so we are actually able to reflect on your statement and hopefully even able to solve it for you.

  15. I have never bought such an impossible piece of technology. It does not work out of the box until the firmware is updated. To update we are told to use the WIDI app and all should be revealed. Ha ha! When attempting to use the app I am told that it is incompatible with my I pad. I have no means to connect WIDI master using anything else. Watching the stupid videos on the product succeed only in driving me crazy with the silly music and zero written or spoken helpful instruction. During all of this, the horrible little gizmo annoyingly continues to flash green. My money is wasted. Please tell me why you throw such a useless product on the market, not working out of the box and of zero use to somebody like me who doesn’t happen to own a flotilla of up to the minute technology in order to make the thing work.

    1. I am sorry to hear this has happened. I fully understand your frustration on this matter. The green LED indicates your WIDI device is stuck in update mode. This has likely happened during the updating process. This blog explains exactly what you should do to fix it.

      1. Go to your Bluetooth device list on your mobile device and delete any existing WIDI device from that list.
      2. Turn Bluetooth off and on to reset the Bluetooth cache of your mobile device
      3. Open WIDI App and resume the updating process by selecting the correct WIDI device from the list in WIDI App

      It might have been that the button on your WIDI device has been pushed through. This will constantly reset your WIDI device. If that is the case try to pull that button out. If that is not possible, it will be considered as a defect and your unit will be replaced free of charge if under warranty.

      For detailed explanations and step by step guides, please note that there are start guides available in written text: https://www.cme-pro.com/support/#tve-jump-183c593fe0d

      If you require personal assistance or want a replacement, you can simply reach out via https://www.cme-pro.com/support/#tve-jump-183922d36ae and you will be assisted accordingly.

      Hope this helps.

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