February 17

WIN WIDI Competition: Worldwide WIDI Wonders


win widi

The easiest way to WIN WIDI!

Thank you for sharing all kinds of fun WIDI configurations over the past two years. The creativity of going wireless continues to surprise our team every time.

That's why you can now win free Bluetooth MIDI prizes with the easiest contest out there.

Simply share your WIDI setup via a short video or nice image. Tell your WIDI story in just a few lines and drop it on any public or social channel.

It doesn't matter if you connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer or use your plants to trigger sounds in the cloud. It's all up to you. Everything goes.

Just show and tell!

The basic rules:

1. Share a photo or image on a social channel. This could be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, your favorite forum, your preferred Facebook Group or anything else you can share a link to.

2. Add a simple hashtag #bluetoothmidi if possible.

3. Share the link to your content with us via info@cme-pro.com to get your discount and in the comment section of this blog to participate.

What can you win?

  • Every month there is one winner who gets 1x WIDI device for free.
  • Every month there is one winner who gets the "Partner of the Month" prize.
  • Everybody who shares its link via info@cme-pro.com gets a 30% discount coupon.
  • Everybody stands a chance to be featured in our blog or our social channels sooner or later.

When does it start?


When does it end?

If it brings true joy to all, we will keep this going and announce a new winner every month!

Who is Partner of the Month?

We are pleased to announce that this month CME has joined forces with Xsonic. The clever people behind the Airstep. The smart foot controller that can send all types of MIDI messages via Bluetooth.

Xsonic has made available the Airstep Lite worth US$ 179. With it you can control pedals and amps that work with MIDI. And together with your WIDI product of choice, you can make your MIDI communication go completely wireless.

Control software on mobile phones, tablets, and computers via Bluetooth MIDI. Trigger effect software, plugins, DAW, etc. And with the Airstep Lite you can send up to 8 different messages per switch.


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  1. 七折优惠对我来说没有任何吸引力,我不太理解为何一家知名的中国公司,没有对中国的销售,我在官网的预订居然要收取10美元的运费,所以我坚持用中文回复这个主题!
    视频是很早以前录制的,使用了widimaster和gk wave,但没有单独的介绍,目前我也在使用jack以及airstep,这些产品的设计都非常优秀,实际上这些产品的详细介绍都在我的计划之中,如果活动可以继续,也许我有机会得到一个免费的。总之,是否应该有个国内的直销渠道?

  2. 七折优惠对我来说没有任何吸引力,我不太理解为何一家知名的中国公司,没有对中国的销售,我在官网的预订居然要收取10美元的运费,所以我坚持用中文回复这个主题!
    视频是很早以前录制的,使用了widimaster和gk wave,但没有单独的介绍,目前我也在使用jack以及airstep,这些产品的设计都非常优秀,实际上这些产品的详细介绍都在我的计划之中,如果活动可以继续,也许我有机会得到一个免费的。总之,是否应该有个国内的直销渠道?https://b23.tv/v3sJXp2

    1. 感谢你的分享!CME品牌2005到2012年隶属于中国的中音公司,2012年(从Xkey开始)独立出来并在新加坡注册,同时我们建立了以法国研发工程师为主的国际化团队,市场推广负责人在欧洲的荷兰,所以几乎所有产品信息都是先有英文,才逐步翻译成中文。目前中国的代理仍然是中音公司,这里是中文信息的网页,供参考:http://www.centrmus.com/product?product_brand=72

      CME的产品虽然在中国生产,但作为新加坡公司,按照国家规定产品必须先出口,然后再正规进口缴纳关税后才能在国内合法销售。如果您希望在中国购买的话,可以联系中音公司,也可以在淘宝搜索CME WIDI:https://s.taobao.com/search?q=cme+widi&type=p&tmhkh5=&from=sea_1_searchbutton&catId=100&spm=a2141.241046-cn.searchbar.d_2_searchbox


  3. Thanks to dear Jerry for your nice words! <3
    Good day,

    I’d like to make 3 entries in to the competition with the following Youtube videos:
    Teaser - Wireless Roland FR-8X setup and more! - https://youtu.be/ND1AXxPL6a4
    The setup – https://youtu.be/nUON-oaTmI8
    The latest update – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0GlhJziF7I

    Your Bluetooth Wireless Midi has completely changed and improved my setup and I am very happy that I was one of your first customers… I could NOT have realized a dream that I have had for a long time without you!

    Also, if I won the wireless foot pedal, it would complete my design, making my entire setup 100% wireless.


  4. Thanks to dear Akinori Murakami for your nice words! ❤
    fleaman101(@fleaman)さんがツイートしました: hx stomp と airstep が、widi jack
    mc3が、widi uhost に接続!
    これで、midi信号がワイヤレスで自由自在!今度は、pcにwidi bud pro を接続すれば、bluetoothmidi環境が完成すると思う。
    #bluetoothmidi https://twitter.com/fleaman101/status/1495289150689673219?s=27

    村上 覚政 Akinori Murakami

  5. Thanks to dear Mans for your nice post! <3
    Apart from my keyboards I also play a Yamaha WX-5 over #bluetoothmidi to the synth rig, using a WIDI Master transmitting to a WIDI Jack feeding a Midiman Merge 2. Favourite instrument so far is the Respiro wind synthesizer on my PC, which is in the other end of the midi chain. A totally different dimension compared to keyboards!
    Stockholm, Sweden

    1. This is an excellent video. Thanks for sharing this. Would you mind sending it to info(at)cme-pro.com so we can post it on our YouTube channel?

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