WIN WIDI Competition: Hotone Ampero Press

Ampero Press

The easiest way to WIN WIDI!

Thank you for sharing all kinds of fun WIDI configurations over the past two years. The creativity of going wireless continues to surprise our team every time.

That's why you can now win free Bluetooth MIDI prizes with the easiest contest out there.

Simply share your WIDI setup via a short video or nice image. Tell your WIDI story in just a few lines and drop it on any public or social channel.

It doesn't matter if you connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer or use your plants to trigger sounds in the cloud. It's all up to you. Everything goes.

Just show and tell!

The basic rules:

1. Share a photo or image on a social channel. This could be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, your favorite forum, your preferred Facebook Group or anything else you can share a link to.

2. Add a simple hashtag #bluetoothmidi if possible.

3. Share the link to your content with us via to get your discount and in the comment section of this blog to participate.

What can you win?

1. Every month there is one winner who gets 1x WIDI device for free.

2. Every month there is one winner who gets the "Partner of the Month" prize.

2. Everybody who shares its link via gets a 30% discount coupon.

3. Everybody stands a chance to be featured in our blog or our social channels sooner or later.

When does it start?


When does it end?

If it brings true joy to all, we will keep this going and announce a new winner every month!

Who is Partner of the Month?

We are pleased to announce that this month CME has joined forces with Hotone. The clever people behind the Ampero, the range of amp modelers, effect processors, pedals and foot switches for next level guitar players.

Hotone has made available the Ampero Press worth US$ 79.99. With the Ampero Press you have a compact, passive volume/expression pedal. It is designed to be fully compatible with both the Ampero series multi-effects and other musical equipment with external EXP pedal connections) or to be used as a a passive volume pedal.

  • Simon Beck says:

    WIDI Master used with Artinoise re.corder and Korg Volca Keys (with solderless MIDI Out mod).

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