Firmware History

Bluetooth MIDI by CME


BLE firmware v0176:
- Support Boss ES-8 pedal and ES-8 editor software
- Fixed notes timing issue from BLE to MacOS

USB firmware v3.6:
- Fixed bug when sending both MTC and System common messages in Low Jitter mode
- Added compatibility of KMI USB pedal and Boss Katana Amp for WIDI Uhost


BLE firmware v0170:
- Fixed sysex bug in Low Jitter mode

BLE firmware v0166: 

Added Group Auto-Learn mode

- Further jitter reduction in low jitter mode

USB firmware v2.8
- Fixed bug of long sysex error
- Fixed bug Xkey Air "octave button" caused WIDI Uhost to crash
- Support USB soft thru
- Support Audio + MIDI USB device
- Support Keith McMillen USB pedals

BLE firmware v0137: Full support Korg BLE MIDI Windows 10 driver, added simultaneous connection of multiple WIDIs to Win 10, reduce latency and jitter in WIDI group, fixed bug of sending long SysEx, improve firmware updating experience for iOS and Android app.

BLE firmware v0104: fixed compatibility with Roland AX-edge, HP-704, FP-30, AirTurn BT200. Support device with or without MIDI Running Status.

BLE firmware v0101: Group connectivity, renaming, timestamp, long SysEx, Tx power, jitter optimisation, latency optimisation, BLE role setting.

BLE firmware v0046: optimised latency, fixed 18 Bytes SysEx and Win10 connection issue (tested on Win10 1909 18363.1049 & 1903 18362.1016)

BLE firmware v0044: fixed compatibility with Yamaha MD-BT01