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WIDI Jacks hit 3,000 registrations

During the crowd creation of WIDI Master, you asked for a solution that made Bluetooth MIDI available to a more wide variety of MIDI devices. That is why WIDI Jack has been developed as a concept. Next, you had the opportunity to register and show your interest.

Today you can celebrate together with the entire Community of MIDI Enthusiasts, that WIDI Jack is validated and has reached the initial goal of 3,000 registrations. This means we will officially expand our wireless MIDI range with a 2nd member.

Please welcome WIDI Jack!

When can I order?

The pre-order phase of WIDI Jack is now open! (Edit: Ended in July 2021)

How does this work?

You will get the notification and the discount code as soon as you are able to place your pre-order. As we did this before, please note the following important information to fully understand the risks and challenges of pre-ordering.

  • Pricing is excluding shipping costs and custom fees as applied by your local government. Read this!
  • Pre-sale starts in December, expected delivery time is end of January.

Please note, as you join a crowd creation campaign, delivery time can be delayed and changed. Also to an earlier date. Currently we are testing prototypes and the process from sample unit to mass production is accompanied by a wide range of challenges. There is no value in speeding up this process and deliver faster. As there is value in ensuring you get the best product from day 1.

Therefore you will be updated by email and through all our social channels. Be sure to join our Facebook Group to always be up to date.

WIDI Jack Cable Options

What is crowd creation?

This is how we validate our products. When you show your interest and register, we become aware of the actual demand and interest. Along the way, you and your fellow MIDI enthusiast provide useful feedback, allowing our developers to implement better solutions.

Your feedback is taken into reality. Therewith you will receive a product that is tailor-designed to your needs. Also, as a reward for your early trust you are able to purchase from the first batch of products against an unbeatable price of US$ 29 per unit.

MIDI over Bluetooth

What is the difference between WIDI Master and WIDI Jack?

They both carry the same WIDI wireless MIDI technology. Therewith the firmware and features are really close related. When WIDI Master was launched we received two main requests from the community.

  • TRS MIDI solution for instance for guitar pedals, boutique style synths and innovative MIDI controllers.
  • External power option for unpowered MIDI OUT and MIDI IN that are not compatible with WIDI Master.

That is why WIDI Jack comes with different cable options. This allows you to add TRS 2.5mm MIDI, TRS 3.5mm MIDI and 6-PIN MINI DIN MIDI devices to your wireless MIDI network.

Also, you can switch between type A and Type B TRS MIDI. Furthermore, WIDI Jack offers an external power solution via USB-C. This way you can add an external power bank to connect with unpowered 5-PIN MIDI ports and even devices with only MIDI IN. Upon request, we also added a small magnet. This way you can simply stick WIDI Jack on the casing of your device.

Last but not least, another difference that is noticeable is the form factor. As WIDI Master is really an adapter, WIDI Jack is a tiny interface. Its size is only 40% of the volume of your Apple Airpods in the charger casing.

Isn't that sweet?

Bluetooth MIDI interface

What will I order with WIDI Jack?

You can select your preferred bundle in our shop. The bundle includes: 1x WIDI Jack + 1x free cable of your choice. If you need more cables, you can add your selection to your cart for an additional price of US$ 9.99 per cable. As you might understand, CME is not in the cable business. We are into wireless. Therefore, for the best pricing, you can also browse online to get a more affordable solution for additional cables.

You can also choose multiple bundles. Simply select what you need and you will get it as soon as we finalised the first production run.

Also note, that you will need 2x WIDI Jack to pair two (2) MIDI devices. You will only need 1x WIDI Jack to pair with Bluetooth MIDI devices such as mobile devices, computers and standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers. Learn more here!



MIDI TRS 3.5mm (1/8″)

MIDI TRS 2.5mm

MIDI DIN-6mini

What about compatibility?

As WIDI Jack can connect with Bluetooth MIDI devices in the widest form, you have to distinguish wireless devices, Bluetooth and operating system when talking about compatibility.

Let's start with the compatible wireless devices. WIDI Jack is compatible with WIDI Master, WIDI Jack, WIDI Uhost, WIDI Hub4, WIDI Ped3 and WIDI BUD. Also it will pair with standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers, Mac, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with at least Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

When looking at compatible operating systems, just make sure you are using iOS 8 or later, OSX Yosemite or later, Android 8 or later or Windows 10 v1909 or later.

Yes, WIDI does work with Windows and Android. That said with those operating systems it depends on the music application or software you are running if the Bluetooth MIDI functionality is implemented. This is different to iOS and MacOS where Bluetooth MIDI is part of the operating system as a standard.

Widi Jack + 25TRS35 cable top

What about latency with WIDI Jack?

This is your most valid question. It is actually the most asked question when discussing wireless MIDI. WIDI can reduce latency to 3ms between two WIDI devices. This is faster compared to the internal latency of many MIDI setups. Absolutely inaudible. Latency can vary when you for instance pair WIDI Jack with an Android 8 phone running a rare music making app. This latency is caused by the limitations of your operating system and software and has nothing to do with WIDI.

As the topic of latency has been widely discussed, you are happily forward to this complete blog that says it all.

Jean Michel Jarre WIDI Master

What about new features and firmware updates?

When you purchase a WIDI product of any kind, you become part of our community. As you can see, you are in the centre of our world. Our philosophy is that our concepts are based on your requests and our final products are adjusted to your needs. Every musician has different preferences, that is one thing we fully respect. Therewith support and easy communication is always a top priority for us.

That is why we are constantly working on updates of our WIDI firmware. This goes hand in hand with an improved app for both Android and iOS. Soon you can name your devices for easy setup in that app. Next, you can create a group of WIDI devices and benefit from 1-to-4 bidirectional MIDI communication.

You can easily control and manage your group connectivity via the improved app for iOS and Android. Also upon request, You can set your preferences adjusted to your setup and use case.

This way you can optimise your WIDI setup to deliver improved jitter performance for sequencers and such. Or for latency performance, delivering even lower latency for those playing keys, MPE and more complex chords on all those neat MIDI devices.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, we are just getting started. Watch this very early test video to get a basic idea of the new group connectivity feature that is about to go public.

What about USB MIDI?

As always you are sharp like a razor. You are totally right. The missing link is USB MIDI. That will be delivered by our next concept WIDI Uhost.

With these 3 first members of the WIDI family, you can seamlessly integrate all your MIDI devices into one wireless network. Just add them to your WIDI setup and enjoy! 💙

As said before, the best references about WIDI technology comes from the community. Therefore you can best investigate real use cases by real musicians worldwide using WIDI Master. Or you can read this detailled explanation on Medium.

Or, for once, you can listen to one of the masters of MIDI and allow Roger Linn to tell you what he thinks of WIDI.

What do experts say about WIDI?
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