• WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0226:
    - Fixed bug : Spurious MIDI events sent to MIDI Out when "Prefer Low jitter" and "Wired MIDI thru" modes are both enabled.
    July 2024

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0225:
    - Fixed device recognition issues in Bluetooth firmware v2.2.4 when Boss software interacts with hardware
    - SYSEX identity request forwarded to outputs (for other instruments responses) in addition to WIDI response

    June 2024

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0224:
    - Improved connection difficulties caused by Bluetooth cache
    - Fix All Notes Off error

    May 2024

  • WIDI USB firmware v39:
    Fixed USB status reporting instability. Fixed delay when receiving short sysex
    October 2023

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0221:
    Fixed activation issue for production
    August 2023

  • WIDI USB firmware v37:
    Supports unlimited sysex messages
    June 2023

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0201:
    Updated Bluetooth library to optimize performance on iOS 16 and Android 13. Fixed Bluetooth device renaming bug, name length limited to 14 characters.
    May 2023

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0177  + WIDI USB firmware v36:
    Improved low jitter mode for all MIDI messages. Fixed compatibility with KMI pedal, YALDHG sound module, ES-8 and editor.

    May 2022

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0138 + WIDI USB firmware v14:
    Added USB soft thru.

    August 2021

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0104:
    Fixed compatibility with Roland AX-edge, HP-704, FP-30, AirTurn BT200. Support device with or without MIDI Running Status.
    February 2021

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0101:
    Group connectivity, renaming, timestamp, long SysEx, Tx power, jitter optimisation, latency optimisation, BLE role setting.
    January 2021

  • WIDI Bluetooth firmware v0046:
    Optimised latency, fixed 18 Bytes SysEx and Win10 connection issue (tested on Win10 1909 18363.1049 & 1903 18362.1016).
    August 2020

  • WIDI Master Bluetooth firmware v0044:
    Fixed compatibility with Yamaha MD-BT01.
    July 2020