February 18

CME Introduces SWIDI inspired by Behringer


Bluetooth MIDI Controller

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SWIDI Bluetooth MIDI Controller

Redefining the Xkey Experience

Echoing the feel and look of the Xkey Air, the brand new SWIDI will make you rethink Bluetooth MIDI.

SWIDI is a progressive music tool that combines the functionalities of your keyboard controller with a step sequencer like no other.

With SWIDI you can control analog and digital devices. Completely wireless. It is the end of MIDI cables and power cords.

It's your 100% true portable solution that's fully compatible with any Bluetooth MIDI solution, including WIDI.

This is not a joke

The key to absolute control

SWIDI gives you full control over any synthesizer or virtual instrument in your DAW via Bluetooth MIDI.

With an unparalleled 64-step sequencer, with an 8-note polyphonic sequence and 32 slim keys, SWIDI takes MIDI to new heights.

Its integrated WIDI technology links SWIDI as a central controller with up to four (4) peripherals. Without wires. With and completely without computers.

Finally, you can create 1-to-4 MIDI configurations over air. Enjoy freedom on stage and in the studio with its unique wireless charging pad.

This is not a joke
Is it real?

Premium Bluetooth MIDI

SWIDI is based on Xkey technology combined with the latest version of WIDI. Access uniform communication between any device of any brand with the most advanced wireless MIDI technology currently available.

  • Ultra low 3ms latency between WIDI equipped devices 
  • 65ft / 20m plain sight range between WIDI equipped devices
  • Add up to five (5) Bluetooth MIDI devices with group auto-learn
  • Optimise for latency or jitter performance via WIDI App (iOS/Android)
Coming Sooner or later

The finishing touch....

WIDI is a 100% community-driven technology, validated by thousands of MIDI enthusiasts around the world. Simply power & play at any fixed location with its unique charging station. Fully charge your SWIDI in two (2) hours and enjoy eight (8) hours of pure freedom.

  • Wireless MIDI. Wireless charging.
  • No redundant ports. No component shortage.
  • Next announcement April Fools' Day 2022
  • Pre-order $€ 79
Coming Sooner or later

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  • I think that the idea of combining Keystep/Swing with your WIDI transmission is great. However, if you truly want this to be a successful product, I think you need to do a little market segmentation.
    Regarding potential use-cases, I see it this way:
    -musicians/composers who like to travel, and need keyboard to “sketch” some ideas in DAWs (those people want this keyboard to fit inside 50cm long backpacks/suitcases, and love the no-cable-hassle wireless aspect of the keyboard)
    -musicians/composers who want a small keyboard on their desk, to have something quick-to-reach (they like to maybe move the keyboard off the desk to make space for sth else; wireless is a nice added bonus but not a deal-breaker)
    -modular synth enthusiasts, who need CV, like the wirelessness and compact form factor.

    All those people:
    -need a convinient way to charge the keyboard (USB-C? since it’s travel-friendly and a standard across ecosystems);
    -maybe would like the battery to be swappable (you can take inspiration form 8BitDo, who has their own recharchable battery packs inside their gamepads; but if they fail or leak, you can replace it with standard AA batteries)
    -would love to see the sequencing/arpegiating stuff implemented – just like in Keystep/Swing;
    -would benefit from polyphonic aftertouch – especially now, with companies like Ableton, Arturia, ROLI etc. supporting it in their software. That is what made the Xkey air such an unique controller (besides the design, of course).

    I’d recommend creating 2 versions of the product – with and without CV. This would satisfy all of the gearheads, but then again, I never were a product manager 😉

  • Hello guys, I wanna know if this thing is still an idea or went into production already. I saw the registration number is still some way from 3000, so not sure when we can get it. Eagerly looking forward to this thing as a substitute to my Arturia Keystep. ( and please make it white, I saw pictures of it both in black and white)

    • Thanks for reaching out. This is a crowd creation project. It will only become reality when there is sufficient demand from the community. As the counter says we are half way. That said, we need to community to share the message too. Otherwise it only stays a good idea…

  • I know the wireless is the big appeal here, but I’d still want wired MIDI for ultimate flexibility. for me it would be wortha slight increase in cost to have one device that does it all. I still have some devices that won’t power the widi plugins that i own and having to buy another device to make this keyboard work would ruin the cost savings.

  • To truly break new grounds, Implement Captain Chords, Scaler and Melody Sauce 2 features into the keyboard.

    • The counter stopped indeed. Going into advertisement creates a falsification of reality. That is not what we want to do. The idea is that if there are sufficient people that really desire this technology, they will spread the word. If all registrants invite 1 person, we are already there. Unfortunately, it is not happening, yet…

  • Will the buttons (transport) be editable? Assign alternate CCs?

    Other wishes…
    • Key Transpose
    • Octave Shift
    • AA powered (NiCd Rechargables)
    • USB-C (please)
    • Aftertouch
    • 1 or more endless CC Encoders

    Love the 1-4 selectable WIDI connections. Ease of switching to a different host devices.

  • CV control would be ace, maybe not a module, but just a WIDI plug that goes straight into the CV input could work? -you’d perhaps be able to have many of these then, maybe a spider type arrangement with a few cables coming out of a floating hub? Aftertouch seems like a no brainer, most of the competition has it and it adds so much to modern synthesis. Random/probability options for the sequencer would really add value and interest to it…

  • I like the idea. BlueTooth has many advantages for me. But. On second thoughts.The “Swing” has Mod CV/Gate/Kb CV outputs & FootSW input. That is actually something I would use. Also Sync – and btw Din ports. (BTW I already own a Arturia Keystep37, I just currently an extra controller. But CV will allow me to connect to my semi-modulars. Whats happening with the release date?

    • We’ve had a good interest in the beginning. At this stage we are considering a possible next step. It seems most request are already covered by Arturia and Behringer.

      The big question for us is how we can innovate.

      At this stage it will be mostly about wireless MIDI. That is what we are all about. At the same time, if we solely focus on this, it might not be enough to make it economically sustainable.

      Internally we have ongoing debates on this.

  • I think this is a fantastic idea. I have to bring my XKey Air AND a (discontinued) Akai wireless controller that there is no longer a way to update.
    The onboard sequencer is an interesting idea but I doubt I’d use that feature. The features I like are Pitch and Mod control. And the touch faders would be a welcome update from the current buttons on the Xkey Air. What would be very helpful are programmable knobs and pads. I can imagine a thin row on top of the keyboard with 8 knobs and 8 pads. Also, a way to save and recall presets. An arpeggiator would be really useful, especially with the Latch button.
    Happy to beta test as well!

  • Maybe leave thé usb connections and sync jacks to permit some instrument like volcas to be plug out of midi and l’make master keyboard with daw app as it priced can be 89 €$ i will by it send me that w ur ready best to you Paul

    • We only go to the next phase when there is enough interest from the market. Although in the beginning there was much interest, at this point it is not sufficient to move on. That is why currently we moved our limited resources to work on another project.

      • I provided my suggestions earlier this year and I’m still very much interested. I definitely understand you need to prioritize how you allocate limited resources. Hopefully, this project will be resurrected at some point in the near future. I would definitely submit a preorder for a SWIDI keyboard. Keep up the great work!

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