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MIDI over Bluetooth

The story behind innovating MIDI over Bluetooth

MIDI over Bluetooth

Why we started to develop the MIDI over Bluetooth solution

CME has been the wireless MIDI expert since 2005. Our WIDI (Wireless MIDI) technology already serves thousands professional musicians worldwide. Wherever they are on tour or in the studio. The Xkey Air (bluetooth MIDI controller) is now used by a wide range of producers, musicians, keyboardists and mobile music makers. We kept delivering as technology evolved.

If you are interested you can learn more about our wireless MIDI journey and products here!

We have been working on wireless MIDI solutions for over 15 years now. After we launched the Xkey Air (2015) we received many requests about advanced MIDI connectivity over Bluetooth. The current MIDI over Bluetooth solutions have limitations. They actually only pair your computer with a MIDI controller. That is why we've decided it is time to innovate wireless MIDI.

I think CME WIDI Master can be very successful. If you want to sell it “the traditional way” (distributors and dealers), and you have a pricing for it, I would be very interested in selling it. Quote as received from a renowned distributor of musical instruments

Do you really want MIDI over Bluetooth?

We asked ourselves if we could develop the wireless MIDI adapter that pairs all your MIDI devices. Without a computer. Without MIDI cables. Actually the solution has been right in front of us. Did you know CME is the only company worldwide that has developed the affordable wireless MIDI solutions for both master (WIDI BUD) and slave (Xkey Air)?

Therefore we decided to merge these two technologies. Together with the ongoing development of wireless Bluetooth (BLE) technology, we now can offer the most complete and reliable wireless solution for all your MIDI devices.

Our crowd creation project of WIDI started with WIDI Master back in 2019. If you are interested on how this crowd creation worked, we created this dynamic timeline of the development of WIDI Master. 

During the crowd creation of WIDI Master we received requests for solutions for USB MIDI and TRS MIDI. Also, with WIDI Master we found that some connection types will not be able to be part of the WIDI Bluetooth MIDI solution. That is why our next steps are WIDI Jack and WIDI Uhost.

Of course we have more concepts and ideas ready. Wheter or not brought to our attention by our vibrant community of WIDI enthusiasts. Take a closer look at what is happening now and in the future!

As for the absolute latency, moving your head even 1 meter from the speaker adds 3 milliseconds of latency through the air alone. Therewith Bluetooth MIDI and the new WIDI Master do not cause any audible latency issue. They really don’t!

We need your support to expand the WIDI family!

Everybody can come up with great ideas. It is more complex to bring those ideas to the market. Today it is also important the develop not only a sustainable revenue model for the company and its employees, but also for the environment and our customers. In the end we want to deliver innovative products and limit waste against the best retail price you can imagine.

It is important to us to offer you the best price and limit our waste. Furthermore we can deliver WIDI products directly to your doorstep and only manufacture what we really need.

Therefore we kindly request you to keep sharing our message and register to keep track of advanced music technology solutions developed with you by CME.

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