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Book your WIDI Master

Book Your WIDI Master: Introduction Week (CLOSED)!

Pre Order WIDI Master

Book Your WIDI Master: Special Pre-Order Week For Enthusiasts! (CLOSED)

Yes! We are opening up for pre-orders. That is why you can book your WIDI Master today. As you all know WIDI Master is developed upon request from our community. During the development we listened carefully to your feedback, requests and concerns. We managed to integrate your feedback into our current design. At least we did our utmost best to do so!

Today we launch our brand new website and you are able to book your WIDI Master now. We open up the first pre-order batch for the people who really support and trust us. We are aware that some of you are really keen in providing us useful information. This really propels us forward. We thrive on your input. It is what made WIDI Master come to life! We are looking for ways to involve you even more for future developments

Hi clever CME people. All very exciting. I can’t wait to place an order! I’m looking at about 5 units initially. Keep up the awesome and innovative work.

The risks and missing marketing material

We have a desire to bring WIDI Master to your doorsteps with an honest story. Therefore we need you to understand there are some risks involved. Although we consider it to be a very low risk, we do understand that this is totally different for you.

Currently we are testing our 2nd set of prototypes. At this point we are unable to provide you cool videos, nor do we have other resources available. Therefore we are unable to provide you any convincing material other than our true story.

Also, due to the coronavirus, we have had some delay in the development and maybe also in the manufacturing of the 1st batch. Nevertheless we consider it the right time to open up pre-ordering for the true enthusiasts. That said, we still target to deliver your WIDI Master in May 2020.

After reading your article. I was so sad that this adapter may not be able to fit what I was hoping to use. What I was hoping to use is to make iPad the controller to my midi to cv which only has a midi in and no midi out port. If I understand it correctly, CME won’t work with my setup in mind since it won’t have power.

Book your WIDI Master today: introduction offer and live broadcast

What we offer now is this $30 coupon code to get your discount when you place your pre-order. Of course you can order multiple units with the same discount. Therewith you will pay only $29 per WIDI Master excluding shipping costs.

We invite you to join our live Facebook broadcast. It will show you the working prototypes of WIDI Master. There is an opportunity to ask your burning questions. And we invite our head of development Jerome Dumas and CEO Zhao Yitian to give you more insights into WIDI Master and the development process. 

After this live broadcast you can be the first to order WIDI Master. You will have the opportunity to show your support to this first crowd created project and the CME team.

We offer a fully refundable purchase if you are not satisfied within 30 days after delivery. If you change your mind prior to delivery, you can also get your money back. Also, if you change your mind after receipt of your WIDI Master, you still can get your money back. That is not a problem. Nonetheless, you are responsible for sending the package back and take care of the return shipping costs. We are confident in what we do and our intention is to support you like you support us. We are in this together.

It would be awesome if there would be a way an alternative way to power the midi in device. I have use for this in 2 places, but none of them have a spare midi out or thru to power the midi in device…

But I understand limitations of design. And this is still awesome!

Dedicated group for music technology enthusiasts

For the enthusiasts who order during this early stage, we shall invite you to a newly created WhatsApp Chat Group. It is in this group where we are able to directly communicate with each other. This will be our special source group to discuss Bluetooth MIDI. Therewith it will be closely connected to the future developments of the WIDI family.

Also, from the conversations we have in this group, we will be able to convert your questions into the first footage of marketing videos. Maybe we will invite some of you to create the first user videos. Next to this, we consider this group to be dynamic. Therefore we trust that new ways and forms will evolve during the process.

Are you ready to be involved?

If you do not trust it, please wait!

We understand that not all of you will go with this approach. That is why we set a time limit of 1 week. Next we will develop all the material that strengthens our message and provides you with more insights concerning WIDI Master. 

We will open up for a second round - with the same discount of $30 per unit - to show you more and offer a complete story with involved artists, reviews and product videos. 

Do not worry that you will miss out on a good deal. If you decide to wait, we respect that. This special sales week is for those who are on top of advanced music technology and innovations. People that want to be part of the development process. People who want to interact with us to improve our products and messages

Dear CME,

Thank you very much for all of your work. I will surely buy your product.

Read this summary carefully!

For the people who want to join this pre-pre-sale:

  1. Make sure you join our Facebook Live Broadcast to see WIDI Master in action on Monday March 16 - 4PM CET
  2. Send in your questions to info(at)cme-pro.com and we will try to answer them during the broadcast
  3. If you can’t join the live broadcast, be sure to use this coupon code WIDIM2020 between Monday March 16 and Sunday March 22 (CLOSED)
  4. And watch the broadcast replay on our Facebook or Youtube channel
  5. Next pre order phase is scheduled for April 6, 2020!
Add to Calendar

What you will get?

  • $30 discount for each unit (same discount as all registrants)
  • First batch of delivery
  • Fully refundable purchase within 30 days after delivery

What are the risks you take?

  • The final specification of WIDI Master does not meet your expectation
  • There is a delay in production due to force of the majority
  • The entire project is cancelled due to unforeseen reasons

What can we do together?

  • Interact in a private WIDI enthusiast group
  • Share more ideas together for next WIDI models
  • Become part of the leading community of wireless MIDI technology

For the people who want to wait:

  1. Do not worry. You are not missing out on this good deal. 
  2. We will inform you when we open up for the next round!
  3. We aim to start the 2nd pre sale phase close to April 6, 2020
Wireless MIDI with WIDI

MIDI Bluetooth: The new wireless standard!

MIDI Bluetooth by CME

Next level MIDI Bluetooth: We’ve reached our goal!

We’re preparing the most exciting Bluetooth MIDI products we have ever built. And we asked you for support. We’ve reached our first goal of 1,000 registrants within 7 days. That is over 1,000 people supporting the wireless MIDI family in one (1) weekDuring the introduction of WIDI Master we’ve got over 5,000 registrants and surpassed our 2nd goal with 60%. And exceeded our initial goal with 500%.

As you might know we already delivered our wireless Bluetooth MIDI solutions to professional musicians and producers worldwide. Since the launch of our XKey Air (2015) and WIDI BUD (2016) we developed the MIDI over Bluetooth solution with central role (master/slave). For your understanding this central role capability and the automated master/slave switch, distinguishes WIDI Master from current solutions by Yamaha (MD-BT01) and Quicco (M1). Both offer a great solution for wireless MIDI, but unlike WIDI Master, they still need a computer (or other operating system) to function.

With WIDI Master you can connect two pieces of hardware. Without computers. Without cables.

You asked for versatile MIDI Bluetooth connectivity, we deliver cutting-edge wireless MIDI

We are a company that closely monitors what happens in the market. That is why we deliver ground-breaking technology that connects to an actual demand from musicians and producers like you. Since 2015 we’ve received many requests for our wireless MIDI over Bluetooth solutions. Therefore we started to gather registrations and pitch concepts for an entire range of Bluetooth MIDI products.

We are opening up for pre-orders of the first batch of WIDI Master. As said, we only manufacture what is actually requested. Therefore it depends on the market if we will produce a second batch of WIDI Masters. In other words. If you want to get your hands on WIDI Master, get it now!

We still need some time to prepare our website and improve the current design and firmware to deliver you the most optimal wireless MIDI solution yet available.

Now that we’ve got over 5,000 registrations we can move to the pre-order phase. We will open up for pre-orders in March 2020 and expect to deliver worldwide in April/May 2020. After this WIDI Master will be available based on demand. If there is sufficient interest, we will manufacture following the request from the market. In other words: be sure to order WIDI Master while you can!

What does the design of WIDI Master look like and why did you do that?

Please note that the design you’ve seen in our advertisements and on our website is not the final design. We needed an image to make you easily understand our concept. At the same time we where monitoring your requests and feedback to improve our product. A lot has changed. Meet the final design of WIDI Master. And read further to fully understand what we’ve done, which decisions we’ve made and why!

How did you plan to deliver power?

During the primary promotion of WIDI Master we’ve received a lot of questions, requests and feedback from people like you. This is what we are really searching for. With that actual and real request we get out of our developer’s bubble and into the real world of musicians, producers and technicians.

Therefore we now are able to explain some of the decisions we’ve made by the questions we received.

How is WIDI Master powered? You say it will work with any midi hardware but I’m guessing that you mean hardware that delivers 5v to the DIN ports. There is hardware out there that does not do this ……I’ve been looking for a Bluetooth solution for my Faderfox controllers but they only supply 3v to the ports. Thanks.

Since the beginning one of the features of WIDI Master has been that it does not need an external power supply. During the design we focussed on the 5v power supply from the traditional 5 pin MIDI DIN port on your device or instrument. After receiving this request we made sure that it also will be compatible with the 3v MIDI OUT port as used on a wide range of devices.

What about devices with only MIDI OUT ports?

The MIDI standard is designed to have power from the MIDI Out port (or MIDI Thru). That is why we made a few difficult decisions. We wanted the device to be standalone and to operate without any external power supply. That is why we decided to ensure WIDI Master can be powered by those MIDI devices that offer 3v or 5v on the 5-pin DIN MIDI port.

Making tough decisions is part of the process!

We received a lot of questions about MIDI instruments and hardware with only MIDI IN and unpowered 5-pin MIDI connections. We considered to add an external power supply connections via USB. Unfortunately it would not fit into the small design. That is why we’ve decided to not include this solutions in the current design of WIDI Master. It was more important to keep the design small, light and portable. Adding this external USB power supply design is still a great idea. And we will consider implementing USB power in our next design.

I am excited that you are planning to make a tiny Bluetooth MIDI device that will be able to connect a controller to a synth. I do have a request though: Please make a one-way version. Some controllers (such as the Yamaha WX-5 wind controller) have only a single MIDI output–no input–and I do not want to have to have a second Bluetooth receiver dangling from it that isn’t connected to anything.

If you look closely to the current design, you can notice a small plug connecting the two WIDI Master connectors. To ensure WIDI Master is compatible with devices, instruments and hardware with a single MIDI Out – we need that OUT port for power – the two parts (MIDI OUT/MIDI IN) can be separated by disconnecting this tiny TRS plug. It will shut down the small affiliated connector of WIDI Master for connecting the MIDI IN of your hardware. You can use main connector of WIDI Master as standalone for connecting MIDI OUT of your hardware. Or you can use both main and affiliated connectors together for MIDI OUT and IN simultaneously.

What about devices with other rare MIDI port designs?

Of course we all know that the list of exceptions on the standard design is endless. Also we are aware that not all MIDI hardware will be compatible with WIDI Master. This can be due to power circuit design on the 5-PIN DIN MIDI port or due to limited space or weird hooks in the physical design of your instrument. Of course we can not satisfy everyone. Although we would love to!

The midi connectors on the EWI are really close together. A better solution would be to rotate the DIN connectors 45 degrees.Then the WIDI units would to fit in MIDI ins and outs in any orientation.

We did do our utmost best to meet as many request as we possibly could. We see WIDI Master as a versatile solution that really can replace the traditional cable. It is the virtual MIDI cable. As we followed this request we added a 45-degree bridge cable design to meet the requirements of vertical DIN connector designs and make WIDI Master compatible with devices like the AKAI EWI 4000s.

WIDI Master and AKAI EWI

Can I connect multiple WIDI Masters in my setup?

This is a two way question. We’ve received requests to connect multiple WIDI Master (slaves) to one WIDI Master (master). This way you can connect and sync multiple devices in your setup. We technically can do it. Nevertheless we still have to test if it will meet our requirements concerning stability and latency. Be sure to order your WIDI Master and join our Facebook Group so we can keep you up to date on the progress and developments of new member of the WIDI family.

If I have several WIDI Masters in my setup, does each one recognise all the others? If they connect 1-1, what stops them connecting to others nearby?

This is the other side of the story. When setting up a system with multiple WIDI Masters things get a bit more complex. That is why we are developing a customisable default automatic connection. This can be used with multiple WIDI Masters in your setup. Once a connection is established WIDI Master will no longer try to connect with another unit. This way you can set the connection once manually – or by using automatic pairing – and keep this connection in the default automatic pairing memory. You only have to set it once. How cool is that? This is a great feature when you set up your instruments on a different stage every evening, isn’t it?

The 10 commandments of MIDI Bluetooth with WIDI Master

Now that we get close to the actual pre-order phase and take the first batch of WIDI Master into production, we can share more and more about our final design. As this turned out to be a long blog post, we will keep it short and simple to give you an overview.

  1. Point to point MIDI connectivity
    Simply replace your MIDI cables
    Rearrange your studio and enjoy the freedom of WIDI
  2. Bluetooth 5: Go Faster, Go Further
    Trusted technology for live and on stage
    Secure connection with twice the speed and four times the range
  3. Ultra low latency
    Go pro with ground-breaking latency reduction as low as 3ms
    Automatic transmission optimisation with smart algorithmic technology
  4. Automatic pairing
    Setup instantly. Connect easily.
    Intuitive plug ‘n play with automatic master/slave switch and default pairing memory
  5. MIDI Clock and SysEx
    Sync your drum machines, step sequencers and arpeggiators
    Transmit all MIDI messages over Bluetooth
  6. Detachable design
    Only connect what you need
    Separated adapter design for MIDI OUT only
  7. Versatile application
    Connect with even the rarest instruments
    45 degree bridge cable design for vertical DIN connector setup like EWI4000s
  8. No external power
    Enjoy the fully standalone wireless solution
    Supports both 5V and 3.3V via MIDI OUT DIN
  9. Lifetime updates
    Always benefit from the latest developments
    New features updatable via WIDI Plus application software
  10. Wireless upgrade via Bluetooth
    The easiest way to upgrade your firmware
    Firmware upgradeable by air via WIDI Plus application software

We are working on an entire range of WIDI solutions. Also we have no no issues with latency and pairing. Furthermore we have shown we can do this with our 15 years of wireless MIDI legacy. Be sure to subscribe and pre-order to allow us to keep you informed.

Wireless MIDI over Bluetooth

Beyond Bluetooth MIDI controllers: The WIDI Family

Low Latency Wireless MIDI

CME and the future of wireless MIDI

Today there are many musicians and producers that use a bluetooth MIDI controller. Ever since the introduction of the UFv2, CME has been in the game of innovating wireless MIDI solution. After the introduction of the portable Xkey and its successor the wireless Xkey Air, we received many requests for improving the connectivity of MIDI over Bluetooth.

WIDI delivers more than a Bluetooth MIDI controller

That is why we have been working on an entire new range of MIDI over Bluetooth adapters. With over 15 years of experience it is now possible to innovate alongside the technological developments of Bluetooth. With the arrival of Bluetooth 4.0 BLE it is now possible to transmit MIDI over Bluetooth with ultra low latency. Therewith the time has come to make MIDI over Bluetooth as effective as your traditional MIDI cables. It is time to get rid of those wires.

I’ve been spreading the word about the WIDI Master on different forums. I am excited. I may purchase a couple of units at the same time. Do I get a discount for each unit? Quote from registrant as provided by email

Searching for demand in eco-friendly delivery model

Currently we are in the process of validating our product ideas. Therefore we've opened up to you by introducing WIDI Master in such an early stage. We try to locate an exact demand. This way we can unroll an environmental friendly directly from our factory to your studio.

We want to ensure you the best price per unit. And reduce the amount of waste during the production process. That is why we kindly request you to register your interest.

Future applications beyond the Bluetooth MIDI controller

Looking ahead there are multiple applications we consider interesting. Therewith we already show you the direction we are thinking towards. Feel more than welcome to share your ideas, suggestions and concerns with us. In the end you are the one that can make this happen. If there is no interest from you, we eventually will not proceed to the manufacturing stage. Therefore we request you to think with us to move forward with wireless MIDI over Bluetooth.

  • MIDI hardware to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • Bluetooth MIDI controller to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • MacOS/iOS device to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • MIDI USB to MIDI hardware (wireless)
  • Pedals to MIDI (wireless)
  • MacOS/iOS to multiple MIDI devices/hardwares (wireless)
  • MIDI hardware to multiple MIDI hardwares (wireless)

Future applications of wireless MIDI over Bluetooth

Looking at all these applications we have developed the following concepts.

WIDI Master First Design


  • Plug & pair with all new WIDI products and 3rd party standard Bluetooth MIDI devices automatically.
  • Switchable firmware is compatible with both Bluetooth MIDI Master and Slave mode.
  • Smart algorithm for error correction with automatic all notes-off PANIC protection.
  • Powered from MIDI ports.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59
MIDI USB to Bluetooth MIDI


  • USB Host transform MIDI message from any USB MIDI controller to Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Powered from USB and can be used as a standalone device.
  • Compatible with all new WIDI products and 3rd party standard Bluetooth MIDI devices.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59
Bluetooth MIDI Controller Pedalboard


  • Convert 3 control pedals to Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Universal pedal detection (switch and continuous). Compatible with most existing pedals on the market.
  • Powered from USB and can be used as a standalone device.
  • Target retail price: US$ 59


  • Up to 4 Bluetooth MIDI connections simultaneously with ultra low latency.
  • USB Type-C can be used as computer USB-WIDI interface and USB power supply.
  • USB Host can be used as standalone USB-WIDI interface for USB MIDI controllers.
  • Target retail price: US$ 159
Wireless MIDI Bluetooth

Wireless MIDI: The legacy of CME

Bluetooth MIDI

CME and over a decade of wireless MIDI

With over 15 years of dedicated development we have earned our stripes. Today we have come to a point that we can offer a complete and wireless solution for all your MIDI devices. Now you can connect your bluetooth MIDI keyboard to your MIDI synthesizer. It is also possible possible to work wirelessly on stage and in the studio with ultra low latency. Furthermore, our innovative panic mode makes sure your connection will be restored automatically without the hanging of notes and other crazy MIDI glitches.

In retrospect CME has been working on wireless solutions ever since 2005. That is why it is time to give you a complete overview of what we have done up until now. We present to you the CME legacy.

I’m contacting you on behalf of my company. We’ve just recently launched our first product. It is a Bluetooth MIDI controller, and we see great potential in the WIDI Master. We would like to discuss potential business collaboration. Quote as taken from an email from an industry partner


CME WIDI-X8 MIDI: Wireless MIDI transmission

In 2005 the WIDI-X8 MIDI Interface was released. The transmission range was up to 80 meters with a built-in USB MIDI interface. This unit was sold worldwide and used by thousands of professional musicians. It had powerful error correction with automatic note-off and on-line detection.


WIDI-XU: World's first wireless MIDI "dongle" interface

In 2006 the WIDI-XU was released. It was the world's first “flash-disk-like” wireless MIDI interface. With one WIDI-XU one could connect multiple wireless MIDI devices.

CME UFv2: Wireless MIDI keyboard

CME UFv2: Wireless MIDI keyboard

In 2007 CME released the UFv2 MIDI keyboard. It was the first master keyboard with a built-in MIDI interface that operated wirelessly.

CME Xkey Air

Xkey Air: Bluetooth MIDI keyboard

In 2015 the Xkey Air was introduced. The most popular mobile MIDI keyboard in the world. This was caused by the fact that it offered a built in BLE (Low Energy Bluetooth) MIDI feature. As a result the XKey Air is used by mobile music makers and keyboardists both on the road and in the studio.


WIDI BUD: Bluetooth Central Role Adapter

In 2016 the WIDI BUD was developed as an accessory for the Xkey Air. Therewith WIDI BUD was the first Bluetooth MIDI adapter with “Bluetooth Central Role”. With this musicians now could pair any Bluetooth MIDI controller with all computers and mobile operating systems. 

WIDI Master

WIDI Master: MIDI over Bluetooth Adapter

Today (2020) we are developing the latest addition to the wireless family. This Wireless MIDI over Bluetooth Adapter has the ability to connect all you MIDI devices. Without computers. Without cables. Therewith it is the first step in developing a new range of wireless MIDI over Bluetooth solutions.

WIDI Master Bluetooth MIDI

WIDI Master: What can it do for you?


WIDI Master: The wireless MIDI over Bluetooth adapter.

With WIDI Master you can connect all your MIDI devices without wires. No matter if they are master or slave. For instance, you can connect two standalone MIDI hardware devices. Furthermore, you can pair your Bluetooth MIDI controller with any standalone MIDI hardware device. Also, you can pair your standalone MIDI hardware (switch to slave mode) with any iOS device or Mac. In addition, for Windows and Android users, you can use our WIDI BUD to fully enjoy these benefits.

What is so special about this MIDI over Bluetooth solution?

We offer a complete solution that will save you time and expand your opportunities with MIDI. For instance, you can pair your MIDI devices automatically. Also, we have built a secure connection with our reliable automatic panic mode. Now, when you loose your Bluetooth connection all MIDI notes will automatically be turned off. Next, our automatic pairing feature will restore your connection without the phenomon of hanging notes, instantly.

Furthermore, we have designed a customised antenna to improve the connectivity. This will reduce any external interference of the Bluetooth signal tremendously. Also, WIDI Master delivers ultra low latency. Our dedicated BLE MIDI protocol is directly embedded in its firmware. Now you can bypass your computer's operating system (OS). And benefit from fast and reliable MIDI connectivity.

I am excited that you are planning to make a tiny Bluetooth MIDI device that will be able to connect a controller to a synth. Quote as provided by a new registrant

We offer a fully standalone wireless solution. Therefore, there is no need for an external power source or battery. WIDI Master uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. That is why it is completely powered by your MIDI hardware. Now, you just power up your device and enjoy the freedom of WIDI Master.


Musicians. Connect Any Blue MIDI Instrument To Any PC, Tablet Or Smartphone App.

Bluetooth MIDI USB

MIDI Bluetooth USB dongle WIDI BUD zaps latency

Great news for musicians with bluetooth-enabled MIDI keyboards, guitars, drum kits or other MIDI devices. Now you can easily get a wireless connection from your instrument to any Mac, Win PC, Chrome, UNIX, Android or iPhone/iPad device ... even if that device an older, slower version of Bluetooth, or even no Bluetooth at all. The Bluetooth MIDI USB dongle WIDI BUD will change the game!

That means musicians can enjoy the latest performance benefits of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) ... without having to upgrade their PC, tablet or smartphone.

And there's more! 

With the amazing WIDI BUD Bluetooth USB dongle, multiple instruments can have a Bluetooth connection to the same device. And that means, for example, that a MIDI digital drum kit, MIDI keyboard and MIDI guitar could all have wireless access. Simply use a USB Multiport Adapter (they cost a few dollars on Amazon) and pair one MIDI instrument per WIDI BUD. It takes seconds ... and suddenly you've got a wireless stage act or recording studio.

Best of all, pairing the WIDI BUD dongle with a bluetooth-enabled MIDI instrument is completely plug&play. No drivers are needed. WIDI BUD simply adds music-optimized Bluetooth BLE to your PC, tablet or smartphone out of the box.

Check out the features summary.

Twelve Reasons To Purchase the WIDI BUD MIDI Bluetooth USB adapter.

(And it’s only $69!)

WIDI_BUD_with_Windows 2

  • Wireless Bluetooth MIDI connections just got easier.
  • WIDI BUD connects your MIDI instrument to your apps … fast.
  • Slashes the latency between MIDI devices … and your favorite software.
  • WIDI BUD is the BLE Low Energy Bluetooth adapter for musicians.
  • USB 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 compatible. Plug & Play.
  • Works with Android, Chromebook, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows devices.
  • Special ‘minimized latency’ Bluetooth technology zaps time lag.
  • Low Energy Bluetooth reduces battery drain from WIDI BUD.
  • Customizable settings with the free WIDI Plus application.
  • 10 meter (30 foot range). Great for live performances.
  • Low profile. Only protrudes by 6mm from the USB port.
  • Works with all MIDI Bluetooth keyboards, guitars, drums and controllers.

Oh yes. There’s one more reason to get WIDI BUD … and that’s the price. It only costs $69 to turbo-charge your Bluetooth MIDI wireless connections. Contact your nearest WIDI BUD Bluetooth MIDI retailer to get yours.

Read the press release about our Bluetooth MIDI USB dongle.

CME, the award-winning keyboard developers, have announced a firmware upgrade to their WIDI BUD ' USB MIDI to Bluetooth' MIDI adapter. Now WIDI BUD will practically eliminate latency between any Bluetooth-equipped MIDI keyboard, guitar or other MIDI controller and Mac/PC/mobile devices.

Developed as low-profile USB dongle, the WIDI BUD connects natively to Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome and Linux devices with a standard USB socket or USB adapter. No drivers are needed as WIDI BUD is plug&play. Being low-profile, WIDI BUD only protrudes 6mm from the USB socket, making it both sturdy and unobtrusive.

Bluetooth MIDI USB Dongle

Using Bluetooth LE, the CME design team have succeeded in achieving 'virtual elimination' of latency between a Bluetooth-enabled MIDI musical instrument or controller and the wirelessly connected computer, tablet or smartphone. Typical applications for the WIDI BUD include live performances, where artists can move freely around the stage, and also for reducing the clutter of wires in recording studios. WIDI BUD has an effective range of 10 metres (30 feet) and because it uses Bluetooth LE (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart), battery consumption on the host computer, tablet or smartphone is minimized.

A key benefit of WIDI BUD is that it will effectively upgrade the Bluetooth performance of the PC, tablet or smartphone to which it is connected to the latest BLE standard. As many devices have older, slower versions of Bluetooth - or even no Bluetooth at all - this enables musicians to economically upgrade their favorite device, and take advantage of the latest MIDI music apps.

CME Xkey and beyond

The original WIDI BUD was optimized for CME's own range of Xkey piano keyboards, but with the latest firmware update the device promises imperceptible latency for all brands of MIDI device. "Now consumers with other popular makes of keyboard, or any other Bluetooth-enabled MIDI controller, can have ultra-responsive connectivity with their favorite computer or mobile device," says Zhao Yitian, founder and CEO of CME.

WIDI BUD is available worldwide from leading musical retailers, with a MSRP of $69 for US customers. Full technical details and stockist can be found on the product webpage of WIDI BUD.

Today CME is integrating the technology as developed for Xkey and WIDI BUD into an entire range of new wireless MIDI products. Meet the WIDI family and first member WIDI Master. Read our full story here!