Software Download

U-Key v2.0 firmware

* Changed the default voice to piano * Cancel the firmware version display function * Fixed the continuous sound when we select demo sound and the other demo song is playing * Fixes known bugs and errors


VX v2.1 firmware

To fix the update failure problem


UFx0 firmware v2 0

*Adds Pro Tools modes in U-CTRL function, *Adjusts the MIDI Route. *Optimises the keyboard鈥檚 velocity sensitivity. *Opimises the keyboard鈥檚 operating and display manner *Rectifies the bank number errorwhen sending the tone data *Stabilises the pitch bend transferring data. *Fixes known bugs and errors


U-Key Firmware v1.10

The major changes of the U-Key v1.10 firmware compared with the produced units are: *Fixes known bugs and glitches. *Improved system stability. *New velocity curves for drum pads.


GPP-3 firmware 1.04

Fix the pedal inversion problem,when you change the polarity of Pedal 1 and Pedal 2.


GPP3 Update Software for Intel Mac

It's the Intel mac version Brain software of GPP3


VX Brain v1.1 for Intel Mac

Intel mac version


VX firmware v1.09 & 1020b

Includes 1020b upgrade and firmware v1.09 upgrade,please update v1.09 first,then do the 1020b update.Make sure upgrade them all. Compared to v1.08,this version amends the problems listed below: * Test mode was disabled, it is now enabled. * Fixed the problem where the first several MIDI notes were ignored when an application opened the VX's MIDI ports * Pressing "YES" to reset VX was useless,"Yes" and "Enter" are both implemented now. * Fixed the problem where U-Ctrl could not be sent to the expansion. * Improved the problem that in some certain instance the firmware updates were unsuccessfully.


WIDI Control Software for WIndows XP

This is the control software for WIDIXU,it only works with Windows XP SP2 version.Using this software you can Set Channel,Auto search and Auto change WIDI devices,RF on/off.


U-Key firmware v1.03

Includes firmware v1.03,update software - UKBrain PC version,and Help file.


UF Brain v1.0 beta for Windows XP

It's a PC version Brain software of UFv2(UF50/60/70/80),the functions are, *Update the UF Firmware *Assign the Devices *Save, Send, Recall the Panel Snapshot *Receive and Preserve the UF Panel Snapshot *Modify the Velocity Curve


U-KEY Brain ver.2006-10-13

The U-key Brain software is used with the CME U-KEY MIDI Keyboard for data transfer and program update. With this software you can customize the keyboard function, transfer MIDI files to the keyboard, even more, you can update the internal program of the Keyboard.. U-key Brain is designed for WINDOWS XP.


GPP3 update software for Windows XP

Update software for PC,including the help file.


GPP-3 firmware 1.03

GPP-3 Fireware upgrade tools


VX Brain v1.1 beta

Only for PC


Libraries & Tools for BitStream3X

Libraries & Tools for BitStream3X List of Libraries: PPG Wave 2.V.bs3 Reason 2.bs3 Storm_demo.bs3 default_cc.bs3 halion.bs3 juno106.bs3 mackie_ctrl.bs3 mc_303.bs3 mix_vibes.bs3 mixvibes.bs3 motif_es.bs3 nrpn.bs3 qm309.bs3 qm_309.bs3 rs7000.bs3 snd_blst.bs3 List of Tools: Bitstream3XReasonRemote.dmg bs3x_cfg_soft_v10_mac.dmg bs3x_cfg_soft_v11_mac.dmg bs3x_fw_upg_v10_mac.dmg


UF editor 1.0 beta

UF Editor is a tool software for CME UF Master Keyboard. UF Editor can edit,transfer and screen all message which is sent by UF,in order to use your UF more convenience and more powerful. UF Editor can be a bridge between your UF and sequencer software through virtual MIDI port.So锛宯o matter you connect UF with USB port or MIDI port锛孶F Editor also can process the MIDI data under your purpose.