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M-key v2 Mobile Ultra-Thin MIDI Keyboard


Exclusive Features:
- Ultra-thin full-action keys
- Very competitive price
- Grey and Pink colours
- Bundled with CME MusicPack

M-Key is a 49-key MIDI keyboard, a simplified version of the U-Key Mobiltone, but retaining the U-Key spirit, featuring ultra-thin full-action semi-weighted keys, joystick control, minus the LED display, mobile phone sound module, trigger pad, knob controller, U-CTRL and speaker. These modifications turn the M-Key into a pure, straightforward MIDI keyboard.

- 49 notes ultra thin full action semi-weighted keyboard, velocity sensitive
- 1 x Programmable Joystick
- 1 x function button, 2 x data entry button, 1 x slider (assignable), 1 x power LED
- 1 x USB port, 1 x MIDI out, 2 x pedal connect
- USB MIDI, class-compliant with Windows 7 32 bit/Vista/XP and Mac OS X
- Firmware upgraded via USB
- Universal pedal connector, full compatible with switch and expression pedal
- Note-key shortcut function


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