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Gpp-USB Programmable Grand Piano Style MIDI Pedal


Whether you have an 88 note weighted synth or a digital piano, the GPP-3 by CME is the the ultimate solution for total pedal performance control.

The three polished metal pedals are housed in an elegant wooden casing for complete stability on the floor and reliability on the road. Because the GPP-3 is not just a simple analog pedal, but contains it’s own built-in CPU, it’s completely programmable via the included software to interface with any gear you have. Plus it automatically saves these configurations and retains these custom settings even when the device isn’t powered.

You can connect to your keyboard via USB, MIDI or by standard pedal inputs. Each pedal can be configured to send any MIDI CC message so for example Pedal #1 could be sustain (CC#64) , Pedal #2 could be sustenuto (#66) and Pedal #3 could be Soft Pedal ( CC#67) exactly duplicating the settings of the three pedals on a grand piano. The polarity switchable pedals with trim potentiometers make the GPP-3 compatible with any brand of keyboard.

The GPP-3 is the most flexible, powerful and programmable pedal solution available today.




GPP-3 Manual [SC]
GPP-3 Manual [English]
GPP-3 firmware 1.04
GPP-3 Flyer
GPP3 Update Software for Intel Mac