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U-Key v2 Mobiltone

CME released U-Key --- the first mobiltone keyboard in the world - at winter NAMM 2006. It filled a gap in the hardware for composing cell phone ringtones, which  is a multi-million dollar market.

Exclusive Features:   

- Ultra-thin full-action keys.
- Built-in GM sounds and speaker
- White, Blue and Pink colours
- Programmable controllers and trigger pads

U-Key uses ultra-thin full-action semi-weighted keys to give a total thickness of only 3.7cm. Yet the key touch of U-Key is the same as keyboards of standard thickness. U-Key has a built-in 64-polyphony high quality mobile phone sound module, and internal high fidelity speaker driven by a digital amplifier. U-Key also has many MIDI songs built in with accompaniment in different styles, including loop variation and chord change. These have been carefully made by professional musicians and can be sprung by U-Key's unique 'PadStyle'.

All MIDI songs and styles can be downloaded from Internet and transferred into U-Key via USB.

U-Key contains a brand new Game mode, users can use this function and music books with U-Key to test their skill of performance, and students can learn many tips from using this mode. U-Key is the first mobiltone keyboard that has build in muiti ethical scales from around the world, and you may be surprised to learn that you can even play Arabian music or Asian music.

U-CTRL is a brand new concept by CME, it provides the easiest way to communicate between controller and music software. You do not need to load template or presets, just press U-CTRL button and all the controllers you use for software control will be ready.

U-Key offers more than 20 user-defined controllers in different styles, including joystick, trigger pads, encoder for data entry, pedals. All controllers are programmable and all functions of U-Key can be quickly and easily set up by pressing certain keys. User can save their controller settings into U-Key and load them any time they want.

U-Key has plug and play USB MIDI drivers for Windows/MAC OSX, and it can be USB powered. With U-Key's line out, phone out and compact size U-Keys is ideal for composers who are ‘on the move’.

U-Key is competitively priced in line with CME’s keen pricing strategy.

- 49 notes ultra thin full action semi-weighted keyboard
- 1 x Programmable Joystick
- 8 x programmable trigger pad, velocity sensitive
- 8 x programmable knob controller (endless encoder)
- 1 x endless encoder for data entry
- 'PadStyle’ MIDI song and style help you to play live music easily
- Interactant mode to improve skill of your performance
- Multi-scale of the key to fit more kinds of ethnic music
- U-CTRL function let you work with music software perfectly
- Full MIDI functions including SEQ transport with fast operation access
- Music software control templates with user bank memories
- LED display
- Firmware upgraded via USB
- USB MIDI, class-compliant with Windows 7 32 bit/Vista/XP and Mac OS X
- Universal pedal connector, full compatible with switch and expression pedal
- 1 x stereo line output, 1/8" phone jack
- 1 x stereo headphone output, 1/8" phone jack
- 1 x MIDI I/O
- USB bus-powered

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice


U-key Brain Released!
CME Release V1.10 Firmware for U-Key Keyboard
CME is offering U-key in Pink finish
CME U-Key is compatible with new Operating System Windows 7


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