Here are the key features of the UF DP-1 Digital Piano Module:
The user-installable 80-voice sound expansion board UF DP-1 can easily be retrofitted to any of the CME UF controller keyboards. It contains five programs with quality stereo samples of two acoustic pianos, a grand piano, an electric piano, a string pad sound, plus a reverb and a chorus effect. The programs can be edited with the Volume, Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Release, Pan, Reverb and Chorus controls. The settings are memorized for each of the programs. After you turn on the keyboard the last used program(s) incl. its (their) latest settings is (are) automatically selected.
     - Sound expansion board for CME UF5/6/7/8
     - 2 acoustic pianos, 1 grand piano, 1 electric piano, strings
     - 80-voice polyphony
     - Reverb and chorus effect processor
     - Parameter memory
     - Layer and Split Mode possible
     - Demo song included
     - Two 1/4“ outputs (L/R)
     - Stereo 1/4” headphones output.
     - Made in Germany
For those of you who already have version 1.00 or 1.01, here is the list of extra features, we put in update version 1.02:
UFDP-1 Version 1.02

The UFDP-1 Piano Module underwent another update. The version 1.02 offers the
following additional features:

     - String-pad Sound
Further to the existing acoustic piano sounds (program 000, 001, 002) and the electric piano (program
003) you will now find a quality stereo string-pad on program 004.
? Sounds can now be controlled from both channel 1 and channel 2
Due to this you can combine two sounds (“Layer” mode) or split the keyboard in order to play different
sounds with the left and right hand.

     - Extended settings/configuration memory
The last used configuration is buffered together with all the individual settings of all sounds after
turning off the unit. So when you turn on the keyboard again there is no need to reconfigure the
settings, unless you need or want to.

Just like V1.01 this firmware update will be possible via MIDI too. Please be aware
that the file will have approximately 2MB, so it will take about 1 or 2 hours to
complete the process. Again, any end-user who disposes of a MIDI sequencer
should be able to update the UFDP-1 himself.