NeoSynth 24

NeoSynth is an Audio/MIDI expander available as an expansion board for CME keyboards (UF and VX series). It provides high quality audio instruments and effects and adds great sonic possibilities to CME keyboards.

High quality and upgradable instruments

NeoSynth features a built in sound bank (64 MBytes/256 Mbits) that can be updated at your convenience. All instruments can thus be updated in order to create completely new sounds from the same keyboard.

Various sound banks are available (General MIDI standard instruments set, Grand Piano style, Hip Hop style, Techno/House style, RnB style and much more ...), these multiple sound banks are available on SD Cards that can be ordered separately. These SD Cards are then used to upgrade the on board instruments, once upgraded the SD Card can be removed from its slot.

All available sound banks are high quality sampled instruments, from 16 to 24 bits resolution, up to 96 kHz sampling frequency.

NeoSynth on board powerful DSP allows up to 124 voices of polyphony !

Built in audio effects

NeoSynth features state of the art high quality audio effects.
Two FX engines are built in NeoSynth, one dedicated to the synthesizer part (NeoSynth instruments), another engine dedicated to the NeoSynth audio inputs.

Among these effects, Reverb, Delay, Parametric multi band equalizer, Chorus, Spatializer, ... can be used simultaneously*, all parameters of these effects are updatable in real time with the help of a large MIDI implementation.

Multiple inputs and outputs

NeoSynth features different inputs and outputs, it can be easily integrated in any studio setup, among these inputs and outputs, some are digital (S/PDIF) while the others are analog, all analog type inputs and outputs are high quality with 24 bits Analog to Digital audio converters as well as 24 bits Digital to Analog audio converters, all converters features about 100 to 106 dB of dynamic range, resulting in pure audio quality !

All the audio paths can be routed at your convenience, using the patch editor software, for instance the analog and digital inputs goes to one FX engine then they are mixed with the sounds coming from the synthetizer part, these mixed signals can be routed to the master or auxiliary outputs.

It is also possible to separate the routing of all 16 MIDI channels, for instance channel 10 can be routed to auxiliary outputs while all other channels routed to the main outputs, no limitation !

A USB port allows to attach NeoSynth MIDI input to a Mac or PC computer, NeoSynth will be automatically detected as a USB MIDI device since it is fully compliant with the specification and therefore does not require any driver, NeoSynth does not act as a computer sound card, it is not recognized as an audio device, it is an hardware MIDI expander.

A Headphones output capable to drive down to 16 Ohms headphones is also available.

Huge MIDI implementation

Several hundreds of parameters can be updated in real time using MIDI commands. Connect Neosynth to a MIDI controller or a software able to send MIDI and get an in depth access to all synthesizer parameters, routing, channels parameters, as well as all volumes, pan, effects and so on.

The Patch editor software features the most commonly used parameters, simply tweak one knob or slider in the software and your instruments will sound differently.

The full MIDI implementation is available in the user manual.

Available for UF and VX keyboards from CME

If you own a VX or UF keyboard, NeoSynth will transform this MIDI only CME keyboard into a high quality audio keyboard, depending on the sound bank you use, your UF or VX will become a real Grand Piano, a Techno/House or any other style keyboard.

You will be able to completely upgrade the sounds of your CME keyboard by simply using another SD Card containing different sounds !




MIDI / USB expander
Up to 124 voices of polyphony
Built-in FX engines
Reverb, Delay, Eq, Chorus, ...
Up to 64 MB sound bank
Updatable sound banks from SD Card
Various music styles available
USB MIDI class compliant (no driver)
24 bits / 48 kHz audio paths
Main stereo audio output (24bits D/A)
Auxiliary stereo audio output (24bits D/A)
Headphones output
Analog stereo audio input (24bits A/D)
S/PDIF stereo audio output
Available for both UF & VX keyboards
Large MIDI implementation